Saturday, August 18, 2012

0 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #4

An unquenchable appetite for carnal pleasures.  Fuel by the the perversions within he hide amongst the common folk like a wolf in sheep's clothing.  A false prophet spewing the idioms for sermons in the name of the Corpse Emperor.  Condemning all those around them for the sins they commit against his name.  Behind closed doors he calls the kettle pot as he fondles the the forbidden fruit.  Turning his back against his vow of celibacy he savours and wallows in the filth of his lust.

Like a moth to flame his desire for the taboo is his undoing.  Drawing on the imagery from Dante's Purgatorio I wanted to cleanse this model in wall of flames.  This would not only allow me to include a heavy flamer in my squad but would give me an excellent opportunity to use burning head from the  Empire Flagellant box.  Like the penitents that greeted Dante at the seventh terrace of Purgatory this emissary of Nurgle will forever bath in the burning warmth of his new master.  Forever in a state of decay his flesh is continually burnt beyond recognition.  Barely clinging to the bones of his sinful body he now spreads his burning desire for lust on the battlefields of the forty first millennium.

Within the rules of Special Operation Killzone you are restricted on your use of heavy weapons and template weapons.  Not one to squander such a supple opportunity I took full advantage of the ruleset. What better way to represent lust then to double tap them with one devious model.  While it may not be the best weapon available it adds both depth and penetration to my squads abilities.  By including a flame template I can help level the battle field, to a horizontal position, when faced with an orgy of enemy models.  Such targets included green skins and xenos bugs which are both vulnerable like a school girl to AP4 weapons of destruction.  Basking in the filth of his dirty desires he spreads his flames like the the bone chilling touch of Nurgle or in some cases that of a viral infection caused by a sexually transmitted disease.

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