Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 Sunday Best #50: Nurglings

Shards of infinity from his reflection.  Mischievous in their ways they conduct his bidding with gleeful delight.  Scampering and slithering from the gapping orifices littered across his body they surge forward.  Individually they represent neither a threat nor a danger to ones own health but as a swarm they are capable of such great heights.  Like a locus swarm devouring all in its path they defile and infect anything that threatens their host.  This week's Sunday Best are just that a sea of Nurglings pouring out from the gaping wounds of their master's blog.  Corrupting and tormenting all that stands between you, the reader, and the place they call home.

Nurgling #1 - WAR HEAD: Eeek Ratspawn
The War Head Crew may not match the traditional image of Nurgle but both their symbiotic relationship with their minions and the critters themselves scream nurglings.  Pouring out from the recesses of a death world's endless sewer network, they use the cover of night to conceal their swarming mass.  Armed with a plethora of weapons ranging from splinter rifles to agonizer to dark lances they conceal the identity of their master.  Mimicking and portraying themselves as a Dark Eldar Kabal they are able to misdirect their prey.  Perception of ones appearance is a powerful weapon but in droves of furry hands and tails they quickly turn their wave of their momentum into a tsunami of filth.

The end result may be dominate in stature but the nurglings reside in the rising tide of corrupt conversions.  Each one more capable of devouring ones mind into a puss soaked nightmare.  Each one bending the cosmic horrors of the universe to his needs.  LuckyNo.5's latest reanimation of Lovecraftain descent has captured the rotting reflection of the Cthulhu.  His is but a fraction of the true size of this mythological beast of fiction.  Each tentacle a minion of the hellish grand father of rot.  Each one whipping and slashing about their poisonous tips.  Together protecting their host of corruption.

Diabolic in his experiments the KrautScientist focus his latest efforts on a Nurgle Champion.  Tormenting his patient with a variety of tools and instruments he has managed to create ghoulish servant of rot.  Each of his incisions pulsate with the corruption of his overlord.  Nursing this ringleader of torment to the battlefield of the forty first millennium the KrautScientist has employed a variety of nurglings.  Each of them suckling on it's oozing wounds.  Coating it's body in layer of sticky saliva to they help contain the internal organs within it's body of decay.

Each of these filthy bloggers are swarming with infestation.  Their blogs are littered with minions of Nurgle.  To be exact they are overflowing with nurglings.  They foul words infect their literature and plague the minds of their readers.  They spread the good word, not that of your a typical god but rather that of the Father of Decay.  They are without three of my favourite bloggers.  Perhaps the infection has just set in though but I feel compelled to spill my guts and spew the contents of my stomach across the blog-o-sphere.

Nurgling #3 - Eternal Hunt: Ringleaders of the Tormentors


  1. Thanks for the shout out, mate! As always, it's an honour. All the more so if I get to be mentioned in the same post as LuckyNo.5: That guy is a hobby genius.

    Oh, and WAR HEAD's site is awesome too! Thanks for pointing me in that direction, HOTpanda!

  2. You honor me Krautscientist and HOTpanda both. Thank you :)