Thursday, September 27, 2012

2 Haiku #49: Horus

end is upon us
the false emperor cast down
horus is returned

+++Ferrous Ironclaw of the Iron Warriors+++

Monday, September 24, 2012

4 HOTranting by HotPANDA: The Chaos Theory

ALL WRONG!!! You call this your best piece of work?  What the hell is wrong with you people?  What are you going to do, sit there and wave your hands at me?  This is what I think of your latest work...It's CRAP!!!  Why even bother to make it look like its something that it is not?  Let's call a spade a spade here.  You are CRAP and your work is CRAP and everything you have touched is CRAP!!!  What are you all staring at?  Haven't you ever seen a HOTranting HotPANDA before?  What did you you say over their in the corner?  "What's my problem?"  Well I am glad that someone final pull their head of the warp and asked...
Yep that's right, me HOTpanda, is on a HOTrant.  About what exactly well I won't even waste your time with giving you a chance to guess.  You would just get it wrong anyways...well the odd one of you might guess but it would still be a guess.  I am floored with the utter lack of zeal that Games Workshop has put into the new Chaos Space Marine kits.  A bunch of dinobots, two characters that make Jabba the Hut look sexy and a whole lot of FineCrap.  Wow Games Workshop you really pulled out all the punches on this one.  Cause of your lack of effort I see that you couldn't even be bothered to try and squeeze any of these new models into the BattleForce.  Hey what does it matter anyway as the prices are beyond comprehension.  Hell I think even the Corpse Emperor himself let out a gasp...wait for it...wait...wait...there did you hear it?  I see that while you were gouging us on prices you thought hey why not make some upgrade packs and charge a ridiculous amount for them.  What's that you are whining about?  Yes the new Raptors are bang on.  Throwing a cherry on top of a CRAP sunday still doesn't change that it's a CRAP sunday, now does it?  This is the level of detail and pride that you should of taken when formulated what kits to roll out.
Well I will thank you for one thing; with that being you saved me a hell of a lot of money.  Who knows how much I would of blown at your store if you had of cared about the product that you are pushing.   Now that I have finished verbally puking all over my blog, you will have to excuse myself as I have some more things to go and smash.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

0 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #8

Derived from one of the se7en deadly sins, this prince of hell represents all that is greed, wealth and avarice.  In excess of materialistic desires it deprives all those around it from all that is theirs.  A blight to all those that crossed its' path.  Bursting from the vaults of hell with negative influences it deceives its' victims like a wolf in sheep's clothing.  Howling in delight at the moon it inflames their hearts with its' unrelenting greed.

Nurgle cares little for Mammon and its' fleshly necessities but knew he could harness its' gluttonous ways for his own wants.   In order for one to serve both himself, the God of Decay and greed Mammon would have to be striped of all its' possessions.   Like gasoline to the flame Mammon this aggravated it with an uncontrollable avarice.   Bound by the fear of taking nothing into the after life Mammon steals all that he can lay his petty little hands on.  Never able to fill its' inordinate desire to acquire more than it needs Mammon is enslaved for eternity to the Father of Decay.

In order for me to represent this model I wanted to strip this model down to the bare minimum.  Just as in Dante's Purgatorio the soul of this greedy goblin would have to be stripped bare and laid face down in the ground.  Deprived from being able to see the worldly possessions of others this model.  Unfortunately part of this imagery would senselessly prevent the viewer from relishing in the beauty of its' simplicity.  To combat this flaw I plan on blinding this demon of the night with his own fatal flaw.  In gaming terms this model will be nothing more than a naked imperial guard.  Hands and head stretched outright Mammon seeks to bath itself in the greed that he once basked in.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

0 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #7

The acrid smoke cloaked it in a mist of hatred and fury.  My eyes wept blood and tears from the blinding effect of the swirling murk's anger.  Unable to endure the wrathfulness in my eyes I was forced to keep them shut.  I felt its' chilling voice dance across my ears as it whispered its' hate inwards to my soul.  The meekness in me cringed in fear as it chilled my bones with it's black silky voice.  It began to drown my mind in the murky water's Styx.  The inner demons inside me clawed their way to the surface of my mind.  Like a sailor to a deadly siren of the sea I began to drowning in the wrath of their claws and venomous teeth.  Drifted further and further away from the surface of reality.  I died not from the blade that had slit both of my own wrist but rather from the inward hatred that corrupted my soul.

