Monday, April 2, 2012

2 Sunday Best #35: Things that go Bump in the Night

From goulies and ghosties 
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night
Good Lord, deliver us!

They lurking in the recesses of your mind.  That shadowy figure in your peripheral vision.  That chill that raises your hackles on your neck.  That ominous feeling that you are being watch.  They all three and yet many more.  Ghouls, demons, harpies, vampires, gremlins, banshees and things that go bump in the night.  Whether big or small in stature each of them are cruel in their own right.  Each of them preying on our fears.  This week's Sunday Best are some of the cosmic horrors that haunt my psychic imagination.

LuckyNo.5's claws have dug deep into The Chaos Manifesto this past month.  Sinking into the darkness of my dreams his Mariners of Blight mutate my perception of the world around me.  Drowning in bile that oozes from them I descend into the Chaos that flows around them.  An undertow dragging my mind into murky depths the nightmare that is their lives.

Tormenting moans of hunger fuel his madness.  A life of pain and suffering is all he knows.  Born without eyes or arms and augmented with hate, he craves for a life of violence.  Lashing out with the terror of his bionics till I cower in fear.  Waging a war against my feeble little mind it injects its tentacles of death into my senses.  Blinding my mind with the darkness of his heart I prey for his masters mercy.

Herding a pack of primeval beasts into my dreams it steadies it's aim.  Shooting dark matter into my veins I twist and convulse with agony.  Heightening my anxiety till my heart freezes with fear.  Its' pack of fiends tramples across the tendrils of my psyche.  Agonizing pain shoots up and down my nervous system as packs of razor sharp teeth tears away the layers of my spirit.  Tainting my soul in the darkness of their elders.

Seeking refuge from the nightmares that these three bloggers have conjured I am forced into the Mountains of Madness.  Turning my own demons loose I am forced to fictionalize the hallucination behind my eyes.  I pray to the good Lord of Decadence that my self indulgences and pride will save me.  Calling out for the Cthulhu I fight back with the hedonism and lies.  Bumping back into the night I become lost forever in the cosmic horror and unable to die.


  1. Thanks again for the shoutout :)

  2. I am green with envy over your Lovecraft inspired force. The sheer amount of detail that you have infused into each model is surreal. I picked up three of Lovecraft Collections over the weekend and cannot wait to delve into the comic horror. Cheers