Monday, June 25, 2012

4 Sunday Best #46: The Faces of Chaos

The face of Chaos lurks deep in the roots of our society.  It haunts every man, woman and child to the bone.  Tormenting our souls with its' whispering lies.  And how it lies in wait for a' chance to strike out against the weak and feeble.  Daemons lash out like with malice and Chaos Space Marines strike with fear while the traitors of your own blood stab you in the back.  Each a  servant of Chaos.  Each an extension of its' will.  Each a weapon in its' own right.  Each a face of Chaos.  This weeks' Sunday Best attempts to capture the raw emotion that is seen in the faces Chaos.

Krisken over at Scratchbuilt 40k has chosen to wear the mask of the Daemon.  Mutated beyond the sanity of man his mask twist and curdles with various gods of Chaos.  Haunting images of Nurgle flash forth for a moment of time.  Flicking in out of reality itself he captures the essence of horror with each step he takes.  Not limiting his own emotions to one single god he assaults all of senses with prejudice.  

GMM studios has entombed his face with gene seed of The Chaos Space Marine.  Fusing his soul and those that follow him with raw inhibited rage and hate he turns back the sands of time.  GMM twists the pages of history with the science of the present and the future.  The once dead is now able to walk the planes of humanity.  Lashing out with their pent up rage they desire to have what was theirs.  Unable to conceal their hate or decaying bodies they care little about the ramifications of their acts.

Krautscientist  may appear like your neighbour, your brother or even your own child.  Devious are his ways for he has donned the face of the Traitor.  Turning his back on all that he was taught he forges his own path, no matter the cost.  Betrayal and deceit are his weapons of choice.  Each cutting deeper than the edge of sword.  His motives are purely his own.  Indulging in the raw emotions that he was taught to neglect.  Relishing the pain that he causes the rest of us.

Each of these three men may wear a mask that is different from one another but all them capture the face of Chaos itself.  Their acts may be cruel and lucid to all those that lay their eyes upon them.  Each of them haunts the dream scape of our minds in the cold darkness of the night.  They are what nightmares are made from.   They are the scream that echos from your mouth when you awake in the night.  They are the face of Chaos.


  1. Again, thanks for the shoutout, mate. Glad to have made the cut ;-)



  2. May I echo my fellow friend in chaos here and thank you for the shout out! I'm humbled and delighted to be paired with great blogs such as these.

    Krisken of Scratchbuilt 40k

  3. I am humbled to show all three of your work on my blog. Cheers and the gods of chaos smile down on each of you.