Saturday, June 30, 2012

0 Saturday Shout Out #18: Tales of Tabletop Skirmisher

I believe that everyone should have a dream. A dream that no one should ever crush let alone shatter. For me my dream was utterly destroyed by my arch nemesis. If that was not enough he smear the remnants of it all over my furry little face. A Black Void now resides within me. Feeding off of my anguish, sorrow and pity it grows as each day fades into the night. Like a dark vale that covers my eyes I now conceal my true identity. Stalking the shadows of the night I prey upon the dreams of others. I simple don't consume there dream I consume them. I cannot afford to miss even but the slightly ray of hope inside my victims. It is my hope that I win this contest as that would allow me to devour the dreams of all your other followers who have entered into this contest. The sear amount of dreams that I would be able to feed upon would surely counter balance the Black Void. If I cannot win this contest there is little hope for me in this cruel world. Once a hero amongst men. Only to mutate into the evil that I once hunted. I have become my arch nemesis. I am a nightmare that is out of control. I am the BLACK VOID.

The Black Void would be my cosmic horror doppelganger in the universe know as Pulp City.  Here my arch rivial  attempts to stop my corruption and evil.  His latest attempt to prevent me from escaping the anguish that he has imprisoned me in is a PR campaign for himself and pulp city. Celebrating 100,000 hit to my face he is giving away a few prizes to those who join him on his quest for riotousness.  His giveaway has eclipsed my recent contest with the sear amount of swag that he is offering.  In an attempt to stop him I am making a call out to all my fellow villains to steal his precious prizes.  All that you have to do is head on over to Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher and join his blog.  From here we as the corrupted evil villains that we are will take him down from the inside.  A coup d'├ętat one could say.  From here simply leave him a message on why you should win his precious swag and that is it.  He will never know what him.  A strike against him will set the super heros of Pulp City back for the next 100,000 hits. WAGHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

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