Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 WIP it Wednesday #29: Evolution of Chaos

Without order nothing can exist - without chaos nothing can evolve.  We have pushed the boundaries of evolution by impregnating it with the raw power of the warp.  We are the origin of a species...a species on the brink of extinction.  There is no gene for our faith.  Our own genetic identity is our only true ally if The Ravenous are to survive.

Much like The Ravenous I have been forced to evolve with the times.  With the sudden demise of the Citadel paint range and the abrupt creation of a new species of paints Games Workshop placed my hobby in jeopardy.  Teetering on the edge of annihilation I had no choice but to survive.  Embracing the change in pigmentation I pushed ahead with The Ravenous.  On some accounts the process was made easier by the fact that there were more colours.  On the flip side of the coin I struggled with the identity of what was once familiar.  Long gone were the Delvan Muds and Tinbitz.  Both former staples in the diet of blood wolves known as The Ravenous.   Madness scratched at the insides of my mind as I meticulously confronted each degree of darkness.  Slowly my lucidity blended the old into the new till a new ally was born.

If The Ravenous are to survive the darkness of the grim future they must adapt with the inception of the sixth era of man.  Clouded in rumours and the fog of war I second guess each step I take in the completion of The Ravenous.  Questioning not only their faith but that of my own I wonder if I have made the right choice.  Do I continue painting them on the path I have set them on?  Or would it be better to wait for the dust to settle.  Unable to embrace the patience that is required I force myself down the rabbit hole.  Regardless of how the world around me changes the only true ally that I have is my identity.  For there is no gene for Faith.


  1. The change in GW paints has made me almost completely swap over to the Vallejo Game Color line, as they more closely resemble the old GW colors than their new line does. Cheaper per bottle, and you get more paint, too - hard to beat it!

    Not sure about the Tin Bits replacement, but I've found that the Army Painter "Warpaints" line has a couple inks that I heartily recommend. Different from their dips it seems though sharing names - the Dark Tone Ink is a great replacement for the Badab Black wash and the Strong Tone Ink is bang on for the late lamented Devlan Mud...

    I really dig the look you've gotten on your chaos marines - looking forward to seeing how they evolve. Keep up the great work!

  2. When it came to creating the verdigris I found it to be a double edge sword. The greens and blues that I used matched up very well. The new GW paints made it easier as the old ones required me mixing several paints to get the desired colours I was after. With the new line they plug those holes and I no longer require to mix colours for the verdigris. I was cut deep when it came to the metalics and I am still curious on how they will effect the overall look of my models. I will have to wait for the sands of time to fall though as I have committed myself to the road I am on. Thanks for the comments and the input on the paints. I may end up grabbing some of these in the future if things don't pan out.

  3. Hey mate,

    about Tin Bitz: I faced the same problem with my World Eaters, and after trying some of the new GW colours for replacements, I eventually switched to Vallejo's Tinny Tin. It looks *exactly* the same as Tin Bitz, plus it seems to be a bit smoother and easier to paint with. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Totally agree with your comments about the greens and blues in the new paint line, though! It's great that there's more choice now.

    Still loving the verdigris, btw.



  4. I heard Tinny Tin has the black lung though. All joking aside thanks for the tip on a alternative. Glad you are digging the verdigris.