Monday, July 16, 2012

3 Sunday Best #48: Role Models

Role models come in shapes and forms.  Their role in society is to set an example for others to emulate their behaviour.  Young people gravitate towards celebrity culture such as Tiger Woods or Paris Hilton. Mimicking their appearance, mannerisms and habits.  They chose these individuals cause they aspire to be like.  If they have cocaine for breakfast, they do.  If they have cocaine for lunch, they do.  The question is though what do they have for diner?  The world of Warhammer 40k is no different.  Just like their peers they too seek to emulate pop culture individuals.  Whether it's Goatboy, Stelek or SinSynn they will copy both the good and the bad.  This week's Sunday Best are three bloggers that appear to have not eaten cocaine for diner but rather a wholesome cooked meal like kind your Mom would make.
40kGiveAway recently found his way onto my diner table.  With my cupboards bare like that of Old Mother Hubbard I could hardly look the gift horse in the mouth.  Handout's may have attracted me to his blog but the quality of his meals are what have me coming back.  His latest fare has his patrons both indulging in his delicious yellows and flavourful highlights.  Generosity and craftsmanship are the traits that I hope to epitomize in some of my upcoming pieces of work.

The Krautscientist language of choice may be that of German descent or the Chaos that runs through his veins.  Despite what some make consider to be a short coming I feel that his lust for corruption adds a bold spice to his meals.  Whether he is serving up bratwurst or a mutated Ogryn he always ensure to leave a bread trail behind.  Each one of these crumbs walk his customers through his creative process.  Feeding us tidbits of nutritious information.  Each morsel more valuable then the next.  His portion may be small but the subtly and devotion of his work is something that I can only hope to emulate.

Colonel_Scipio lavishes his guests with buffet that reaches towards infinity and beyond.  Priding himself on his gluttonous portions he hopes to satisfy all of your needs.  His speciality lies his desserts for they are filled with rich delicate fluff.  Regardless of choice, whether it's cheery pie or death by chocolate each one leaves you craving for more like junkie down the street.  Price and prep time mean little to this master artisan.  Unwilling to settle for second best he demonstrates to all those that serve under him a dedication to the finer things in life.

Each of these three role models have managed to stay out of the black lime light.  Each them set a positive example to all those around them.  Humble in their abilities and a strong desire to bestow the gift of knowledge make each of them an ideal role model.  They definitely will be serving cocaine for supper but the question is what are you going to have for dinner?


  1. Thanks for the shoutout, HOTpanda!

    However, if I really have to serve up something German, let's rather go for Sauerbraten instead of Bratwurst, shall we? ;-)

  2. Hey Panda, thanks for the post! I'm glad you like my cookin, I hope to serve it up hot on a regular basis! We may have a Snow cone every once in a while...

  3. Cheers for my own too! Remember, if you come to Colonel Scipio's Palladian Guard and we're not smiling when your cheque comes, you're barred!