Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5 WIP it Wednesday #26: It's Heating Up

The fire inside my internal furnace has been heating up this past week.  As each day passes the temperature raises just a little.  As the mercury increases my urge to paint goes up exponentially.  While I have embraced the desire to paint I fear that deep down inside I may end up burning myself out.  My brushes have been working at a feverous rate.  I seem to be painting with little to no care for their well being.  Their bristles that remain are tattered.  While others have fallen off or disappeared in the mayhem.
The black undercoat of my models have also disappeared over the past seven days.  Replaced by thin coating of metallic tin.  Tin bitz to be exact.  The first layer of many in order for the final output to be that of verdigris.  With all but my Chaos Spawn, who are of flesh rather than metal, and my Terminators (including my Chaos Lord) the bulk of my army waits for their second coat.  They wait because I am debating on how to proceed with the aforementioned Terminator squad.  I want them to stand out from the rest of The Ravenous.  I want them to be the centre of the flame, where it is the hottest.  They are ones who overthrew the previous pack leader.  They are the ones who sold all of their souls to devil himself; Khorne.  Like the heart of a flame I want them to be that of the colour white.  Not pure white but I white that has been painted over a previous colour.  For now I will let them smoulder amongst the coals till I decided what to do with them.
One model that I have made some serious decisions on and progress is that of my Nurgle Chaos Lord.  This model needs not to be stoked as it's paint scheme has been burned into its' skin for sometime now. What you can see in its flame are but a flicker of the final product.  I still have several layers to apply on  every aspect of the model.  The colour dance back and forth from one shade to another.  From one tone to the next.  I rub my hands together over it's warmth as I smile in glee at what I have created.  I just prayer that the flame inside my soul will continue to burn through the dark cold night.


  1. That Nurgle lord is coming along nicely! Good stuff, man!

  2. There can never be enough Khorne Berzerkers, just as there can never be enough skulls for the skull throne ;-)

    Great job on the Nurgle Lord too! Looks like you're on a roll!

  3. I'm having a blast with the Nurgle Lord as 90% of the model is me trying out new recipes and techniques. As for the Khorne affiliated models my only concern is running out of the old paints and not being able to match them with the new paint line. Thanks for the support Mordian7th and KrautScientist.

  4. That's looks like great progress. I loved the post, HOTPanda - I had visions of you working in a chaotic furnace of a workshop! Looking forward to seeing the guys finished. Good luck!

  5. @ Sidney Roundwood - Glad you enjoyed the post and I love the imagery that you were able to conjure up as you read it. You should the mess I have made in my man cave these past few days. It's utter chaos in there right now. Cheers for the comment and for the support.