Monday, September 24, 2012

4 HOTranting by HotPANDA: The Chaos Theory

ALL WRONG!!! You call this your best piece of work?  What the hell is wrong with you people?  What are you going to do, sit there and wave your hands at me?  This is what I think of your latest work...It's CRAP!!!  Why even bother to make it look like its something that it is not?  Let's call a spade a spade here.  You are CRAP and your work is CRAP and everything you have touched is CRAP!!!  What are you all staring at?  Haven't you ever seen a HOTranting HotPANDA before?  What did you you say over their in the corner?  "What's my problem?"  Well I am glad that someone final pull their head of the warp and asked...
Yep that's right, me HOTpanda, is on a HOTrant.  About what exactly well I won't even waste your time with giving you a chance to guess.  You would just get it wrong anyways...well the odd one of you might guess but it would still be a guess.  I am floored with the utter lack of zeal that Games Workshop has put into the new Chaos Space Marine kits.  A bunch of dinobots, two characters that make Jabba the Hut look sexy and a whole lot of FineCrap.  Wow Games Workshop you really pulled out all the punches on this one.  Cause of your lack of effort I see that you couldn't even be bothered to try and squeeze any of these new models into the BattleForce.  Hey what does it matter anyway as the prices are beyond comprehension.  Hell I think even the Corpse Emperor himself let out a gasp...wait for it...wait...wait...there did you hear it?  I see that while you were gouging us on prices you thought hey why not make some upgrade packs and charge a ridiculous amount for them.  What's that you are whining about?  Yes the new Raptors are bang on.  Throwing a cherry on top of a CRAP sunday still doesn't change that it's a CRAP sunday, now does it?  This is the level of detail and pride that you should of taken when formulated what kits to roll out.
Well I will thank you for one thing; with that being you saved me a hell of a lot of money.  Who knows how much I would of blown at your store if you had of cared about the product that you are pushing.   Now that I have finished verbally puking all over my blog, you will have to excuse myself as I have some more things to go and smash.


  1. I've never been happy with any GW kit right out of the box. But I feel that with a little love and creativity many of the new Chaos kits can be built into something awesome.

  2. I'm right there with you Panda. While the previous Chaos figures weren't exactly the epitome of greatness, they were ok as a base. You could do some nice things with them. The last metal Plague Marines were revolting and cool at the same time.

    So now they add to that with... meccano? Oh, it's deamon infested or warp forged or something. Nice idea. BAaaaaaaad execution. These things should be warped beyond recognition. They should look like something that might have been constructed 10.000 years ago (designwise) which then were redesigned by a thousand bat-shit crazy monkeys on LSD.

    And the price of the new codex? You gotta be kidding me.

  3. I feel your pain also...what happened? The Dark Vengeance chaos models drip awesome and menance and warp in equal measure these are lazy digital designed plastic toyetic figures.

    I keep saying I think the re-releases are aimed to reduce third party manufactures. There's no way those conversion kits stand up to their more recent works.

    And the Obliterators are really showing their age. The flesh to weapon transitions were lazy sculpting then - let alone now!

    Now Red Ranger and I have to round up our Zoi-er-Maulerfiends and ride into the sunse-er-the Warp...