Thursday, August 30, 2012

2 Haiku Thursday #45: Nightmares

bones of the unknown
memories humbled by stone
ghastly nightmares moan

Saturday, August 25, 2012

0 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #5

Sinking its’ teeth deep into the flesh of the fallen, he feasted endless on the bloated bodies that surrounded him.  Fuelled by his insatiable hungry he dismissed all other duties and responsibilities.  Bodily functions all but forgotten about.  Its’ own defecation slowly ran down his legs as it gorged on the endless buffet of death.  Blood and drool dripped from its’ chin as it sluggishly moved from one body to the next.  The wounded were not spared from his appetite for destruction.  Horrifying moans screamed and pleaded for him to stop.  Deaf to the nightmare that he had surrounded himself he continued to listen to the anxiety of his stomachs’ plight.  Stuff his gullet with the organs and intestines of his current meal he gazed into its’ eyes and begged him to stop the madness.  Unable to hear the words over his chewing the dead soldier asked “Why would you do this to your own men Sir?  Why Sir?  Why…”

Friday, August 24, 2012

0 20 Questions: HOTpanda Style

1.   Favourite Wargaming period and why?
Science Fiction based games as I like to not only lose myself in deep space but in my deep thoughts as well.

2.    Next period, money no object?
Ummm...I am of the male gender and do not suffer from a menstruation cycle.  As such I do not have a favourite brand of tampons that I would want to spend exuberant amounts of money on.

3.   Favourite 5 films?
1/ ZombieLand
2/ Cabin in the Woods
3/ Inception
4/ Planet Terror
5/ Serenity

4.   Favourite 5 TV series?
1/ X-Files
2/ Fire Fly
3/ Doll House
4/ The Walking Dead
5/ Lost

5.   Favourite book and author?
Anything by George Orwell and Douglas Adams.  Both of these men have impacted my life untold ways.  From influencing my political perspective to providing me with the answer to life.

6.   Greatest General? Can’t count yourself!!
Genghis Khan.  Whether you like him or hate him for his tactics he has held the largest empire in history.  A rags to riches stories of a young man who had nothing to having the world at his finger tips.

7.   Favourite Wargames rules?
Warhammer 40k...Just love the game and the rules behind them.

08.   Favourite Sport and team?
Not all sports have teams and as such I am going to go with Snowboarding followed up by Mountain biking.  Both of these sports allow me to be in natural habitat, in the mountains where a panda belongs.

09.   If you had a only use once time machine, when and where would you go?
I would use it to go back in time twenty four hours ago as it appears to have been a pivotal part of my time line.  I fear that choosing to eat that much spicy was a huge mistake that is going to lead to me making an even bigger one in my pants.

10.   Last meal on Death Row?
Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Green Onion Cake, Beef Pho, A Vietnamese Coffee along with a huge bowl of Ben n Jerry's Ice Cream.

11.   Fantasy relationship and why?
Lasstranaut as any woman who feels the no need to wear pants or panties is a woman to be reckon with.  The whole while she wears the upper portion of an astronaut suit is just flat out HOT!!!!

12.   If your life were a movie, who would play you?
Hands down it would have to be Po from Kung Fu Panda.  This is one Panda that I could go toe to toe with and it would be a toss up on who would come out on top.  Not mention that I grew up in a noodle house as well.  The only difference was that mine was owned by a beaver instead of a duck.

13.   Favourite Comic Superhero?
Screw superheros lets move all in on Ashley Woods World War Robot series or what about his Popbot universe.  Oh wait lets go with his Robots vs Zombies.  Dam but what about his Robots vs Zombies vs Amazons.  Just so many great pieces of work by one humble man.

14.   Favourite Military quote?
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
― George Orwell

15.   Historical destination to visit?
The home of Genghis Khan, Mongolia.  Between the Gobi Desserts killer Ice Cream and the steady diet of animal organs how could I say no that kind of smorgasbord?

16.   Biggest Wargaming regret?
Visiting the Truth Hurts as I cried for countless days.  I felt like I had entered my own little hell called the Crying Game that day.

17.   Favourite Fantasy job?
Donut Hunter without a doubt.  If someone doesn't stand up for humanity the will conquer our nation through a trans-fat warfare.  A bloody nightmare if you ask me.

18.   Favourite Song, Top 5?
1/ Hey Alexandra by the Cygnets
2/ Demons by Fenech-Soler
3/ Bust a Move by Young MC
4/ We Use to Wait by Arcade Fire
5/ The Gap by You Say Party! We Say Die!

