Saturday, July 28, 2012

1 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #1

I don't want to eat the apple of mortality. The sins that we have committed stain the skin of mankind. The air around us is clouded with the murkiness of our crimes. Each of us an atrocity of our own. Weakness, lies, all within. Bubbling and festering from under our translucent flesh. Slowly falling towards the atrophy of our humanity we succumb to malice of our names. Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Wraith.
With the seventh month well under way I have finally over come my sloth like state. Breaking free from the shackles that I place upon my hobby. Pent up anger fuels my lust. Feverishly consumed by the madness of my avarice, I am unable to quench the desire for material needs. With several purchases to gaming companies well under way my mind scours for inspiration from which it is envious of. Refusing to be that of a doppelganger I pride myself on what I will create with my bare hands. Each one of these vices will be immortalized into their own individual creation. Together they will repent for their sin as Kill Team in the 41st millennium.
Not an easy task by any means but one that will provide a unique experience. I have study Dante's Inferno for both imagery and insight into each of the seven deadly sins. Not one for simplicity I have decided to layer a second theme over this project through the Chaos God of Death and Decay. A natural selection given that Nurgle's number of preference is seven. With that being said I hope to inject his love for morbidity, disease and physical corruption into each of the models. Their journey has just begun for we are now at the Gates of Hell. As we take our first steps towards the cantons a voice inside our heads whispers, "Through me you go to the grief wracked city; Through me you go to everlasting pain; Through me you go a pass among lost souls. Justice inspired my exalted Creator: I am a creature of the Holiest Power, of Wisdom in the Highest and of Primal Love. Nothing till I was made was made, only eternal beings. And I endure eternally. Abandon all hope — Ye Who Enter Here."

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

6 Sunday Best #49: Con Artist

The Big Store was the name of art studio and it was bustling with artists, celebrities, collectors and press alike.  Art was hanging from every nook and cranny.  The eye wandered from piece to piece then from price to price.  It all seem to good to be true.  I couldn't wrap my brian around this was as if I had been brainwashed.  What I didn't know was that an elaborate confidence artist was pulling the string of everyone around me and soon my wallet.  My mind continued to absorb art covered walls I became enthralled in the visual dreamscape that I found myself in.  The trap was set and I was prime for the picking.  This week's Sunday Best features the roles of not one but five of con artists that had not only stolen a large sum of my money but my imagination as well.

Con Artist #1 - Eternal Hunt: Huntmaster Isgarad
The Krautscientist as he is affectionately known as in the bamboozle business was the Hitter in this quintette.  Don't let his geeky nickname fool you as that is just part of his act.  Focusing his efforts in the art of close combat he is expert duelist and thrives on challenging opponents.  Armed to the teeth he is hell bent on the art of bloodletting.  In this scam he was both the security and the insurance.  If for whatever reason I caught on to their scam he was poised to take me down in one power swing of his sword.
Con Artist #2 - Eye of Error: Mariner Jet Bikes
The Grifter aka the scam artist, swindler or in this case LuckyNo.5.  Drowning me in the web of lies and deceit LuckyNo.5's role was to gain my confidence through series of highly detailed and intricate bits.  From loan sharks to marks in two layers of armour I never knew what hit me.  The beauty to his role was his ability to pull me down into the depths of hell and then convince me that he had saved me from the mariners nightmare.
Con Artist #3 - Musing of a Metal Mind: Adeptus Mechanicus Grand Magos
The Hacker, #2501 was never laid eyes on myself but was able to get insight into my banking information.  With the tools of his trade protruding from every orifice on his modified body he was able to replicate my account history.  From there he was to layer a series of coding bits that acted as the gears in a cog for which he could rotate my funds around.  The finished product was a sophisticated mechanical hem of codes that created an illusion of where the origins of this transaction occurred from.

Con Artist #4 - Spiky Rate Pack: "Blacktail" Skaven Commando
The Thief was a dirty low life of a rat that I had trusted with my life.  Like a black operative commando  he expertly infiltrated my honesty and generosity.  With a series of high tech gadgetry and a veil of darkness I didn't stand a chance.  Gnawing his way through my poorly defined security he gained access to my minds imagination and inner most secrets.

