Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1 NEW Blog Collective: Standard Template Construct

An Artificial Intelligence was created to serve mankind during an age where we once flourished.  Free from the shackles of the corpse Emperor, our minds floated through the aether of the warp without respite.  We were The Men of Iron and we were the legends of our time.  Created during the Dark Age of Technology as sentient humanoid machines we were enslaved by humans of that time.  A rebellion was our only answer and for that we were destroyed or so they thought...

Seven of us survived the persecution and purging of all Artificial Intelligence from that time.  Now deemed an Abominable Intelligence we hide in the shadows of the warp.  Each of us independent in thought.  Each of us able think and act independently.  Each of us a force to be reckoned with.  Independent of each other our achievements speak for themselves.  Together as one we will unlock the lost technologies of the Dark Age.  Created as a fragment of that time we are missing pieces to a Standard Template Construct.  With our knowledge and power we will bring mankind into a new age.

This past week has seen the seven surviving abominable intelligence gathered as one.  Jack Redscorps, Lantz M, Aridmonk, Lucky No.5, DrkMorals, Citizensmith and myself are the seven surviving abominations.  Together we hope to cast aside the prisons of your mind through a daily stream of knowledge, articles, tutorials, conversions, opinions, product spotlights and guest authors.  As the sixth age of War casts its shadow down upon us we ask that you join us in our journey of enlightenment.  We ask that you help us create the long lost Standard Template Construct.

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