Sunday, May 6, 2012

6 Sunday Best #39: Spiky Rat Pack

The Spiky Rat Pack are a Finland-based crew of two that focus their efforts on the arts, craftmanship, the miniature hobby and scene around it.  The creativity geniuses behind the Rat with the Spikes is comprised of izeColt and okkiW.  Their custom models and macabre styling have defined them in the online blogging community as a force to reckon with.  Over the last several months I have been exploring their life work via their blog.  Each day I set out on to explore the dark grim world that they have submersed themselves into.  Covered in unknown black ooze of their inspiration I glow green with envy at not only their artistic ability but their passion.  Over the course of the last seven days both izeColt and okkiW were seen in their Sunday Best.

Rat #1 - izeColt @ Spiky Rat Pack: Inquisitor Cassar
Drawing inspiration from his sons water colours long ago, izeColt has produced several pieces of art with them.  His latest creation is Inquisitor Cassar, the leader behind his INQ28 gang.  Charming good looks and a charismatic demeanour are but a few of the weapons that izeColt equipped Inquisitor Cassar with. Dripping with the blood of heretics and innocents alike he is a Man much like izeColt in that he driven but his will to succeed.

Rat #2 - okkiW @ Spiky Rat Pack: Flames of Destruction
Sculpting a path of destruction and death in his wake is okkiW's latest creation.  Borvs is a former criminal that is bent on burning a path of forgiveness in hopes of saving his soul.   Despite the model not even being painted yet I am already captivated by the raw emotion that okkiW has imbued into this model.  It's as if I can hear Borvs grunting and howling as he creates a new life for himself from the killing the enemies of the Emperor.

Both of these Agents of the Throne are leading a life filled with unimaginable riches.  Not shackled by the constraints of Games Works they are able to create a world in their imagination.  Surrounding themselves with the dark grim characters that hide in the nether regions of their minds.  Travelling on the road not taken they have embarked on journey of enlightenment.  As far as I am concerned they are  as they are the future of this hobby.  They indulge and submerse themselves how they see fit.  They play by their own rules.  For they are the Spiky Rat Pack.


  1. Great choice for a Sunday Best, HOTpanda! Those guys ROCK!

  2. I came very close this past weekend on buying a set of water colour paints...just a matter of time now before i give in to the urge.

  3. Thank you thousand times Panda!
    This is the greatest hobby in the world isnt'it? There's no wrong way to do this.
    We have chosen the way where we expand the stuff by drawing and writing. Somebody else just likes to build armies for tournaments and stuff, both are the right ways to do it:)
    Im so happy to hear that our work inspires people to explore this hobby!

  4. Go for it Panda!

    We shall sing a drunken song for yor praise when the rat pack is next time clinking their pints together, that's a promise!

  5. My approach to the hobby has changed drastically over the past year. I use to be in the hobby to play games but these days those are far and few between. Due to this I have shifted my focus over to the modelling itself. From here I have started to develop Killzone Squads and am now looking into INQ28. It's all about pleasing myself these day not my ego. I'm willing to try new techniques and new mediums as I am not handcuffed to the norm.