Monday, April 16, 2012

8 Sunday Best #37: New Kids on the Blog

I say we're fresh, new and you know it's true.  Now let me introduce you to the rest of the crew. J, he's fresh, he's the master of mix. There ain't no rhyme that he can't fix.  Spinster's next, he's the king of the spin and if you wanna battle, you ain't gonna win. Then there's Popeye, but we call him Joey.  The kid's so fresh, you'll never be bored.  Next is Jon, whose word is true, but the party people know him as the runner GQ.  I'm Dexter P. the wizard of word, I'm the greatest MC that you've ever heard.  Now that you know we're a gang and you know we don't play. We're The New Kids On The Block and we're here to stay. AaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhROCK!!! This week's Sunday are not new kids on the block as they have been "hangin' tough" in the world of blogging for some time now.  They are however new to The Chaos Manifesto as none of them have been featured on Sunday Best before.  Without further ado I would like to present The New Kids on the Blog.

Has managed to stay out of my spotlight despite publishing his first post just over three years ago.  His post from this past week features one of his many models that he uses for the game "In the Emperor's Name" (a skirmish game set in the Warhammer 40k universe).  This model is a lesser daemon that has been created from a Confrontation Wolfen model and other bits from the relics of his collection.  Dubbing the fiend Taxanoma, he has not only created a "popsicle" of a model but he has also sparked a "funny feeling" inside of me for his blog.

Jordan Knight Paint Bard: Ghoul King
The lead singer for the boy band is no stranger to droves of undying ghouls hanging on his every word.  The Ghoul King that he painted up for his friend is a testament to his falsetto style of painting.  The distinct appearance of this model has "the right stuff" thanks to its putrid skin tones and those emerald green claws that appear to "never let you go".  Enthralled is the horror of this model I left wanting to have a "step by step" tutorial on how he painted this Ghoul King.

All grown up now and "looking like danger" Joey's recent work has shown a maturing of his artistic abilities.  Giving his Ork Mek Boss Buzzgob the "full service" treatment he masterfully painted him in the classic colour scheme of the Deathskulls.  "I remember when" I sold the bulk of my Orks cause it was around the same time that this "cover girl" of a forge world model was released.  The sheer brilliance of Joey's paint job on this Bigmek and two grots makes me wish that I had of listened to the Ork inside me when told me to "don't give up on me".  Fortunately a few of my Orks have been "hangin' tough" and are now screaming at me to give it a for a Fresh Coast style of paint to them.

Blatantly different then the rest of the boy band, Jonathan "twisted" a cord for my love of art with his recent blog post.  The pop surrealism of the acrylic inks have created wicked demon that spawns itself from the bowels of his imagination.  Being the "dirty dawg" that he is he was forced to use the back of a Khorne-flakes cereal box.  I will be "keepin' my fingers crossed" that he shares more of his artwork with us bastards, heroes and demons in the days to come.

Donnie Wahlberg Bladestorm!: A Preview of the Desk Next to Me...
Is not only one of the bands original members but played a pivotal role in formation of the band.  After they broke up in the nineties he followed in the footsteps of his brother Mark.  His recent post on his blog Bladestorm features the work of his hobby brother's Skaven warband for Mordheim.  The choice colours that have been applied to the this rotten rodent radiate the warmth of a warpstone with a famine touch.  "Hold on" though as this rat ogre is far from finished as this is just a WIP shot of it's progress.

"Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)" with the sheer brilliance of this week's Sunday Best?  Not I did I manage to put together a ridiculous theme but I was able to incorporate a whopping twenty allusions to songs titles by New Kids on the Block.  Acting as an icing on the cake, I was blessed with the work of five highly talented bloggers that I can draw inspiration from.  I hope each of you, the readers, are left saying "I can't believe it's over".


  1. Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    The right stuff!!!


  2. Zni and I thank you for the mention! :)

  3. The pink skin tone really suits the look of the model while lending a diabolical appearance. Thanks for sharing and cannot wait to see the model complete.

  4. thanx for the kind words,

    I like these top X things; so to quote a machine "I'll be Back" :)


  5. Great Blog picks Panda!! some really good stuff going up.

  6. A lot killer blogs out their that a producing some killer work and 100% deserve more attention. I just hope I am able to generate some more traffic for them.

  7. Love the review HP! Pulled some laughs out of me over the weekend. Cheers again, Bard

  8. @black bard - As I was collecting the links for possible Sunday Best I noticed I had several blogs that have never been featured on my blog. At this point for some odd reason New Kids on the Block jumped out of my head off the the tip of my tongue. It was the perfect theme and at that point I knew I needed to keep an eye out for other New Kids that could help round out the crew.