Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3 WIP it Wednesday #23: Working for the Weekend

Everyone's watching, to see what you will do
Everyone's looking at you, oh
Everyone's wondering, will you come out tonight
Everyone's trying to get it right, get it right
Everybody's working for the weekend

This is exactly what I am doing right now.  Simple surviving the workweek in order to enjoy my weekend.  Between working last weekend and late several time this week I completely lost track of what day of the week it is.  With that said, my fingers are crossed that this gets posted on Wednesday.  To top things off, the the week has been duller than working on a quality control line for unglazed donuts.  They all look the god dam SAME!! From where I am STANDING they DO!!!  YOU GET BACK TO WORK!!!
Speaking of work I did manage to thrown down my base layers on my converted Nurgle Priest.  Right now the models looks far from impressive.  In the end though I see a streaky white armoured, fat piece of Nurgle, that is covered in boils and opens sores. His huge oversized axe that he is using to overcompensate for a personal issue will be tainted with the decay of rust.  A pretty disgusting vision of  the colour done if I say so.  I hope to get some series work in on his skin this weekend if all goes according to plan.
Part of my weekend plan is to get some ink work down on my own parchment.  Yep that is right I will be getting a tattoo, my first in fact, this Saturday.  The image above is what I plan on getting on my left calve.  It will end up cover fifty percent of my lower left leg.  My hope is to have a lower leg sleeve that is depicting a war between robots/humans and the zombie apocalypse.  The painting is by Ashley Wood whois an accomplished Australian artist that has worked on various graphic novels that range from 30 Days of Night, Zombies vs Robots vs Amazons, World War Robots and even Spawn.  I will delve more into the meaning of this tattoo and the process of having it tattooed in the upcoming weeks. Till then I have only Loverboy to get me through the last three days of the work as I am clearly working for the weekend.


  1. Haha, that Nurgle lord is really a must have for every Chaos player, isn't it? It also has to be one of the most converted models in recent times ;-) Love the tubing you added to him!
    Speaking of the skin, I found the model to be a joy to paint! And I am not a great painter by any stretch of the imagination. Still, it was fun making him look suitably disgusting:

    In other news, Ashley wood is awesome! "Spawn: Blood and Shadows" was really something else when it came out! And when Ashley Wood worked on the cutscenes for the newer Metal Gear Solid titles on the PSP, he really brought something new to the table! Still, even his work couldn't possibly convince me to get a tattoo ;-)

  2. @Skarvald the Troll-faced - I cannot wait to see what the Tattoo looks like. I'm a bit nervous due it being from an oil painting. The artist doing the tattoo is unreal when it comes to shading and I personally feel he can pull it off. Here's to hoping he can do it - HAHAHAHA!!!

    @KrautScientist - Fantastic model just wish he was a tad taller and beefer. The detail on the model is top notch and with it being plastic he is easy to convert. In terms of Ashley Wood and my tattoo there is more to it than just being a fan of his work. I will shed some light on that this upcoming Tuesday when I am done crying from the tattoo.