Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 WIP it Wednesday #24: Making Time

Despite working for the weekend last week, I was unable to get a firm grip on a single paint brushes.  My hobby time had essentially melted away like Frosty the Snowman on a warm spring day.  Life itself had antiquated the world of Warhammer 40k to that of a decaying corpse.  Disgust and disappointment lingered over my head has the days slipped bye.  The man cave was in jeopardy of losing its' battle against the Days of Our Lives. Desperation quickly set in and I knew that there was only one hope at salvaging the week.  A pack with the Devil had to be made. 
In order for my throne to be taken back, I had to make a significant sacrifice to the Father of Lies.  As such I was willing to let Uwe Boll, Champion of Hell, Destroyer of Movies, Director of Debauchery, defend my crown.  He quickly casted the skeleton of an emperor out of my throne and back into my closet. Reluctantly I slumped down into my seat of power "Bloodrayne" the Third Reich began to play. Hanging my head in shame I began painting feverishly in attempt to purge the sin I just committed.  As the layers of paint were applied to the models in front of me I wondered if they too would fall under the curse of Uwe Boll.  Would they languish in a world of torment?  Criticized by all those who looked down upon them?  Perhaps they would be condemned to a life of direct to DVD?  My Chaos Nurgle Lord appears to be firmly in his grasp at this time.  Never having been one for skin tones, I am forced to walk in his looming shadow.  As the witching hour drew near the wolves could be heard in the distance howling at the blood moon.  Barking and yelping at the ghastly figure that accompanied me I knew there was slim chance that I could survive the night.  Only time will tell though…


  1. The Nurgle conversion has turned out even better than I thought it would from your earlier WIP pictures, best of luck with keeping painting focus I know the losing side of that battle far too well.

  2. Cheers O'Shashar for the comment and the compliment. I had a blast painting my Nurgle Priest for my Renegade Imperial Guard. Painting him is going to be a challenge as I am testing several new recipes on it. Last night when I set aside some painting time I had an absolutely blast painting both it and the Chaos Warhounds.