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4 WIP it Wednesday #28: A Psychedelic State

My soul had began to manifest into the aether while my mind liberated itself from the prison that I had place it in.  In this state I am able to change my perception of the world around me.  It is here that I am able to alter my mental operation so that I am able to commune with the spirit of a Wendigo.  With a new perspective on the world around me I will be faced with a fork in the road.  To left is path to enlightenment & revelation and to the right  confusion & psychosis.  It is not up to me on which road I will take but rather the Wendigo itself.   Through depravation and psychedelic substances I able to offer my body as a host from which the Wendigo can transcend out of the warp.  In essence I my body must be able to withstand the pure unharnessed energies of the warp while my mind must be willing to let go of the world around it.  The process does not happen all at once but rather in stages.  Like how a painter layers his colours to achieve the depth required for his visual end state.  The Wendigo's medium is the warp itself and it infuses it into our humble bodies where it will manifest into demonic gifts.  From here we will evolve into one of several things.  For some it may be that of a Possessed CSM or what our form ancestors called a Wulfen.  For other more pure of heart and mind they are blessed with not only siwft claws but wings of a Raptor.  On a rare occasion though one will become a Wendigo or what you know as, a Daemon Prince.  For those who have strayed from the eyes of Khorne though they will devolve into  twisted and insane abominations known simply as Spawn.  The risk are well worth the gains and it through our dedication to the Blood God that we will emerge victorious for we are The Ravenous.
This past week was a victory in terms of achieving my hobby goals.  With the help of my paint brushes I was able to transcend both my models and my approach to painting.  The models have evolved from their natural grey colour into a psychedelic mess of colours.  At this time the painting may be messy and appear sloppy but over then next couple of weeks I will be able to transform them into the eye candy that were destined to become.  With each layer of paint my mind has become increasingly aware of the enjoyment it can benefit from the painting process.  Traditional I have loathed this aspect of our our hobby but as both the years and the models march by I have seen a slow but steady increase in my excitement for painting.  Perhaps it is just age or even just a psychotic break in my sanity but I would prefer to think that I have actually envolved into perspective.
 Regardless of the way I perceive my approach to the hobby I have been feverishly working towards a finished state for The Ravenous.  The journey has been slow and tedious but the light is at the end of the tunnel.  As fifth sun set on the world of 40k and the sixth sun prepares to bask us in is radiance my approach to the hobby prepares for the new way ahead.  Gone are the days of collecting competitive armies and war stories from the gaming tables.  They have had their time in the lime light. With the dawn of new gaming age I hope to ignore it completely as the artist in me is screaming out for the chance to shine its' psychedelic light.

Monday, May 28, 2012

6 Sunday Best #42: Xenos Love

"Love? That word is unknown here. I'm just looking for a female swollen with eggs who will accept my genetic material."  Incase a Loquacious female is not available I'm more than confident that SinSynn will do in a pinch.  Many of you simply turn your nose up at even the mere thought of eating sushi but not SinSynn.  He relishes in the strange and unknown.  He lurks on the fringe of society preying upon the weakness of mankind.  Similar not only to that of Doctor Zoidberg, SinSynn's lack of social skills, sexual orientation and last but not least his appearance, have a direct correlation to what some would call a Xenos fetish.  Strange and alien like in all aspects, this week's Sunday Best can be held in the same regard as both Doctor Zoidberg and SynSinn alike.  Each of them have dedicated their recent hobby efforts to one of the countless alien species in an attempt to find a suitable mate to accept their genetic material.

Xenos Fetish #1 - Brian Carlson Miniatures: Canoptek Spyders Finished
Brian Carlson may not be into slimy tentacles of an Octopus or the eight frills of Doctor Zoidberg but he is aroused by another creature that has eight appendages.  To be specific he is turned on by the Canoptek Spyders that found amongst the Xenos race known as the Necrons.  Testing the waters with his fetish Brian ensures he gets more than just his feet wet by sampling not one but three of these mechanical creatures.  You dog Brian, you dog.

Xenos Fetish #2 - Eldar Addict: Venom Mark I Retrofitted
EldarAddict embraces his addiction and wears it like badge of honour.  For him his poison of choice is BDSM (Bondage/Discipline & Sadism/Masochism).  Surrounding himself with sadistic dark warriors there is little doubt in my mind that he is master when it comes to painting.  His paint scheme is subtle but their is a definite bite to it that leaves you screaming in ecstasy.  It is his interpersonal relationship with model itself that is the most disturbing.  His ability to contort and bend the plastic into erotic positions leaves me screaming for more.

