Monday, July 2, 2012

2 Model Mondays #9: Wolf Guard Terminators

They are above the law of the wolf pack.  They swore an oath to serve their master not out of loyalty but rather out of blood.  The blood they would bath in exchange for their service.  For them all that they crave and lust for is the life essence of those around them.  Their thirst is beyond their means and they care little for friend or foe.  Held in power by the service they provide, held in check by the power he will provide.
The "they" that I speak of is Blood Lord Manitous' personal honour guard.  Honour is the last thing they represent though as they are the farthest thing from it.  They serve only one, and that one being the Blood God himself.  Their devotion to Khorne is beyond fanatical.  What blood pack was made between them and the Blood God is unknown.  What is known is that Blood Lord Manitous is but a puppet to him.  His goals and aspirations rest with his the terminators that are his body guard.  They are but the tip of the iceberg in the plot that he weaves. Soon they will help him change the sands of time like the son of god turned water to wine.


  1. The combination of verdigris and red gives them a very unique, yet sinister look. Great job! The only thing I am not entirely sold on is the blue skin: It looks a little to comicky in my opinion, but that may just be a matter of personal taste.

    The Drop Pod's looking great as well. Looking forward to seeing more of those bad boys ;-)

  2. I have struggled with painting pale skin shades for quite some time. As a result the faces on my Space Wolves may not be to everyone's liking but in the end I am happy with the outcome. The one thing it does do is tie them in with the rest of the army when they are seen all together.