The before me was not that of demon from hell but rather a reflection of what lurked deep down inside me.  Unable to withstand the inner hatred towards myself I had opened up a window into the eye of terror.  Like a flood gate opening up the demons that resided their tainted my thoughts with their malicious hate.  Unable to divert the dark black waters of Styx I submitted my mind to the suicidal tendencies that lurked under the surface.  Condemned by Dante's Purgatorio to the third level of it's hell.  Here I became the monster that I saw in my final moments.  Claiming me as a champion of his own the Father of Decay has lashed me to my own inward hate.  A minion of his corruption I now collect the souls of those like myself.  My weapon is the inward asperity and hatred that they project out into the warp.  Turning it against them I am able to drown them in the riptide of my own wrathfulness.

In terms of representing this model on the table I plan on utilizing the Cairn Wraith from the Warhammer Fantasy line.  The similarities between the word wrath and wraith are what have drawn me towards this model.  Diving right into the hatred of this models appearance I find myself thinking of a grim reaper.  Unable to shake the nightmares images that this figure conjures up I simple could not resist the temptation to convert it over to the forty first millennium.  To symbolize the acrid smoke that swirls around the condemned souls of suicide I plan on arming it with that of a meltagun.  This arcane weapon of destruction smoulders from its own inward hatred each and every time it is fired.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

1 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #6

Resentment fuels the green eyed monster.  It despises everyone around him and longs to inflict misfortune upon them.  The malicious driving force behind its motivations fuelled its purpose in life.  Never happy with what it has and always longing for the perceived superior qualities of those around him.  Emotional pains and knots of self worthlessness and a lowered self esteem have but consumed its' soul.  Schadenfreude has mutated this once benign creature into the green eyed monster that it has become.   Driven by the desire and pleasure to inflict misfortune to those around him.  Haunting and hunting along the peripherals of the imperium.  It plods along under a cloak of lead and its' eyes sewn shut with leaden wire.  What it is blind to is what it once had; god-given and humanly nurtured, in themselves.  Envy is all that remains.

To represent the envy that has consumed this creature of the the blight I am haunted by the fiendish nightmares of a ghoul.  Weighted down in a cloak of lead its hunchback shadow lurks amongst the shadows of your night.  Slightly stalking its' prey.  Having to rely on its' smell, taste, touch and hearing.  Stripped of its' ability to see what other have, stripped of its' primary sense of envy.  It has developed a supernatural sense of those around it.  Blessed by the Father of Decay with the gift of psychic sight this creature is able to find his victims with ease.  It may not be able to use its eyes for the purpose of envy but with its bestowed perception of Nurgle it mindless kills.  Distorted with the delusion that all those around it have something that he does not, it indiscriminately steals their lives and dreams away from them.

In terms of representing this model on table, there is no question that the imagery in my head is begging me to use that of a Fantasy Vampire Ghoul.  Stooped over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame it lends itself to Dante's Pergatory's leaden clock.  To further develop this ghoul into the monstrosity that I have envisioned I plan on using green stuff to sew its' eyes shut.  But what should I arm this envious creature with?  A sniper rifle perhaps?  Seems like the perfect weapon for a green eyed monster.  A paradox of imagery meshed into one deadly creature of the blight.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

8 Public Announcement

Please Stand By
As the end of the world comes crashing down all around us I hope that my alter ego will make his final curtain call with not a whisper but a scream.  These past two weeks I feel that my blogging voice, aka HOTpanda has been on an unschedule hiatus.  His voice lost in the the ether of the warp or drown out by the air raid sirens has left me cringing in pain as the days churn by.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a boy scout camp fire I hope to enter a blogging renaissance.  This past days have pained by body as I go through the growing pains of blogging puberty.  Fear not though as this adolescent blog has been developing several new projects.  Each of them just as tantalizing as the next teen heart throb. Forge World, Secret Miniatures, Games Workshop and Justin Bieber are but a few of the contributors to what I have in the works.  As the fallout settles from the end of summer I thank all of you who stop on bye to read the delicate words that have escaped my fragile mind.  I wish I had more to offer in these harrowing times but in reality life has kept me from tending to my flock of cultist.  I promise you though that this is but a glitch on the radar and that this is not the demise of The Chaos Manifesto by merely a hiatus in my regular scheduled program.