19.   Favourite Wargaming Moment?
Finishing 8th out of 60 at Gotta-Con 2012.  With a miserable first day showing I was bummed to say the  least.  Shaking off the guilt of regrets and remorse I went into the second day with no expectations what so ever.  Just a day of gaming which ended up being one of my best days of Warhammer 40k ever.

20.   The miserable Git question, what upsets you?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

0 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #4

An unquenchable appetite for carnal pleasures.  Fuel by the the perversions within he hide amongst the common folk like a wolf in sheep's clothing.  A false prophet spewing the idioms for sermons in the name of the Corpse Emperor.  Condemning all those around them for the sins they commit against his name.  Behind closed doors he calls the kettle pot as he fondles the the forbidden fruit.  Turning his back against his vow of celibacy he savours and wallows in the filth of his lust.

Like a moth to flame his desire for the taboo is his undoing.  Drawing on the imagery from Dante's Purgatorio I wanted to cleanse this model in wall of flames.  This would not only allow me to include a heavy flamer in my squad but would give me an excellent opportunity to use burning head from the  Empire Flagellant box.  Like the penitents that greeted Dante at the seventh terrace of Purgatory this emissary of Nurgle will forever bath in the burning warmth of his new master.  Forever in a state of decay his flesh is continually burnt beyond recognition.  Barely clinging to the bones of his sinful body he now spreads his burning desire for lust on the battlefields of the forty first millennium.

Within the rules of Special Operation Killzone you are restricted on your use of heavy weapons and template weapons.  Not one to squander such a supple opportunity I took full advantage of the ruleset. What better way to represent lust then to double tap them with one devious model.  While it may not be the best weapon available it adds both depth and penetration to my squads abilities.  By including a flame template I can help level the battle field, to a horizontal position, when faced with an orgy of enemy models.  Such targets included green skins and xenos bugs which are both vulnerable like a school girl to AP4 weapons of destruction.  Basking in the filth of his dirty desires he spreads his flames like the the bone chilling touch of Nurgle or in some cases that of a viral infection caused by a sexually transmitted disease.

2 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #3

 Hey, you guys!
Apathetic to the point of corpulence.  Void of emotions, spirituality, excitement and passion.  He lyes in his own filth too lethargic to even care.  The concept of time has all but diminished in his thoughts.  He cares little for the gifts that god has given him.  His talents wasting away in a inverse image of his own sarcosis state.  Languishing his entire pathetic life away he has fallen into the hands of dejection.  His idle hands invite the God of Decay to mark him one of his own vassals.  Through glee and delight he has granted this pathetic creature of anguish eternal life.  No longer of living flesh his soul is filled with the corruption of the warp.  Pumping the darkness of its' indignation through his veins.  It oozes out of his orifices in the form of black sludge he drowns in the swamp-like water of the river Styx.  Commanding his mechanical limbs to crawl forward in a perpetual motion.  Unable to stop the forward momentum of his new found desire.  His predilection is beyond his control rather it is whip that lashes out at his tortured mind.  He is the one who believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die.

To represent the avarice of this slothful being I envision a former magos of the mechanicum.  A servant of the machine god that fell from the grace of his former god.  One who withered away his direction in life.  One who turned to the sin of dejection.  Unable to control his frivolously squandering of his talents he now imprisoned to the God of Nurgle.  Forever entombed in a symbiotic relationship with a daemonic machine of possession.  Continuously kept alive in his servitude he stalks the realm of man on his mechanical limbs in the name of Nurgle.

In terms of gaming mechanics I wanted to ensure that I did not squander away an opportunity.  With so few armies in Special Operations Killzone being able to take a walker I felt compelled to include one in my se7en deadly models.  This gift horse, a Scout Sentinel will break up the visual aspects of the squad with its' shape and size.  It also enables my converting tools to go to town on making a one hundred percent unique model.  I will be fitting this beast of Nurgle with an autocannon and will be stripping away the cockpit to expose the sinful operator.  In full view to the world around him he will forever be exposed to world around him.  Still unable to enjoy it, suffer with it or die along side of it.  A prisoner of his own chosen fate. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #2

Lashed to spindles on the wheel.  One by one my limbs were broken, then broken again and again.  I became deaf to my own voice as it screamed in agony.  If only you had of listened to your men...My torturer took breaks only to be replaced my a murder of crows.  Pecking their diminutive beaks at my blood soiled limbs.  They feasted on the pride of my foul body and soul.  If only you had of listened to your men...When the crows gullets were full the torturer would once again break the bones in my limbs.  I lasted for days but in my proud mind it was an eternity.  The punishment was just for I had condemned my men to an equally agonizing death.  I cried out for their forgiveness but their tormented souls screamed out "If only you had of listened to your men."

