Saturday, April 14, 2012

0 Saturday Shout Out #17: CONTEST Dark Future Games

The future is only filled with grim darkness. While all hope is lost in the game of war.  Countless individuals die senselessly each and every day.  How is one expected to carry themselves with pride?  How are we expected to carry out our lives with dignity and respect?  The  Ecclesiarchy will not only tell you to dedicate your life to Imperium but that the Emperor expects you to give your life to him.  Is that really the answer you want to hear?  Or would you prefer your ears to take in the hedonistic whispers of a Dark Prince?  Pleasure, passion, decadence, lust, pride and self-indulgence are what his followers are commanded to do in his name.  In others he wants you to PARTY like their is no tomorrow.

The crew from Dark Future Games are no strangers to the carnal pleasures of Slaanesh and want to share them with al of us.  The temptation they put before us is for a chance to win an entire battle force of warriors that are beyond perfection in each of our eyes.  With Slaanesh being involved there must be an offering of pleasure or self-indulgence.  The former of the two being for all those attending Adepticon.  Simply "purchase a drink (we prefer alcohol, but regular drinks are welcome) for a member of the Dark Future Games Staff wearing a shirt with the image above, you will earn an entry...There is no limit to the amount of times a person can enter. (yes, you can buy us a case of beer too and receive an entry for each one!)"  Second way is for those not attending Adepticon to advocate their hedonistic contest of the drink to all those willing to listen through a post on your blog.  This is the poison that I have chosen to take as it allows my senses a chance to win the battle force of my choosing.  In the end I want to be the one winning this contest.  I want to be the one cutting my fingers and glueing them together as I assemble the prize I have won.

If any of this has tickled your fancy and you want to be called nancy then head on over to Dark Future Games.  While you are there be sure to bask in the glory of Slaanesh through the beauty of their blog.  Slick links, informative post, and stunning models are but a few of the carnal delights that they offer.

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