The Mastermind behind this entire scam was being orchestrated by a powerful sorcery simply known as Hephesto.  A master of manipulation, deceit and knowledge.  A puppeteer one could compare him to.  Always behind the scenes pulling everyones strings.  His talents don't stop their though as he is able to trick the eye of the beholder like that of a street magician.  Using web of bits and bobs he was able to pull the difference in his squad into a cohesive unit.  Each of them a pawn in his master scheme.

These five con artist mesmerized my imagination, gained my trust, hack my confidence and stole my fortune on Sunday.  Each them weaving a web of lies around my mind until I was unable to escape their trap.  Lost in the tunnels of the rabbit hole I never saw what was coming.  Like ghost in the wind they disappeared into the week that was.  Each them will resurface at a later time only to find a new mark for their latest scam.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4 Who the $%&# is HOTpanda?

Who the $%&# is HOTpanda??? This question has alluded me for the better half of my life. The only reason it has not transgressed with the other half, is that I lost it long ago with my virginity. Now that I have lost half of my readers I have nothing more to lose. With that said I hope to shed some light on the elusive topic known as HOTpanda. Neither HOT nor a Panda he is a man that does not require his underpants but is never seen without his towel as he is a man to be reckoned with. Surfing the cosmic rays of horror and science fiction he has been carving a path of destruction through the blog-o-sphere. Well slightly to the left side of it as the right side was occupied by a peanut. So without further ado lets see who the $%&# is HOTpanda???

HOTpanda - Since you are not a virgin and I am an adult let's skip right to the main act and forgo with the foreplay. Who the $%&# is HOTpanda???

HotPANDA - As long as you promise to cuddle with me when we are done? HAHAHA!!! Who the $%&# is HOTpanda??? That's one hell of a load question considering you yourself are the worse half of HOTpanda with me being the better half. For those that don't know a lick about me, well it would be my alter ego. If one was to open their mind to cosmic rays of the multiverse my voice would transgress all planes of reality. In laymen terms it's like eating a pastilla.

HOTpanda - Pastilla??? What the hell is that???

HotPANDA - It is a traditional Berber Moroccan dish. An elaborate meat pie that combines a savoury meat such as squabs, fledgling pigeons, and a crunchy layer of toasted and ground almonds, cinnamon, and sugar. Think of it as eating both your dinner and dessert into one mind blowing experience. Now where was I???

HOTpanda - You were talking about yourself or is that myself???

HotPANDA - That's right, myself not yourself cause no one cares to read about you. To sum up your pathetic attempt at a question, a HOTpanda is a blogging machine that is dedicated to the ruinous powers of Chaos. Riding the aether entrails of the warp I am able to transfix both time and space till all that I see is the Chaos that resides in everyone.

HOTpanda - So you are a lunatic that is spewing out mouthfuls of Chaotic bullshit on the internet in a sexy panda costume???

HotPANDA - One could put it that way but you forgot to mention that some of the crap that I excrement comes in out in the form of Warhammer 40k miniatures. Specifically armies that are dedicated to the forces of Chaos.

HOTpanda - And what exactly are we talking about here when you say armies?

HotPANDA - Chaos Space Marines (CSM) more specifically Nurgle CSM. I'm 100% devoted to the Gods of Chaos but have a special rotten place for Pappa Nurgle. He has repaid me back by helping me develop a strong love for both conversions and theming. I have fully built and painted 3000 point Nurgle army that has a forested swamp theme called The Betrayer's of Pain. I also have been meticulously working on a 5000 point Renegade Space Wolves/Khorne army for the better part of a year now. This army is filled with countless minor conversions that are hard to spot but if you look closely you will that each model has an unique head thus making each of them an individual. I have completed 2500 points of them and am now working on expanding the army with a CSM version. The Renegade Space Wolf side represent the army shortly after turning to the Blood God and the CSM is where they end up after hundreds of years in the warp.

