Saturday, July 14, 2012

4 200th Post CONTEST murdered

Friggatriskaidekaphobia that is what 152 of my followers are going to be suffering from.  Never again will any of you enjoy a Friday the 13th again.  You will avoid your normal routines, not even dare to get on an airplane or even think about taking a quiet vacation at a cabin by a lake.  On each Friday the 13th he will deliver you from your hell.  Two of you will live to tell a different tale.  The survivors tale. For without them I cannot exist.  They are the one who embellishes the story.  They are the one who transforms me in a legend, an urban legend.

For that I will thanks the two of you and by that I mean I will be awarding the two winners of my 200th post giveaway.  The first survivor escaped my clutches in the meat factory by the skin of his teeth.  Cause of this he was able to cry wolf.  His screams of terror helped generate 19 new believers in my urban legend.  That individual must have horseshoe up his ass or is a virgin cause he a winner in my 100th giveaway.  Fear not though as your luck will run out when there are no more Wolves for the Wolf God.   Skarvald the Troll-faced consider this box of KILLA kans my way of saying thanks for crying about me.  As for the winner of the main contest will it looks like the joke is on you cause this little killing spree ended one fallen prince short of doubling your prize.  Since I was only able to gain 19 new followers I am forced to give out the minimum prize allotment that I had set out.   None the less ten big GW bones is nothing to scoff at is it Silar?

To the 152 unlucky victims I feel the pain that I have caused you.  Perhaps next time I run a contest some you will tip the odds in your favour through the promotion of my urban legend.  Without each and everyone of you I cannot exist.  So let your final words be heard echoing in the night "The Chaos Manifesto is great a great blog....great!!!"


  1. Skarvald and Silar you each have one week to let me hear your screams, if you are to claim your unlucky prizes. Feel free to send them via my email:

  2. The Chaos Manifesto is great a great blog....great!!!
    Yay I won. Blood for the Blood Panda!! Now to go to down into the streets of London and spread the Legend of your name :)

  3. Whoa! I'm one lucky one-eyed Space Viking! The Chaos Manifesto is great a great blog....great!!!

  4. LOL I actually didn't mean or think either of your would say repeat the last line in my blog. HAHAHA!!! I only wrote that as a way to end the post. HAHAHA!!!!