Monday, May 14, 2012

2 Sunday Best #40: Skirmish

"It was a chance encounter that caught us off guard.  Their numbers were small but ours were even smaller.  Chaos ensued as we lashed out with our weapons.  I'm not even sure how we managed to escape  the death trap but the fates must have been on our side.  One by one we managed to over come the odds.  We lost several of men but we slaughter everyone of his vile henchman.  His attacks were ferocious and skill with a power sword was uncanny.  Despite outnumbering him three to one we were outmatched.  We ran like the cowards we were..."  This week's Sunday Best look to capture the essence of a skirmish.  They seek to carve their imagination into a murderous gang of thugs hell bent on leaving their name written in blood.  So without further ado let's have a look at the writing on the wall.

Skirmish #1 Internal Hunt: Inquisitor 28, The Mandalorian
The wind whispers his name and the mist conceals him.  He is but a whisper amongst the shadows.  He  is the Krautscientist's latest addition to his Inquisitor 28 warband.  Not only is The Mandolorian beautifully painted but he is a stunning example of kit bashing.  The lore in which he surrounded him was obviously written in blood those that he hunted.  His story is far from over though, as he has many more battles still to fight.

Skirmish #2 - Griffit's Corner: Introducing Master Hayro Caminant
Mechanicus cult, the henchman of Mars have always assisted those who sought them out and Master Hayro is no different.  Lending his unique talents to Grifft's Inquisitor 28 warband he empowers those around them with weapons.  Weapons of destruction, weapons that are used to spill the blood of other warbands.

Each of these two leaders are headed down a perilous path.  Each them are hell bent on getting into a skirmish.  With what though they could care less for they know that Fates is on their side.  Looking down on their men their is little that can stand in their way.  Then again what would happen if these two groups of characters met in long dark alley?  Who would the Fates look down upon then?


  1. Whoa, mate, I only just realised you featured one of my models again. Thanks a lot!

    Really liking that Mechanicus model too!

  2. I had a busy weekend as work had me working far from home out in the bush for the weekend. Sunday Best was late getting up and I forgot to let the authors know that I spotted them in their Sunday Best. I really enjoyed the model and the paint scheme that you put into it. Cheers for sharing and for leaving a comment.