Wednesday, April 4, 2012

0 WIP it Wednesday #21: Demon Dogs

Their eyes glow with an eternal hunger.  A hunger for life itself.  Not of flesh and blood but of the soul itself.  Tearing and ripping their way through flesh, blood and bones they search the carcass of their prey for the marrow of mortality.  Stalking the planes of the aether world they slip in and out of reality to satisfy their eternal hunger.  No matter how many decrepit bodies they feed upon their appetite for death is  never filled.
Three weeks ago I had to slip out of the reality of my home life for a business trip.  Needless to say this displeased my demon dogs of war as they have been thirsting for the radiant glow of fresh paint.  With several options available in terms of colour I set about this past week to whip together several test models for demon dogs.  Keeping in mind that these hounds would be filling the role of Lesser Daemons in a Chaos Space Marine faction and Fenrisian Wolves with my Traitor Space Wolves.  Either way they are part of The Ravenous and play an integral role in terms of theme across the two armies.  Their outward appearance pushes the bestial side of The Ravenous to the foreground.
What is unclear though is what colour they will manifest themselves into.  Indecisive on the pigmentation of their hides I have set about creating several test models to see which direction I want to take them.  This past week saw me bathing them in a palette of blue.  By using this colour, the armies highlighting colour, I create a stark contrast amongst the sea of models.  Do they deserve or warrant this kind of attention though?  Perhaps, but does the colour create confusion in the ranks?  Yes, in two ways it does.  The first being a technical display aesthetic that might go by unnoticed.  That being that I have used blue to represent power based weapons.  By using one colour to represent a specific game mechanic both my opponent and myself can easily identify what weapons pose a threat on the battlefield.  With both Lesser Daemons and Fenrisian Wolves lacking any power based attacks or even rending capabilities they take away from the original intention I had with the colour blue.  It also creates havoc in terms of what god of chaos they represent.  The Ravenous are Khorne right down to their bones and skull and in no way a puppet for the Lord of Change, Tzeentch.  
With two blue demon dogs of war behind me now and the work week complete I can focus my efforts on two new test models.  These ones will bath in the full glory of Khorne by washing them in a bath of blood.  Leaving next wednesday for a showdown between the two wolf packs.

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