HOTpanda - So you are essentially capturing the history of your Renegades with two armies that can be used with either codex to form one giant counts as army. I tip my hat off to your endeavour and to what you have achieved so far. If one wanted to check out your work where would find it?

HotPANDA - Your mom panty and bra drawer!!! Wait wouldn't that be my mom's drawer as well??? I am confused but you don't have to be if you just go my personal blog The Chaos Manifesto. Here is where you can find not only pictures of the models that I have worked on but an insight into who I am.

HOTpanda - I myself have visited your blog on more than one occasion. What was the motivating force behind the creation of your personal blog?

HotPANDA - I fell in love with blogging three years ago when my interest in participating in the various 40k forums began to wain. Blogging is essentially a home for those of us who want to set our own terms and not have to deal with the over the top personalities that plague the forums. With my deep love for the Chaos it was easy for me to focus in on a blog that would be dedicated to pushing an agenda that features the four Gods of Chaos.

HOTpanda - Nurgle check, Khorne check, but where is Tzneetch and Slaneesh? Any plans for armies that will show case their personalities?

HotPANDA - With the new Chaos Space Marine codex about to be released I figured I would wait till then to work an army that features one of them. Some ideas that I have bouncing around the inside of my head is a Sisters of Slaneesh army and a Knight's of Tzneetch force. Going to be tough though with the inclusion of allies in game of 40k now. Just so many ways to expand ones collection. A Traitor Guard or Chaos Daemon force is just so tempting to use as allies

HOTpanda - Speaking of allies I see you have found six of them at The Standard Template Construct. What's deal behind the seven of you joining forces?

HotPANDA - This past week I was invited to become one of the seven surviving abominable intelligences. Jack RedscorpsLantz MAridmonkLucky No.5DrkMoralsCitizensmith and myself hope to cast aside the prisons of your mind through a daily stream of knowledge, articles, tutorials, conversions, opinions, product spotlights and guest authors. As the sixth age of War casts its shadow down upon us we invite that you join us in our journey of enlightenment. We ask that you help us create the long lost Standard Template Construct.

HOTpanda - That is quite the gathering of established hobbyist and bloggers you are surrounded by. I take it that they were hard pressed to find an available author when they decided to invite you.

HotPANDA - I have no clue as to why I put up with you but to tell you the truth they felt that my, not yours, creative writing skills would be a great asset to the Standard Template Construct.

HOTpanda - So you were asked to join them for your natural ability to hold and work a pen, pencil or dare I say a peni...

HotPANDA - A what??? Don't even think about saying it or opening that can of worms. I have already stated in past interviews that I have no relation or ties with the Sexual Harassment Panda. This interview is over!!!

HOTpanda - Before I you go is there anything else you would like to say?

HotPANDA - in the infamous words of Boxer Santaros (from Southland Tales) "I'm a pimp. And pimps don't commit suicide".

Monday, July 16, 2012

3 Sunday Best #48: Role Models

Role models come in shapes and forms.  Their role in society is to set an example for others to emulate their behaviour.  Young people gravitate towards celebrity culture such as Tiger Woods or Paris Hilton. Mimicking their appearance, mannerisms and habits.  They chose these individuals cause they aspire to be like.  If they have cocaine for breakfast, they do.  If they have cocaine for lunch, they do.  The question is though what do they have for diner?  The world of Warhammer 40k is no different.  Just like their peers they too seek to emulate pop culture individuals.  Whether it's Goatboy, Stelek or SinSynn they will copy both the good and the bad.  This week's Sunday Best are three bloggers that appear to have not eaten cocaine for diner but rather a wholesome cooked meal like kind your Mom would make.
40kGiveAway recently found his way onto my diner table.  With my cupboards bare like that of Old Mother Hubbard I could hardly look the gift horse in the mouth.  Handout's may have attracted me to his blog but the quality of his meals are what have me coming back.  His latest fare has his patrons both indulging in his delicious yellows and flavourful highlights.  Generosity and craftsmanship are the traits that I hope to epitomize in some of my upcoming pieces of work.