Xenos Fetish #3 - Rust and the City: Ork Pirate WIP with Zenithal Highlights
Without a doubt a-boot it, Cameron is living the farthest from the fringes of society with his love for fungus based life forms.  Truth be told I think he has highlight fetish that he can call his own.  The only  paraphilias that one could compare his deviancy to would be through a combination of apotemnophilia, enjoyment threw amputation, and mysophilia, arousal from decay.  Regardless of his sexual orientation Cameron has one hell of an imagination and is without a doubt a fierce but salty dog.

As the words of this trite and corny post I am left with "so many memories [of] so many strange fluids gushing out of patients' bodies.."  Doctor Zoidberg might have question why he had to be a crustacean in love but the real question should be why is SinSynn a man in love with cephalopod molluscs?  Regardless though we each are a deviant in our own ways.  The aforementioned bloggers clearly demonstrate a perversion for the hobby we all have come to love and are a role model for all Xenos lovers.  With these final words I am left wondering with "The frenzy [now being]...over. How am I going to get rid of my male jelly...? Woop woop woop woop!"

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0 WIP it Wednesday #27: Golden Bliss

Buddha once said “An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.”  The words themselves may be short but their meaning is far reaching.  For myself they itch deep under my skin as my polluted mind is filled with ideal ideas.  Each one offering me untold riches.  Each one a distraction that teases my mind.  All of them never manifesting into existence.   All of them remaining in the dark.

Like a golden smile of a kind old man the darkness has began to slowly melt away.  As his lips part and words begin to spill from his mouth I become enlightened by his wisdom.  Showing me not only the pathway I have been seeking but a reflection of where it will lead me to.  The old man begins to shed away his age lines and wrinkles.  His age melts away like the darkness did moments ago.  Growing younger and younger as the seconds go bye.  Then I notice that the old man is someone I know...
Within each of us the answers we seek are hidden amongst the skeletons reside in our closets.  Behind each of these demons you can find the answers you are looking for.  The heavens have parted and the path to hobby enlightenment has appeared.  Over the course of the past two weeks I have been in a painting zen like state.  For me it has become a place of solitude where the past, the present and the future melt into one.  The progress I have been able to achieve with my Chaos version of The Ravenous has torn down the barriers that normal stand in my way.  The simple idea of these models are no longer just that as I have  taken action to ensure they are on the path to enlightenment.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

0 Tats on Tuesday #3: Nom de Plume

The toxic haze drifted across the battlefield, lurking over the bodies of the fallen.  Engulfing reality in the the turmoil that surrounded us.  Ghastly shadows flickered in and out of the miasma, tormenting our souls with the anxiety that hanged over our heads.  Our pathetic platoon commander could not keep it together as he took the easy way out by shoving his revolver down his throat.  His head exploded outwards, fragments of his skull, chunks of his brains, and unfathomable amounts of blood.  Like a virulent plague his cowardice act spread from one trench to the next.  Each of them condemning themselves to purgatory, the lesser of two evils it seemed.  For Hell was upon us seeking to collect our miserable souls.  And just like those before us the toxic haze lurked over our bodies...

"Nom de Plume" is one of the many characters that Ashley Wood has waging a war in the World War Robots universe.  His name is derived from the fact that no one and I mean no one has ever seen his face.  For all we know he could actually be a she.  Regardless of gender, Nom de Plume strikes fear into the hearts of his enemy.  What motivates him is shrouded in a toxic haze of his own. What motivates me though is the pure evil that he represents.  With my first tattoo representing my Grandfather and myself fighting side by side, I was in dire need for symbol of the inner demons that I have battled over the years.  With “Nom de Plume” being a faceless enemy he was the perfect symbol for the struggles I have fought and continue to fight.  Not to mention it’s one of hell of sick image to have on my skin.  T-Day is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, I can only hope I can tolerate the pain.

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3 Sunday Best #41: Golem(s)

Truth or reality can be hard swollen at times.  It is even harder to swallow when the life you created turns on.  The rock that was used to sculpt its' flesh sticks to the insides of my mouth.  It clogs my lungs as choke on each of the letter inscribed into each of its' foreheads.  First was the "E" on George Washington,  then the "M" on Thomas Jefferson, followed by the "E" on Theodore Roosevelt and last but not least the "T" on Abraham Lincoln.  Turning against not only myself but the American nation.  Sowing fear into the souls of the innocent as its' destroys the nation they once ruled over.  This week's Sunday Best each represent one of aspect of the golem depicted above.  Each one a presiding over a Golem of their own.

