Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #2

Lashed to spindles on the wheel.  One by one my limbs were broken, then broken again and again.  I became deaf to my own voice as it screamed in agony.  If only you had of listened to your men...My torturer took breaks only to be replaced my a murder of crows.  Pecking their diminutive beaks at my blood soiled limbs.  They feasted on the pride of my foul body and soul.  If only you had of listened to your men...When the crows gullets were full the torturer would once again break the bones in my limbs.  I lasted for days but in my proud mind it was an eternity.  The punishment was just for I had condemned my men to an equally agonizing death.  I cried out for their forgiveness but their tormented souls screamed out "If only you had of listened to your men."

The fate of this man and the soldiers he lead into battle have only just begun their journey into the cantons of hell.  Each of them will be punished according to which of the se7en deadly sins they committed.  For their broken and mangled leader he had committed the father of all sins.  He only loved himself and filled his head like big over inflated balloon.  He was arrogant and over-confindent in his own thoughts and actions.  He was blind to the concerns of others, even his own men.  His sin was Pride.

As we delve deeper into the dark souls of these se7en tormented men you probably are wondering how I will represent each of them.  I ponder over which codex would give me the greatest freedom in terms of modelling.  With the sheer cost of of Space Marines of any sort I turned my back on the notion of using their gene seed.  With that in mind I was left with only one choice, Imperial Guard.  Within the pages of this codex I am offered a wide variety of units and models to work with.  The rules for Special Operation Killzone allow you to increase a models toughness and/or give them the Feel no Pain special rule.  These two traits will allow me to bind their condemned souls to the Farther of Decay, Nurgle.  As such I have tried my best to encapsulate each of the se7en sins into se7en unique models.  In todays post I introduce the fate of their Platoon Commander.  To represent this man's pride I wanted a model that was full of vanity, disgust and ugliness.  The model I have chosen to use for the construction of him was Forge Worlds Traitor Guard Office (pictured below).  He stands tall and holds his head up high despite his grotesque appearance.  To humble him I will be attempting to add a large stone slab on his back or a chain attached to a large rock that he will be dragging.  This is to help symbolize the burden of his pride and the death of his men.  A man so full of pride and hubris that he lead his men and himself to their death.  A man that now leads their condemned souls to will of Nurgle.


  1. I look forward to seeing this conversion. I have this model and he is georgeous in a nasty kind of way. I think you will enjoy painting him.

  2. Wow, that sounds like a great conversion idea! I (also) have this chap leading my Renegade Guardsmen, he's a joy to paint.