Sunday, April 8, 2012

7 Sunday Best #36: Retinues

Absolute power to judge and execute suspected heretics.  Willing to sacrifice countless servants of the Emperor to prevent a lone heretic from escaping their wraith.  An Inquisitor is an instrument of Emperor and excel in the art of death.  Each marches to their own tune and subject only to the scrutiny of their peers.  Surrounding themselves with loyal individuals to their cause they conduct their work from within the shadows of mankind.  It is here in the darkness that this week's Sunday Best can be found.  Shining my light of inquisitiveness on not that of the Inquisitor but rather the agents that they employ to extract their characterful and punishing justice.

Agent #1 - External Hunt: Inq28 Magos Explorator Hiram Zeiss
Krautscientist was recently been promoted to rank of Inquisitor this past February and been meticulously surround himself with a retinue of characters to say the least.  Of note is one Magos Hiram Zeiss for which he employs for his unquenchable thirst for knowledge.  Despite the shortage of available techpriest on Mars, Hiram Zeiss has remained in the service of the Inquisitor in hopes of finding a juice box filled with the sweet technology of the Dark Age.

Agent #2 - Spikey Rat Pack: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Inquisitor IzeColt may surround himself with a group of unsavoury rogues but each of them possess a skill set that is uncompromisingly efficient.  Simple known as The Rifleman, Inquisitor IzeColt hired this lunatic not for his violent and selfish nature.  Knowing full well that he is a ticking time bomb that can exploded at the slightest provocation he utilizes this flaw as weapon of intense destruction.  His words are few and far between but the mouth of his gun speaks volumes on his character.

Agent #3 - Generic 40k Blog: And so I have been Painting
While the focus of Inquisitor Bear may be on her little red riding hood the man behind the scenes extracting her justice is what caught my attention.  A former Kasrkin Sergeant that has been in countless wars and seen the lives of many under him perish he is no stranger to death.  Under his dark protective armour and cold callused skin is a man that relishes in fun of painting the enemies of the throne in the colour red.

Each of these agents of the throne serve their Inquisitor in bring the light of the Emperor to the dark corners of the galaxy.  From time to time though their actions are selfish in nature but always inspiring those around them.  I know this full well as I have been in the tutelage of such an Inquisitor.  His actions are considered radical in nature but the ends always justifies the means.  In the months to comes I hope to shed some light on my Inquisitor, his retinue and myself.  Till then I hope that you too can find motivation and inspiration in both the Inquisitors above and the agents that they employ.


  1. Hey HOTPanda,

    great post! Thanks a lot for featuring my Magos Explorator model! I feel quite honoured ;-)

    Keep up the good work!


  2. No problem KrautScientist. I really enjoyed the fluff you created around the Magos. The pleasure was all mine.

  3. Cheers for sharing Rifleman on your Sunday's Best list HOTpanda! KrautScientist, your INQ28 stuff is incredible.

    1. Thanks izeColt. Hearing that from someone whose own INQ28 models are nothing short of spectacular is quite a compliment! I may be blushing ;-)

    2. izeColt I am blown away by the artist paint job that you been able to achieve. The style you have imbued into each of your models captures John Blanche style. They are not simply models but rather pieces of art. I would buy one of models with one of your painting in a heart beat.

  4. Hello, and thanks for featuring my sergeant (and the Inquisitor with it... just as planned). Really enjoeyed the post and the figures. Keep up your work, and the best of luck.

  5. Bear thanks for sharing your models and the process that you went through to finish them. I throughly enjoyed reading your post and look forward to seeing the rest of your Inquisitional Retinue.