Tuesday, May 22, 2012

0 Tats on Tuesday #3: Nom de Plume

The toxic haze drifted across the battlefield, lurking over the bodies of the fallen.  Engulfing reality in the the turmoil that surrounded us.  Ghastly shadows flickered in and out of the miasma, tormenting our souls with the anxiety that hanged over our heads.  Our pathetic platoon commander could not keep it together as he took the easy way out by shoving his revolver down his throat.  His head exploded outwards, fragments of his skull, chunks of his brains, and unfathomable amounts of blood.  Like a virulent plague his cowardice act spread from one trench to the next.  Each of them condemning themselves to purgatory, the lesser of two evils it seemed.  For Hell was upon us seeking to collect our miserable souls.  And just like those before us the toxic haze lurked over our bodies...

"Nom de Plume" is one of the many characters that Ashley Wood has waging a war in the World War Robots universe.  His name is derived from the fact that no one and I mean no one has ever seen his face.  For all we know he could actually be a she.  Regardless of gender, Nom de Plume strikes fear into the hearts of his enemy.  What motivates him is shrouded in a toxic haze of his own. What motivates me though is the pure evil that he represents.  With my first tattoo representing my Grandfather and myself fighting side by side, I was in dire need for symbol of the inner demons that I have battled over the years.  With “Nom de Plume” being a faceless enemy he was the perfect symbol for the struggles I have fought and continue to fight.  Not to mention it’s one of hell of sick image to have on my skin.  T-Day is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, I can only hope I can tolerate the pain.

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