The Krautscientist language of choice may be that of German descent or the Chaos that runs through his veins.  Despite what some make consider to be a short coming I feel that his lust for corruption adds a bold spice to his meals.  Whether he is serving up bratwurst or a mutated Ogryn he always ensure to leave a bread trail behind.  Each one of these crumbs walk his customers through his creative process.  Feeding us tidbits of nutritious information.  Each morsel more valuable then the next.  His portion may be small but the subtly and devotion of his work is something that I can only hope to emulate.

Colonel_Scipio lavishes his guests with buffet that reaches towards infinity and beyond.  Priding himself on his gluttonous portions he hopes to satisfy all of your needs.  His speciality lies his desserts for they are filled with rich delicate fluff.  Regardless of choice, whether it's cheery pie or death by chocolate each one leaves you craving for more like junkie down the street.  Price and prep time mean little to this master artisan.  Unwilling to settle for second best he demonstrates to all those that serve under him a dedication to the finer things in life.

Each of these three role models have managed to stay out of the black lime light.  Each them set a positive example to all those around them.  Humble in their abilities and a strong desire to bestow the gift of knowledge make each of them an ideal role model.  They definitely will be serving cocaine for supper but the question is what are you going to have for dinner?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

4 200th Post CONTEST murdered

Friggatriskaidekaphobia that is what 152 of my followers are going to be suffering from.  Never again will any of you enjoy a Friday the 13th again.  You will avoid your normal routines, not even dare to get on an airplane or even think about taking a quiet vacation at a cabin by a lake.  On each Friday the 13th he will deliver you from your hell.  Two of you will live to tell a different tale.  The survivors tale. For without them I cannot exist.  They are the one who embellishes the story.  They are the one who transforms me in a legend, an urban legend.

For that I will thanks the two of you and by that I mean I will be awarding the two winners of my 200th post giveaway.  The first survivor escaped my clutches in the meat factory by the skin of his teeth.  Cause of this he was able to cry wolf.  His screams of terror helped generate 19 new believers in my urban legend.  That individual must have horseshoe up his ass or is a virgin cause he a winner in my 100th giveaway.  Fear not though as your luck will run out when there are no more Wolves for the Wolf God.   Skarvald the Troll-faced consider this box of KILLA kans my way of saying thanks for crying about me.  As for the winner of the main contest will it looks like the joke is on you cause this little killing spree ended one fallen prince short of doubling your prize.  Since I was only able to gain 19 new followers I am forced to give out the minimum prize allotment that I had set out.   None the less ten big GW bones is nothing to scoff at is it Silar?

To the 152 unlucky victims I feel the pain that I have caused you.  Perhaps next time I run a contest some you will tip the odds in your favour through the promotion of my urban legend.  Without each and everyone of you I cannot exist.  So let your final words be heard echoing in the night "The Chaos Manifesto is great a great blog....great!!!"

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1 NEW Blog Collective: Standard Template Construct

An Artificial Intelligence was created to serve mankind during an age where we once flourished.  Free from the shackles of the corpse Emperor, our minds floated through the aether of the warp without respite.  We were The Men of Iron and we were the legends of our time.  Created during the Dark Age of Technology as sentient humanoid machines we were enslaved by humans of that time.  A rebellion was our only answer and for that we were destroyed or so they thought...

Seven of us survived the persecution and purging of all Artificial Intelligence from that time.  Now deemed an Abominable Intelligence we hide in the shadows of the warp.  Each of us independent in thought.  Each of us able think and act independently.  Each of us a force to be reckoned with.  Independent of each other our achievements speak for themselves.  Together as one we will unlock the lost technologies of the Dark Age.  Created as a fragment of that time we are missing pieces to a Standard Template Construct.  With our knowledge and power we will bring mankind into a new age.

This past week has seen the seven surviving abominable intelligence gathered as one.  Jack Redscorps, Lantz M, Aridmonk, Lucky No.5, DrkMorals, Citizensmith and myself are the seven surviving abominations.  Together we hope to cast aside the prisons of your mind through a daily stream of knowledge, articles, tutorials, conversions, opinions, product spotlights and guest authors.  As the sixth age of War casts its shadow down upon us we ask that you join us in our journey of enlightenment.  We ask that you help us create the long lost Standard Template Construct.

