Wednesday, April 11, 2012

7 WIP it Wednesday #22: Wolves for the Nurgle Lord

Stalking the aether planes of the warp in their spare time, not that they have a lot of spare time with them being lap dogs to blood thirsty god...umm where was I...Oh thats right I was trying to set the mood for this post by sticking my poking stick into the warp.  Nothing like a good poking stick to poke at a decaying wolf carcass, or the Nurgle Lord that smashed it's skull or the skarfaced troll that was witness to the kill.  Of the three choices though I would have to go with the decaying wolf first, then the troll with the skarface and last but not least the big bloated Nurgle Lord...pssst I don't think he likes being poked.  Being the kind panda that I am by nature, I poked the rotting wolf the hardest, followed up by the Nurgle Lord, as the intestine hanging out of stomach would indicated a high pain tolerance, and last but not least I gentle poked the troll.  With the troll it was just a enough to keep him under his bridge as I passed over it.

I have no clue where these thoughts are going but I do know what I was working on, these past seven days.  First off would be a couple of blood thirsty dogs of war for The Ravenous.  After last week's test models being bathed in a coat of blue I was left feeling like a sad panda.  Something was just not right about them.  They seemed off...if I feel off though how do I know if they are off?  What the hell is going on in that furry skull of yours?  Stay on topic or no one well leave you a comment, let alone a nice one.  As I alluded to in last week's instalment of WIP it Wednesday, blue is my accent colour and it is used to attract the eyes attention.  With the hounds predominately blue I must be willing to draw ones visual focus to them.  That is what was off with the test models.  They simple did not warrant being the centre of the universe for the army as a whole.  They simply must blend in and do as they are told.  They are lap dogs of Khorne and should be the lesser of the daemon kin.  With that said I beat the two blue wolves with my poking stick till the gore of the red blood was all that could be seen.
When my poking stick was done painting the wolves it moved its' attention to that disgusting Nurgle Lord.  No matter how I held my poking stick though I just could not get past the harden look of this Champion of Rot.  I fear for my own life...Gently I shoved my stick into his guts.  Barely pushing the stick against his exposed organs,  I trembled in fear of what would happen if I pissed off this sleeping giant of puss.  And just like the cowardly pig, Napoleon, from Animal Farm I was more concern with myself then that of you the readers.  Hey can you really blame me though?  Look at that bloated Nurgle Lord...look at those tubes coming out of that canister on his back...One of them goes into his shoulder for some odd reason while the other two are inserted into his skull...that is not right at all.  Nothing that decrepit should be alive or messed with for that matter.

Thank goodness that the skarfaced troll like me poking him with a stick as I did not have the energy to poke a troll let alone fight one.  I simple spend all of it on painting some war hounds of chaos, converting one fantasy Nurgle Champion into the 41st millennium and messing around with some photography back drops.  It's going to be a long week as I have no clue where I am let alone having to top what I accomplished last week.  Sigh...I better get to work...

PS - Big thanks goes out to Cupboard of Nurgle for sending me the Nurgle Champion...And even bigger thanks to Dorn's Arrow for sending me a brand new model.


  1. Tremendous conversion. I sincerely believe that much more Fantasy stuff should be pressed into M41 service, and soon.

    Well done, sir.

  2. Remember "when you poke the warp the warp pokes back" Slaanesh probably

  3. :P Loving that backdrop and the sweet Nurgle bastard. HE MUST BE EXTERMINATED!

  4. Loving what you have done with the Nurgle lord and look forward to how it looks painted.

    Have to agree with Ol' Trollface that back drop is very nice is it a printed image?

  5. Thanks to everyone for leaving a comment as it lets me know if I am on the right blogging track.

    @O'Shashar - Glad you like what I came up with for my Nurgle Lord. In all reality I will probably end up using him as a Priest in my Nurgle Imperial Guard themed army. His oversized axe makes for a killer eviscerator. The back drop is infact a printed image. I will through a post up next wednesday covering it and where you can get your hands on it.

    @Skarvald the Troll-faced - since I worked on wolves and a nurgle lord I couldn't help myself when it came to making references to you and your blog. All in good fun and gald you enjoyed the post/pics.

    @Anonymous - with you hiding your identity I wonder if you are what Slaneesh is poking me back with?

    @Brian - I am a huge fan of converting fantasy models over to 40k as it forces one to be creative. I also found it interesting that you made a post on inverting your colour scheme when tht is exactly what I tried with my Dogs of War. Saddly though I picked the wrong unit to apply this to as they do not warrent the attention. I will be looking for another unit to apply it to though.

  6. Good work on the Lord conversion. Certainly goes to show that with a bit of creativeness models can be easily used in other game genres :)

  7. I hope to get an order in for a wack of fantasy models before the end of the month for a new project. Models that I will be converting over include Empire Chaos and some beastman models. Once again big thanks to Cupboard of Nurgle for throwing a killer contest.