President #1 - Spiky Rat Pack: Old Man WIP
izeColt fashioned his portion of the Golem from the bones of the first President of the United States of America.  For the mortar and flesh that binds the evil of his golem he used the ectoplasm from the ghouls that he once commanded.  Do not let his golem's frailness deceive you though for what he lacks in brute strength he makes up for it with wisdom.  The wisdom that only a battle hardened general would know.  His insight into the world around him is uncanny and enigmatic like that of a fortuneteller.  It is his ability to create and destroy life that is most unsettling.

President #2 - Casual Bryssling: Death Cultist WIP
Master Bryss may not have created Hebrew Golem but he did create what the Greeks referred to as anthroparion.  Unlike a mindless golem, these creatures are able to understand complex instructions, adapt to variable conditions.  Twisted and cruel like that of a Haemonculi he began flesh-sculpting one after another till he had enough to father a university of his own.  Not your typically higher education is taught their, but rather one that specializes in the art of death.  Instilling into each of them the knowledge of his forefathers and an appetite for destruction that can only be describe as cult like.

President #3 - Spiky Rat Pack: Inside the Process of a Rat's Thoughts
While izeColt was stealing the bones of George Washington his partner in crime, okkiW was making off with the decaying corpse of Theodore Roosevelt.  OkkiW reminisces about what he has created with "Teddy" and the process that he uses when creating one of his Golems.  He choses to "speak softly and carry big stick" by psychologically roughing up his minions.  They may not be sweet like the candy they use to lure their victims but the beauty of their taste can only be compared to that of a Finnish Vodka; subtle.
President #4 - Rust and The City: Demolition Expert
From the rust of a dying city Cameron has created golem of mass destruction.  His prisoner of war was the catalyst that I used to create the Mt. Rushmore golem.  Painstakingly meticulous in the details that he imposed into his golem Cameron ensured that he had the right tools for the job; explosives and rum.  Taking advantage of his flesh monsters drunken state I was able to convince it to share his spirits with me.  Despite both myself and his golem being under the influence of alcohol we were able to spark the life essence that was needed to turn the beloved American moment into a mindless creature of destruction.

Despite years of alcohol abuse all of us learn to a few things from each of these Presidents.  The most important being not to handcuff yourself to one line of thinking.  Within each of use lies a Rabi that is able to mould and shape our hobby they way we want it to be.  If you are hesitating at the challenge and need a shot or two to steady your nerves no is going to judge you.  If you however lose control of your golem and need to deactivate it, just remember to only chug down the first "E" in the hebrew word "EMET".  For without that single vowel as a prefix Vanna White is left with no other choice but to spell out the hebrew word for death.

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4 Tats on Tuesday #2: The Act

Thank the dark gods for not allowing Slaanesh to possess me like it did to poor Stu in "The Hangover part II".  For me it appears that Nurgle did not decide to bless me with his gift and I am also grateful for that.  Nothing worse than having a wound that has been tainted with his infectious touch.  Festering and oozing all sorts of foul fluids.  This leaves me with Tzeentch and Khorne.  It looked like the Father of Change had his eyes on me for a bit as my tailbone was itching and twitching the entire time I was getting my tattoo.  Part of me though dam, am I going to have a tail?  If so I hope it has either a third eye to watch my back or a nasty second mouth for snatching on carpet crumbs.  Sadly my dreams of becoming a mutant faded away my tailbone was only vibrating from the tattoo gun.  It appeared as if Khorne was going to be the one that I would be making a Wolfpack with.  How would he manifest himself through me though.  Would I become a mindless killing machine.  Perhaps I would be consumed by car rage and get arrested for smashing someones skull in after they cut me off.  The though of being incarcerated for violent acts against mankind did not really appeal me.  The hours passed bye as I lived inside my head but alas no gifts from Khorne manifested themselves.  I went to bed that night wondering if I done something to displease the Gods.  Had they abandoned me?
When I awoke in the morning the skin on my leg was taunt and oozing plasma from the open wound that now occupied it.  As I cleaned the sticky plasma ooze off my wound I was amazed at what I saw on my leg.  I was even more intrigued by the fact that I survived the entire 6 hour session.  Pride began to grow inside me.  By it was soon eclipsed by something much stronger, lust.  I wanted more.  I wanted to self indulge in the process again.  The pain was satisfying in some sick twisted way.  It pleased my senses to no end and they craved for it decadence was again.  That's when I realized that I had been seduced by Slaanesh itself.  I may not have allowed a lady boy to have its' way with me but I did let the Prince of Pleasure touch me and I like it.

