Wednesday, May 30, 2012

4 WIP it Wednesday #28: A Psychedelic State

My soul had began to manifest into the aether while my mind liberated itself from the prison that I had place it in.  In this state I am able to change my perception of the world around me.  It is here that I am able to alter my mental operation so that I am able to commune with the spirit of a Wendigo.  With a new perspective on the world around me I will be faced with a fork in the road.  To left is path to enlightenment & revelation and to the right  confusion & psychosis.  It is not up to me on which road I will take but rather the Wendigo itself.   Through depravation and psychedelic substances I able to offer my body as a host from which the Wendigo can transcend out of the warp.  In essence I my body must be able to withstand the pure unharnessed energies of the warp while my mind must be willing to let go of the world around it.  The process does not happen all at once but rather in stages.  Like how a painter layers his colours to achieve the depth required for his visual end state.  The Wendigo's medium is the warp itself and it infuses it into our humble bodies where it will manifest into demonic gifts.  From here we will evolve into one of several things.  For some it may be that of a Possessed CSM or what our form ancestors called a Wulfen.  For other more pure of heart and mind they are blessed with not only siwft claws but wings of a Raptor.  On a rare occasion though one will become a Wendigo or what you know as, a Daemon Prince.  For those who have strayed from the eyes of Khorne though they will devolve into  twisted and insane abominations known simply as Spawn.  The risk are well worth the gains and it through our dedication to the Blood God that we will emerge victorious for we are The Ravenous.
This past week was a victory in terms of achieving my hobby goals.  With the help of my paint brushes I was able to transcend both my models and my approach to painting.  The models have evolved from their natural grey colour into a psychedelic mess of colours.  At this time the painting may be messy and appear sloppy but over then next couple of weeks I will be able to transform them into the eye candy that were destined to become.  With each layer of paint my mind has become increasingly aware of the enjoyment it can benefit from the painting process.  Traditional I have loathed this aspect of our our hobby but as both the years and the models march by I have seen a slow but steady increase in my excitement for painting.  Perhaps it is just age or even just a psychotic break in my sanity but I would prefer to think that I have actually envolved into perspective.
 Regardless of the way I perceive my approach to the hobby I have been feverishly working towards a finished state for The Ravenous.  The journey has been slow and tedious but the light is at the end of the tunnel.  As fifth sun set on the world of 40k and the sixth sun prepares to bask us in is radiance my approach to the hobby prepares for the new way ahead.  Gone are the days of collecting competitive armies and war stories from the gaming tables.  They have had their time in the lime light. With the dawn of new gaming age I hope to ignore it completely as the artist in me is screaming out for the chance to shine its' psychedelic light.


  1. Awesome colors, HOTpanda! Seeing your army reminds me that I need to take more peyote the next time I paint. Looks like it has been working out for you so far!! Really beautiful minis, I can't wait to see how they look once they're all finished.

  2. Cheers Papa JJ for the kind words and the comment itself. With this portion of The Ravenous (CSM version) I plan on having their verdigris extremely oxidized. This will help create a time line between my Space Wolves version of The Ravenous and their future selves (The CSM version). I will also look at weathering/chipping their red armour section to add to this effect.

  3. Aha, looks like you're going for a very pronounced verdigris effect! Very nice! Although the danger with this is that the models may end up looking a little too much like statues. Nevertheless, a promising start! It'll be interesting to see how you transform them even further, so they still register as "living" beings.

    Very interested to see where this is going!

  4. I just through on a purple/green wash over the verdigris to dull it down. From here I will do a light dry brushing of the blues and greens again follow up with an extremely light dry brushing of gold. This should age the the armour yet keep them from looking like a statue. At the same time I have to fill in some of the armour with red to tie the army into their Khorne affiliation. Cheers for the comments and glad you are interested in where they are going.