Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 Something about Death or Dying

Something about death or dying leaves my stomach twisted in knots.  As I begin to dwell on what once was, my furry potbelly begins to grumble and growl.  The aches begin to fester till it feels like a food baby is living inside me.  Pushing against my internal organs it with its' fist it demands my full attention.  I try to ignore it but I know it's just a matter of time before it breaks my ribs that imprison it.  At first it's just dry heaves but that doesn't last for long.  Finally it forces it way out in puke fest of blood and guts.

Reget can turn even the hottest panda into a ball of mush if one allows it to consume him.  I felt this way when shortly after I parted ways with some of my past armies.   This week I experience some minor indigestion thanks to Sons of Taurus' post on What I Like About You (if you were my army).  As I read through the various reasons he tossed certain armies my stomach began to twist around the empty voids that I threw away.  I did this to my very first Warhammer 40k army, Witch Hunters, with even batting an eye.  What exactly was it about the nuns with guns that made me sick to my stomach?  It was not their rules nor their performance on the table but rather the model line itself.  Between the fact that the entire army is composed of that ever so expensive, but lead free, metal and the absorbent cost of compiling a large covenant of them.  Yet this was not the straw that broke the panda's back.  Rather it was lack of individuality amongst the ladies that did me in.  With only two to three distinct standard sisters and next to little room for converting I coughed them up like nasty hairball.

Wanting to get scratch the itch at the back of my throat I began shoving green skinned candies down my throat.  One after another, each varying in size.  Unable to stop I kept gorging on the green skinned gummies.  MMMMMM, gummies.  When I finally stopped I realized I had eaten over seven thousand points of them.  Needless to say I had consumed more than I could handle, let alone keep down.  Once again my stomach turned inside out till there was only a small handful of greenies left.

Picking through the chunks of barf I suffered a moment of weakness and decided to try some of it.  More specifically some ultramarine blue pieces.  I have no clue what I was thinking as I didn't even get a chance to swallow before my taste buds screamed YUCK!!!  My head at this point was pounding and my vision was blurring; I was about to pass out from all of the chaos.  Yet somehow I found my nirvana in the middle of it.  Covered in technical rainbow of blood and vomit I was finally able to satisfy my hunger.  There is just something about death or dying...


  1. Interesting, and bizarre. I don't think I would even think of googling "panda vomiting rainbow"!

    Not surprised that there's an image for it though!

  2. Glad my take on your post "What I like about you" left you questioning my sanity. As far as pandas vomiting rainbows well their's a plethora of images out there of that very subject. I have a whole batch of them stored up for occasions like today.