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2 Sunday Best #40: Skirmish

"It was a chance encounter that caught us off guard.  Their numbers were small but ours were even smaller.  Chaos ensued as we lashed out with our weapons.  I'm not even sure how we managed to escape  the death trap but the fates must have been on our side.  One by one we managed to over come the odds.  We lost several of men but we slaughter everyone of his vile henchman.  His attacks were ferocious and skill with a power sword was uncanny.  Despite outnumbering him three to one we were outmatched.  We ran like the cowards we were..."  This week's Sunday Best look to capture the essence of a skirmish.  They seek to carve their imagination into a murderous gang of thugs hell bent on leaving their name written in blood.  So without further ado let's have a look at the writing on the wall.

Skirmish #1 Internal Hunt: Inquisitor 28, The Mandalorian
The wind whispers his name and the mist conceals him.  He is but a whisper amongst the shadows.  He  is the Krautscientist's latest addition to his Inquisitor 28 warband.  Not only is The Mandolorian beautifully painted but he is a stunning example of kit bashing.  The lore in which he surrounded him was obviously written in blood those that he hunted.  His story is far from over though, as he has many more battles still to fight.

Skirmish #2 - Griffit's Corner: Introducing Master Hayro Caminant
Mechanicus cult, the henchman of Mars have always assisted those who sought them out and Master Hayro is no different.  Lending his unique talents to Grifft's Inquisitor 28 warband he empowers those around them with weapons.  Weapons of destruction, weapons that are used to spill the blood of other warbands.

Each of these two leaders are headed down a perilous path.  Each them are hell bent on getting into a skirmish.  With what though they could care less for they know that Fates is on their side.  Looking down on their men their is little that can stand in their way.  Then again what would happen if these two groups of characters met in long dark alley?  Who would the Fates look down upon then?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

0 Haiku Thursday #29: The Servitor

forgotten with age
mindless drone, flesh and metal
augmented with time

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5 WIP it Wednesday #26: It's Heating Up

The fire inside my internal furnace has been heating up this past week.  As each day passes the temperature raises just a little.  As the mercury increases my urge to paint goes up exponentially.  While I have embraced the desire to paint I fear that deep down inside I may end up burning myself out.  My brushes have been working at a feverous rate.  I seem to be painting with little to no care for their well being.  Their bristles that remain are tattered.  While others have fallen off or disappeared in the mayhem.
The black undercoat of my models have also disappeared over the past seven days.  Replaced by thin coating of metallic tin.  Tin bitz to be exact.  The first layer of many in order for the final output to be that of verdigris.  With all but my Chaos Spawn, who are of flesh rather than metal, and my Terminators (including my Chaos Lord) the bulk of my army waits for their second coat.  They wait because I am debating on how to proceed with the aforementioned Terminator squad.  I want them to stand out from the rest of The Ravenous.  I want them to be the centre of the flame, where it is the hottest.  They are ones who overthrew the previous pack leader.  They are the ones who sold all of their souls to devil himself; Khorne.  Like the heart of a flame I want them to be that of the colour white.  Not pure white but I white that has been painted over a previous colour.  For now I will let them smoulder amongst the coals till I decided what to do with them.
One model that I have made some serious decisions on and progress is that of my Nurgle Chaos Lord.  This model needs not to be stoked as it's paint scheme has been burned into its' skin for sometime now. What you can see in its flame are but a flicker of the final product.  I still have several layers to apply on  every aspect of the model.  The colour dance back and forth from one shade to another.  From one tone to the next.  I rub my hands together over it's warmth as I smile in glee at what I have created.  I just prayer that the flame inside my soul will continue to burn through the dark cold night.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

6 Sunday Best #39: Spiky Rat Pack

The Spiky Rat Pack are a Finland-based crew of two that focus their efforts on the arts, craftmanship, the miniature hobby and scene around it.  The creativity geniuses behind the Rat with the Spikes is comprised of izeColt and okkiW.  Their custom models and macabre styling have defined them in the online blogging community as a force to reckon with.  Over the last several months I have been exploring their life work via their blog.  Each day I set out on to explore the dark grim world that they have submersed themselves into.  Covered in unknown black ooze of their inspiration I glow green with envy at not only their artistic ability but their passion.  Over the course of the last seven days both izeColt and okkiW were seen in their Sunday Best.

Rat #1 - izeColt @ Spiky Rat Pack: Inquisitor Cassar
Drawing inspiration from his sons water colours long ago, izeColt has produced several pieces of art with them.  His latest creation is Inquisitor Cassar, the leader behind his INQ28 gang.  Charming good looks and a charismatic demeanour are but a few of the weapons that izeColt equipped Inquisitor Cassar with. Dripping with the blood of heretics and innocents alike he is a Man much like izeColt in that he driven but his will to succeed.

