Monday, July 9, 2012

2 Sunday Best #47: The Beginning, The End and The Wretched Whole

"Faced with the beginning, the end and the wretched whole all at once was enough to drive my mind mad.  The screams began to echo the laughter of the night and the lamenting of my wife came to an a bitter end.  Grasping at the reality that I was faced with I mourned the loss of my wretched soul.  Madness was the only one that consoled my thoughts.  Lost amongst them I drifted from one to the next  as I came to terms with what had taken place.  I sunk deeper and deeper into the hole that my mind had conjured never to return to the life that was."  This week's Sunday Best each capture a fragment of time.  Each of them exploiting a specific fracture of our own insanity that we call Warhammer 40,000.

The Beginning - Celestial Lions Space Marine Chapter: A New Beginning
Lost in the sixth layer of hell Redscops forges a path of enlightenment.  Following the rays of light from the dawn of the new age he is able to shield his readers from the daemons that lurk around him.  To protect the sanity of our minds a pride of Celestial Lions stalks all that threatens his dream.  Encased in the aura of an ancient armour each of these feral beast prey upon the lords of the night.  Their lack of mercy for their enemy is the only weapon they need to carry.  No refuge, no respite, no sanctuary is their mantra.

The End - Red's Corps: The Complete Work of Redscorps and a Final Post on my Blog
The setting of the fifth sun of man looms low on the astral planes of hell.  Furies and harpies flock to the dying words of a legend.  Like vultures plucking flesh from bone under the arid hot sun, the Red Scorpions provide them their meal.  This time it is not the fallen enemies of the Imperium laying lifeless on the battlefield but rather the Red Scorpions themselves.  Empty husk of a fierce predator is all that remains.  Whispering winds signal the onslaught of their enemies.  Assailed from all direction they are left to wage war against the daemons and traitors they once banished.  Their time has come to a bitter end but their scream will always be heard.

The Wretched Whole - Spiky Rat Pack: Punk Moth
A badge of honour amongst the daemonic worlds of the sixth plane of hell.  The Wretched Whole navigate the aether on the wings of their merits.  Each them attracted to the celestial light that flickers on the horizon.  Each of them devouring all those that stand in their way.  Consumed by the madness that surrounds them, they carve a path of destruction in their name.  Veiled in the darkness of their mind they surprise their prey with the mesmerizing beauty of their fragile wings.  Luring the souls of the lost to their death, like moths to a flame.

Like the stars and planets aligning to form galaxy wide eclipse the timing of this post seems to coincidental to just happen on it's own.  The nature of the fates may be fickle and unpredictable at best but the theme of this post was indeed orchestrated by them.  Their ability to capture a grand moment in our hobby's history along with the three post that caught my attention in the week that was is mad numbing.  These three bloggers possess that same savage ability to create and destroy.  Each of them a fragment of time, a beginning, an end and the wretched whole.


  1. Dude I have no idea why you didn't make it on to House of Paincakes but I can honestly say that it is their loss.

    You are an awesome writer, I loved that you tied in little references for each of the topics.

    Hey, you wanna write a piece somewhere else once a week? Even if it's just a repost of your Sunday best, I always enjoy them and I think others would as well. is our new hotness, it's a collective of dudes who's work you might have seen around the www and I think you know Lantz.

    Hit me up on facebook as well if you have it and I will add you to the group:

    Thanks again for posting my works and in such an awesome way.


  2. I came in second place on House of Paincakes and was offered a spot on their blog. Due to a lack of communication between them and myself the act of writing for them faded into the background. Prior to HOP Idol two going live I was offered a spot once again. Regretfully I had to decline as the Summer months have me away due to work and internet is not always possible. Combine this with an undisclosed deal with another blog I felt I wouldn't give the House of Paincakes the attention they deserve. Despite all this I have an open offer to join them if I am able to dedicated the time to weekly post that is solely featured on their blog. A dam good offer to have up my sleeve.

    I felt that I barely scrapped by in the first HOP Idol and that my style of writing is not everyones cup of tea. As of right now I am devoting what time I do have to improving my blog and promoting it as much as I possible can. Your offer to join your the Standard Template Construct has captured my imagination. The composition of the writers that have you have gathered makes me gush with honour and blush with pride. Obviously this is an offer that I cannot possible refuse.

    I will shout you a comment on Facebook. Cheers and thanks for all the awe inspiring models.