Friday, April 6, 2012

0 Friday vs The Man Cave

eternal armies of sycophants, draped in robes of excrement
interrupting robotic prophets selling their false sacrament
within pockets of evil, demons feed on the screams of silence
machines of fraudulent debauchery guilty of violence

Violently frying the days into the darkness of the night.  A lost world shift and torments the sands of time.  Sugary icing drips down the rings of hell as the robotic guardians force feed the corrupt politicians the choice they made long ago.  A decision that shackled our race to lesser of two evil.  Like a double edge sword used to hack the limbs off the sowers of discord our lives were divided into a conflict of disagreement.  Many chose to side with the sentient machines that once served us.  Now they rule over us in an attempt to interrupt the lies of the donuts.  Protecting us from the sirens of delicious delights we are forever in servitude to their fight.
The few, the proud, the marines that stood against them are now hunted down by the Inquisition of Might. Once in the grasp of the machine god Mars, they are cast down into the ditches of the underhive. Surrounded by mechanical minotaurs, cyclopses and monsters that go bump in the night they are subjugated to a punishment in the afterlife. Forced to march to the beat of their opposing drum they learn the errors of their ways. Their officers are cast down from the empire of the state to drown in the boiling pitch of a lake. Confessing to the dark secrets of the corrupted deal that sticks to their fingers they languish in the cosmic horror before their lies. With their final breath they spew forth The Call of Cthulhu.

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