Rat #2 - okkiW @ Spiky Rat Pack: Flames of Destruction
Sculpting a path of destruction and death in his wake is okkiW's latest creation.  Borvs is a former criminal that is bent on burning a path of forgiveness in hopes of saving his soul.   Despite the model not even being painted yet I am already captivated by the raw emotion that okkiW has imbued into this model.  It's as if I can hear Borvs grunting and howling as he creates a new life for himself from the killing the enemies of the Emperor.

Both of these Agents of the Throne are leading a life filled with unimaginable riches.  Not shackled by the constraints of Games Works they are able to create a world in their imagination.  Surrounding themselves with the dark grim characters that hide in the nether regions of their minds.  Travelling on the road not taken they have embarked on journey of enlightenment.  As far as I am concerned they are  as they are the future of this hobby.  They indulge and submerse themselves how they see fit.  They play by their own rules.  For they are the Spiky Rat Pack.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

0 Haiku Thursday #28: Weapons of Mass Destruction

evil spewing forth
weapons of mass destruction
donuts waging war

4 WIP it Wednesday #25: The Usual Suspects

Lost amongst the days of this past week, I struggle with lining up my usual suspects.  Some how they were able to elude me.  Like any good movie though everything comes together in the eleventh hour.  One by one each of my models began to march past me.  Delighted at their enthusiasm I began apply a base coat to each of them.  Before I knew it I had processed over twenty models.  One of them refused to move and just stared at me quietly.  I had seen him before just like all the others but there was something different about this dirt bag that I could't just figure out. 
As I out of Tin Bitz paint I let out a sigh of disappointment.  Foiled again...or was I?  Yep he is still lurking amongst my paint pots.  What a creep.  Then it finally hit me.  Beside him being being a dedicated follower of Papa Nurgle he was upset at me.  More specifically he was furious at how I had painted his bloated, rotten, exposed skin.  I had forgotten to apply a dark grimy base layer from which I could build up from.  I had gone straight for the juggler but forgot to bring a weapon to cut it with.  What was I thinking?  I knew exactly what I was going through the cogs at the time; the easy route.  And by that I mean washes as they are an excellent medium when it comes to shading.  
I quickly set out to rectify the situation by mixing together a medium to dark shade of purple.  This would create a sickly look to the model while making an excellent colour for his exposed intestines.  As I applied the final layers of paint to the model skin I sat back in delight at what I had accomplished tonight.  A massive dent was made into The Ravenous' lineup.  I am definitely back on track and I hope to keep it that way.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 Something about Death or Dying

Something about death or dying leaves my stomach twisted in knots.  As I begin to dwell on what once was, my furry potbelly begins to grumble and growl.  The aches begin to fester till it feels like a food baby is living inside me.  Pushing against my internal organs it with its' fist it demands my full attention.  I try to ignore it but I know it's just a matter of time before it breaks my ribs that imprison it.  At first it's just dry heaves but that doesn't last for long.  Finally it forces it way out in puke fest of blood and guts.

Reget can turn even the hottest panda into a ball of mush if one allows it to consume him.  I felt this way when shortly after I parted ways with some of my past armies.   This week I experience some minor indigestion thanks to Sons of Taurus' post on What I Like About You (if you were my army).  As I read through the various reasons he tossed certain armies my stomach began to twist around the empty voids that I threw away.  I did this to my very first Warhammer 40k army, Witch Hunters, with even batting an eye.  What exactly was it about the nuns with guns that made me sick to my stomach?  It was not their rules nor their performance on the table but rather the model line itself.  Between the fact that the entire army is composed of that ever so expensive, but lead free, metal and the absorbent cost of compiling a large covenant of them.  Yet this was not the straw that broke the panda's back.  Rather it was lack of individuality amongst the ladies that did me in.  With only two to three distinct standard sisters and next to little room for converting I coughed them up like nasty hairball.

Wanting to get scratch the itch at the back of my throat I began shoving green skinned candies down my throat.  One after another, each varying in size.  Unable to stop I kept gorging on the green skinned gummies.  MMMMMM, gummies.  When I finally stopped I realized I had eaten over seven thousand points of them.  Needless to say I had consumed more than I could handle, let alone keep down.  Once again my stomach turned inside out till there was only a small handful of greenies left.

Picking through the chunks of barf I suffered a moment of weakness and decided to try some of it.  More specifically some ultramarine blue pieces.  I have no clue what I was thinking as I didn't even get a chance to swallow before my taste buds screamed YUCK!!!  My head at this point was pounding and my vision was blurring; I was about to pass out from all of the chaos.  Yet somehow I found my nirvana in the middle of it.  Covered in technical rainbow of blood and vomit I was finally able to satisfy my hunger.  There is just something about death or dying...