Sunday, April 22, 2012

1 ARTrocities

Hidden amongst the stain that is mankind are those that wish to bring us down.  Down into the words that fill their Sunday sermons.  Each preaching their philosophical beliefs to all those that listen.  They immerse their followers into a world that is bound only by their imagination.  It is here that I seek refuge from own mind, from the daemons and skeletons that lurk in the closets of my imagination.  It is here that in ARTrocities that offer you, my fellow followers of Chaos, a chance walk the aether planes that each of these artist have created.

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  1. There was far and few between post this week that where seen in their Sunday Best. Don't get me wrong as there are some individuals that refuse to get out of their Sunday Best. For the most part though the blog-o-sphere has been flooded with Adepticon post. As such I decided to take the time to throw my most recent Blogger Page as a post. THe artist above are a source of inspiration for my fragile little mind.