Monday, May 21, 2012

3 Sunday Best #41: Golem(s)

Truth or reality can be hard swollen at times.  It is even harder to swallow when the life you created turns on.  The rock that was used to sculpt its' flesh sticks to the insides of my mouth.  It clogs my lungs as choke on each of the letter inscribed into each of its' foreheads.  First was the "E" on George Washington,  then the "M" on Thomas Jefferson, followed by the "E" on Theodore Roosevelt and last but not least the "T" on Abraham Lincoln.  Turning against not only myself but the American nation.  Sowing fear into the souls of the innocent as its' destroys the nation they once ruled over.  This week's Sunday Best each represent one of aspect of the golem depicted above.  Each one a presiding over a Golem of their own.

President #1 - Spiky Rat Pack: Old Man WIP
izeColt fashioned his portion of the Golem from the bones of the first President of the United States of America.  For the mortar and flesh that binds the evil of his golem he used the ectoplasm from the ghouls that he once commanded.  Do not let his golem's frailness deceive you though for what he lacks in brute strength he makes up for it with wisdom.  The wisdom that only a battle hardened general would know.  His insight into the world around him is uncanny and enigmatic like that of a fortuneteller.  It is his ability to create and destroy life that is most unsettling.

President #2 - Casual Bryssling: Death Cultist WIP
Master Bryss may not have created Hebrew Golem but he did create what the Greeks referred to as anthroparion.  Unlike a mindless golem, these creatures are able to understand complex instructions, adapt to variable conditions.  Twisted and cruel like that of a Haemonculi he began flesh-sculpting one after another till he had enough to father a university of his own.  Not your typically higher education is taught their, but rather one that specializes in the art of death.  Instilling into each of them the knowledge of his forefathers and an appetite for destruction that can only be describe as cult like.

President #3 - Spiky Rat Pack: Inside the Process of a Rat's Thoughts
While izeColt was stealing the bones of George Washington his partner in crime, okkiW was making off with the decaying corpse of Theodore Roosevelt.  OkkiW reminisces about what he has created with "Teddy" and the process that he uses when creating one of his Golems.  He choses to "speak softly and carry big stick" by psychologically roughing up his minions.  They may not be sweet like the candy they use to lure their victims but the beauty of their taste can only be compared to that of a Finnish Vodka; subtle.
President #4 - Rust and The City: Demolition Expert
From the rust of a dying city Cameron has created golem of mass destruction.  His prisoner of war was the catalyst that I used to create the Mt. Rushmore golem.  Painstakingly meticulous in the details that he imposed into his golem Cameron ensured that he had the right tools for the job; explosives and rum.  Taking advantage of his flesh monsters drunken state I was able to convince it to share his spirits with me.  Despite both myself and his golem being under the influence of alcohol we were able to spark the life essence that was needed to turn the beloved American moment into a mindless creature of destruction.

Despite years of alcohol abuse all of us learn to a few things from each of these Presidents.  The most important being not to handcuff yourself to one line of thinking.  Within each of use lies a Rabi that is able to mould and shape our hobby they way we want it to be.  If you are hesitating at the challenge and need a shot or two to steady your nerves no is going to judge you.  If you however lose control of your golem and need to deactivate it, just remember to only chug down the first "E" in the hebrew word "EMET".  For without that single vowel as a prefix Vanna White is left with no other choice but to spell out the hebrew word for death.


  1. Many warm sentiments towards thy ridiculously violet-hued prose for declaiming in support of my university. I believe the faculty has approached the critical point of the graduation of this first class in its entirety, and I shall demonstrate their slimy hooded visages before this Wodan's Day.

  2. With the new school year approaching I was hoping to apply to your institution. Cannot wait to see what professor Wodan has in store with us.

  3. Thanks for the demolition expert shout out. The model should be done later this week.