Tuesday, June 26, 2012

0 Tats on Tuesday #5: Lasstranaut

"Appearing like a oasis, in the desert of despair, her lushes long legs stride across the battlefield.  Her appearance is angelic and hypnotizes all those who lay eyes upon her.  Sent to by god himself she scours the galaxy for the souls of the condemned.  Like a brash young gangster she holds twist he wrist to the side and points her finger like she was shooting a gun.  One by one the beauty of those that sin slump to the ground lifelessly.  She does not care what side you are fighting for but rather the purity of your heart.  With only slightest taint of chaos there is no salvation for you or your soul for she is the Lasstranaut."

The Lasstranaut is a character from the awe inspiring Ashley Wood.  She resides not in the World War Robot world, like my previous two tattoos, but rather in the Popbot universe.  Not much is know about her past, present or future.  An angelic enigma that travels the cosmic umbilical cord.   One thing we do know is that pants are an unnecessary evil for all those that ride the cosmic umbilical cord.  The first time you read cosmic umbilical cord you were scratching your head but having to read it two more times probably has you intrigued at the thought of going pant-less.  Regardless of what one wears on their lower half I have chosen the Lasstranaut as means to represent my wife, aka "Kitty".  A strong woman that stand tall behind me no matter what.  Miraculously helping me to banish my daemons no matter the cost to herself.  For me this tattoo is a thrown back to the classic pinup girl with a sci-fiction twist or as some would say a HOTpanda swirl.  The launch of this angelic pinup of an angel is scheduled seven days from now.  If all goes according to plan rumour has it that she may be accompanied by not one but rather two of her dearest friends...

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