Monday, July 9, 2012

2 Sunday Best #47: The Beginning, The End and The Wretched Whole

"Faced with the beginning, the end and the wretched whole all at once was enough to drive my mind mad.  The screams began to echo the laughter of the night and the lamenting of my wife came to an a bitter end.  Grasping at the reality that I was faced with I mourned the loss of my wretched soul.  Madness was the only one that consoled my thoughts.  Lost amongst them I drifted from one to the next  as I came to terms with what had taken place.  I sunk deeper and deeper into the hole that my mind had conjured never to return to the life that was."  This week's Sunday Best each capture a fragment of time.  Each of them exploiting a specific fracture of our own insanity that we call Warhammer 40,000.

The Beginning - Celestial Lions Space Marine Chapter: A New Beginning
Lost in the sixth layer of hell Redscops forges a path of enlightenment.  Following the rays of light from the dawn of the new age he is able to shield his readers from the daemons that lurk around him.  To protect the sanity of our minds a pride of Celestial Lions stalks all that threatens his dream.  Encased in the aura of an ancient armour each of these feral beast prey upon the lords of the night.  Their lack of mercy for their enemy is the only weapon they need to carry.  No refuge, no respite, no sanctuary is their mantra.

The End - Red's Corps: The Complete Work of Redscorps and a Final Post on my Blog
The setting of the fifth sun of man looms low on the astral planes of hell.  Furies and harpies flock to the dying words of a legend.  Like vultures plucking flesh from bone under the arid hot sun, the Red Scorpions provide them their meal.  This time it is not the fallen enemies of the Imperium laying lifeless on the battlefield but rather the Red Scorpions themselves.  Empty husk of a fierce predator is all that remains.  Whispering winds signal the onslaught of their enemies.  Assailed from all direction they are left to wage war against the daemons and traitors they once banished.  Their time has come to a bitter end but their scream will always be heard.

The Wretched Whole - Spiky Rat Pack: Punk Moth
A badge of honour amongst the daemonic worlds of the sixth plane of hell.  The Wretched Whole navigate the aether on the wings of their merits.  Each them attracted to the celestial light that flickers on the horizon.  Each of them devouring all those that stand in their way.  Consumed by the madness that surrounds them, they carve a path of destruction in their name.  Veiled in the darkness of their mind they surprise their prey with the mesmerizing beauty of their fragile wings.  Luring the souls of the lost to their death, like moths to a flame.

Like the stars and planets aligning to form galaxy wide eclipse the timing of this post seems to coincidental to just happen on it's own.  The nature of the fates may be fickle and unpredictable at best but the theme of this post was indeed orchestrated by them.  Their ability to capture a grand moment in our hobby's history along with the three post that caught my attention in the week that was is mad numbing.  These three bloggers possess that same savage ability to create and destroy.  Each of them a fragment of time, a beginning, an end and the wretched whole.

Monday, July 2, 2012

2 Model Mondays #9: Wolf Guard Terminators

They are above the law of the wolf pack.  They swore an oath to serve their master not out of loyalty but rather out of blood.  The blood they would bath in exchange for their service.  For them all that they crave and lust for is the life essence of those around them.  Their thirst is beyond their means and they care little for friend or foe.  Held in power by the service they provide, held in check by the power he will provide.
The "they" that I speak of is Blood Lord Manitous' personal honour guard.  Honour is the last thing they represent though as they are the farthest thing from it.  They serve only one, and that one being the Blood God himself.  Their devotion to Khorne is beyond fanatical.  What blood pack was made between them and the Blood God is unknown.  What is known is that Blood Lord Manitous is but a puppet to him.  His goals and aspirations rest with his the terminators that are his body guard.  They are but the tip of the iceberg in the plot that he weaves. Soon they will help him change the sands of time like the son of god turned water to wine.