Sunday, July 22, 2012

6 Sunday Best #49: Con Artist

The Big Store was the name of art studio and it was bustling with artists, celebrities, collectors and press alike.  Art was hanging from every nook and cranny.  The eye wandered from piece to piece then from price to price.  It all seem to good to be true.  I couldn't wrap my brian around this was as if I had been brainwashed.  What I didn't know was that an elaborate confidence artist was pulling the string of everyone around me and soon my wallet.  My mind continued to absorb art covered walls I became enthralled in the visual dreamscape that I found myself in.  The trap was set and I was prime for the picking.  This week's Sunday Best features the roles of not one but five of con artists that had not only stolen a large sum of my money but my imagination as well.

Con Artist #1 - Eternal Hunt: Huntmaster Isgarad
The Krautscientist as he is affectionately known as in the bamboozle business was the Hitter in this quintette.  Don't let his geeky nickname fool you as that is just part of his act.  Focusing his efforts in the art of close combat he is expert duelist and thrives on challenging opponents.  Armed to the teeth he is hell bent on the art of bloodletting.  In this scam he was both the security and the insurance.  If for whatever reason I caught on to their scam he was poised to take me down in one power swing of his sword.
Con Artist #2 - Eye of Error: Mariner Jet Bikes
The Grifter aka the scam artist, swindler or in this case LuckyNo.5.  Drowning me in the web of lies and deceit LuckyNo.5's role was to gain my confidence through series of highly detailed and intricate bits.  From loan sharks to marks in two layers of armour I never knew what hit me.  The beauty to his role was his ability to pull me down into the depths of hell and then convince me that he had saved me from the mariners nightmare.
Con Artist #3 - Musing of a Metal Mind: Adeptus Mechanicus Grand Magos
The Hacker, #2501 was never laid eyes on myself but was able to get insight into my banking information.  With the tools of his trade protruding from every orifice on his modified body he was able to replicate my account history.  From there he was to layer a series of coding bits that acted as the gears in a cog for which he could rotate my funds around.  The finished product was a sophisticated mechanical hem of codes that created an illusion of where the origins of this transaction occurred from.

Con Artist #4 - Spiky Rate Pack: "Blacktail" Skaven Commando
The Thief was a dirty low life of a rat that I had trusted with my life.  Like a black operative commando  he expertly infiltrated my honesty and generosity.  With a series of high tech gadgetry and a veil of darkness I didn't stand a chance.  Gnawing his way through my poorly defined security he gained access to my minds imagination and inner most secrets.

The Mastermind behind this entire scam was being orchestrated by a powerful sorcery simply known as Hephesto.  A master of manipulation, deceit and knowledge.  A puppeteer one could compare him to.  Always behind the scenes pulling everyones strings.  His talents don't stop their though as he is able to trick the eye of the beholder like that of a street magician.  Using web of bits and bobs he was able to pull the difference in his squad into a cohesive unit.  Each of them a pawn in his master scheme.

These five con artist mesmerized my imagination, gained my trust, hack my confidence and stole my fortune on Sunday.  Each them weaving a web of lies around my mind until I was unable to escape their trap.  Lost in the tunnels of the rabbit hole I never saw what was coming.  Like ghost in the wind they disappeared into the week that was.  Each them will resurface at a later time only to find a new mark for their latest scam.


  1. Always interesting to see what theme you go with. =P Great post a usual.

  2. It very interesting for me as well. Throughout the week I scourer the blog-o-sphere for post that have caught my attention. From there I start to look for a connecting tie that will bind them together. At the same time I try not use a theme that I have done before. The icing on the cake is the image I use for the header as I want something that is visually eye popping. The best part is that I get to have my cake and eat it too since people seem to enjoy them as much as I do.

  3. NIce listing :) Thanks You SEXYBlack & White Bear!

  4. As always, thanks for the shoutout! But whoa there, are you calling me a con artist? That's a pretty low blow ;-)

    Anway, keep up the great work! Always a pleasure to see your selection for Sunday Best -- all the more so if I am actually a part of it ;-)

  5. I am calling each of Con Artists in that each of you are bursting with confidence in your chosen art form. Not to meantion that you all have stolen my time and imagination with mind blowing conversions.

  6. ...
    ..well played, sir. Well played ;-)