The fate of this man and the soldiers he lead into battle have only just begun their journey into the cantons of hell.  Each of them will be punished according to which of the se7en deadly sins they committed.  For their broken and mangled leader he had committed the father of all sins.  He only loved himself and filled his head like big over inflated balloon.  He was arrogant and over-confindent in his own thoughts and actions.  He was blind to the concerns of others, even his own men.  His sin was Pride.

As we delve deeper into the dark souls of these se7en tormented men you probably are wondering how I will represent each of them.  I ponder over which codex would give me the greatest freedom in terms of modelling.  With the sheer cost of of Space Marines of any sort I turned my back on the notion of using their gene seed.  With that in mind I was left with only one choice, Imperial Guard.  Within the pages of this codex I am offered a wide variety of units and models to work with.  The rules for Special Operation Killzone allow you to increase a models toughness and/or give them the Feel no Pain special rule.  These two traits will allow me to bind their condemned souls to the Farther of Decay, Nurgle.  As such I have tried my best to encapsulate each of the se7en sins into se7en unique models.  In todays post I introduce the fate of their Platoon Commander.  To represent this man's pride I wanted a model that was full of vanity, disgust and ugliness.  The model I have chosen to use for the construction of him was Forge Worlds Traitor Guard Office (pictured below).  He stands tall and holds his head up high despite his grotesque appearance.  To humble him I will be attempting to add a large stone slab on his back or a chain attached to a large rock that he will be dragging.  This is to help symbolize the burden of his pride and the death of his men.  A man so full of pride and hubris that he lead his men and himself to their death.  A man that now leads their condemned souls to will of Nurgle.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 Sunday Best #50: Nurglings

Shards of infinity from his reflection.  Mischievous in their ways they conduct his bidding with gleeful delight.  Scampering and slithering from the gapping orifices littered across his body they surge forward.  Individually they represent neither a threat nor a danger to ones own health but as a swarm they are capable of such great heights.  Like a locus swarm devouring all in its path they defile and infect anything that threatens their host.  This week's Sunday Best are just that a sea of Nurglings pouring out from the gaping wounds of their master's blog.  Corrupting and tormenting all that stands between you, the reader, and the place they call home.

Nurgling #1 - WAR HEAD: Eeek Ratspawn
The War Head Crew may not match the traditional image of Nurgle but both their symbiotic relationship with their minions and the critters themselves scream nurglings.  Pouring out from the recesses of a death world's endless sewer network, they use the cover of night to conceal their swarming mass.  Armed with a plethora of weapons ranging from splinter rifles to agonizer to dark lances they conceal the identity of their master.  Mimicking and portraying themselves as a Dark Eldar Kabal they are able to misdirect their prey.  Perception of ones appearance is a powerful weapon but in droves of furry hands and tails they quickly turn their wave of their momentum into a tsunami of filth.

The end result may be dominate in stature but the nurglings reside in the rising tide of corrupt conversions.  Each one more capable of devouring ones mind into a puss soaked nightmare.  Each one bending the cosmic horrors of the universe to his needs.  LuckyNo.5's latest reanimation of Lovecraftain descent has captured the rotting reflection of the Cthulhu.  His is but a fraction of the true size of this mythological beast of fiction.  Each tentacle a minion of the hellish grand father of rot.  Each one whipping and slashing about their poisonous tips.  Together protecting their host of corruption.

Diabolic in his experiments the KrautScientist focus his latest efforts on a Nurgle Champion.  Tormenting his patient with a variety of tools and instruments he has managed to create ghoulish servant of rot.  Each of his incisions pulsate with the corruption of his overlord.  Nursing this ringleader of torment to the battlefield of the forty first millennium the KrautScientist has employed a variety of nurglings.  Each of them suckling on it's oozing wounds.  Coating it's body in layer of sticky saliva to they help contain the internal organs within it's body of decay.

Each of these filthy bloggers are swarming with infestation.  Their blogs are littered with minions of Nurgle.  To be exact they are overflowing with nurglings.  They foul words infect their literature and plague the minds of their readers.  They spread the good word, not that of your a typical god but rather that of the Father of Decay.  They are without three of my favourite bloggers.  Perhaps the infection has just set in though but I feel compelled to spill my guts and spew the contents of my stomach across the blog-o-sphere.

Nurgling #3 - Eternal Hunt: Ringleaders of the Tormentors