Thursday, May 3, 2012

4 WIP it Wednesday #25: The Usual Suspects

Lost amongst the days of this past week, I struggle with lining up my usual suspects.  Some how they were able to elude me.  Like any good movie though everything comes together in the eleventh hour.  One by one each of my models began to march past me.  Delighted at their enthusiasm I began apply a base coat to each of them.  Before I knew it I had processed over twenty models.  One of them refused to move and just stared at me quietly.  I had seen him before just like all the others but there was something different about this dirt bag that I could't just figure out. 
As I out of Tin Bitz paint I let out a sigh of disappointment.  Foiled again...or was I?  Yep he is still lurking amongst my paint pots.  What a creep.  Then it finally hit me.  Beside him being being a dedicated follower of Papa Nurgle he was upset at me.  More specifically he was furious at how I had painted his bloated, rotten, exposed skin.  I had forgotten to apply a dark grimy base layer from which I could build up from.  I had gone straight for the juggler but forgot to bring a weapon to cut it with.  What was I thinking?  I knew exactly what I was going through the cogs at the time; the easy route.  And by that I mean washes as they are an excellent medium when it comes to shading.  
I quickly set out to rectify the situation by mixing together a medium to dark shade of purple.  This would create a sickly look to the model while making an excellent colour for his exposed intestines.  As I applied the final layers of paint to the model skin I sat back in delight at what I had accomplished tonight.  A massive dent was made into The Ravenous' lineup.  I am definitely back on track and I hope to keep it that way.


  1. Nice hidden Special Operations: KILLZONE ad, sir. :) And even nicer models! :)

  2. Just got my full monty yesterday and figured what better way to let Brian know I received them then to throw them in a snap shot of what I am working on. Just wish I could of been in Chicago to play not only the game but on those beautiful tables.

  3. Howdy Ho Mr HOTpanda. Love this post. Enjoying your WIP it Wednesdays no end. I have finally posted up the results from our previous discussions about painting with washes if you care to gander over here