Sunday, April 29, 2012

0 Sunday Best #38: Deep Thoughts

"Contrary to what most people say, the most dangerous animal in the world is not the lion or the tiger or even the elephant. It’s a grizzly bear with a machine gun riding on an sharks back, just shooting and eating everything they see.” Deep thoughts like this are what made Jack Handey an iconic comic writer during the late eighties and nineties.  Between the absurdist musings, concise humour and outlandish hypothetical situations one could find a man that wasn't afraid to use his inside voice outside for everyone to hear.  This week's Sunday Best are just that, men who are not intimidated when it comes to broadcasting their deep thoughts in a public venue.  

Phil over at Ruinous challenges his thoughts on what the dark grim future of tournaments have in store for us gamers.  As he solicits Adepticon for its' break down of armies and quickly becomes disgusted in the homogeneity that he finds.  The lack of variety that he discovers causes his thoughts the dive deep into an abyss of rage.  From here the questions pound away at his psyche.  Is 40k a beer and pretzels game?  Is 40k competitive?  Is this some bigger symptom of people who play too many grindy video games and enjoy their statistics courses? Lost amongst his thoughts he laments for the future of Warhammer 40k.

If you were my army what would I like about you?  The glimmer and shine of your silver skull?  Your sweet but hell tormenting words?  Or perhaps the barbaric and brutality of what lies under your skin?  SonsofTaurus found himself in this very rabbit hole of thoughts this past week.  Jumping amongst the armies in his collection he examines what traits turned romanticized him and what ones turned him off.  Each one slightly different then the next but each one having its' own pelt of merits and faults.  On one side of the coin he anguish over the fallen armies the he once commanded.  While on the flip side he praises the atrocities that others have committed under his authority.  In the end he finds the answer to his deep thought but throws his readers down into the very dark hole that he just emerged from.
Tanzing ponders one of life's greatest questions, no not the meaning of life or even what happens when you die but rather why does he like Warhammer Fantasy so much?  A perplexing question to say the least and deep thought to say most.  As he untangles the brainstorm that has enveloped his hobby for the past several years he uncovers some insight into the hyperbole of hate that is Games Workshop.  He himself once a skeptic looks at what drove him to loath the very company that once brought him joy.  While examining the changes that brought his opinion on the game full circle to loving it once again. 

Just like each of these men have shared their deep thoughts with the rest of us I wanted to take this opportunity and share one my deepest thoughts.  "If I could be any animal in the world, I would be a seagull.  They really get to see the world."  Before you start pondering what you would be, I would love to hear some of your deep thoughts and highly encourage you to share them with the rest of us.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 WIP it Wednesday #24: Making Time

Despite working for the weekend last week, I was unable to get a firm grip on a single paint brushes.  My hobby time had essentially melted away like Frosty the Snowman on a warm spring day.  Life itself had antiquated the world of Warhammer 40k to that of a decaying corpse.  Disgust and disappointment lingered over my head has the days slipped bye.  The man cave was in jeopardy of losing its' battle against the Days of Our Lives. Desperation quickly set in and I knew that there was only one hope at salvaging the week.  A pack with the Devil had to be made. 
In order for my throne to be taken back, I had to make a significant sacrifice to the Father of Lies.  As such I was willing to let Uwe Boll, Champion of Hell, Destroyer of Movies, Director of Debauchery, defend my crown.  He quickly casted the skeleton of an emperor out of my throne and back into my closet. Reluctantly I slumped down into my seat of power "Bloodrayne" the Third Reich began to play. Hanging my head in shame I began painting feverishly in attempt to purge the sin I just committed.  As the layers of paint were applied to the models in front of me I wondered if they too would fall under the curse of Uwe Boll.  Would they languish in a world of torment?  Criticized by all those who looked down upon them?  Perhaps they would be condemned to a life of direct to DVD?  My Chaos Nurgle Lord appears to be firmly in his grasp at this time.  Never having been one for skin tones, I am forced to walk in his looming shadow.  As the witching hour drew near the wolves could be heard in the distance howling at the blood moon.  Barking and yelping at the ghastly figure that accompanied me I knew there was slim chance that I could survive the night.  Only time will tell though…

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

0 Tats on Tuesday #1: The Concept

"And this tattooing had been the work of a departed prophet and seer of his island, who, by those hieroglyphic marks, had written out on his body a complete theory of the heavens and the earth, and a mystical treatise on the art of attaining truth; so that Queequeg in his own proper person was a riddle to unfold; a wondrous work in one volume; but whose mysteries not even himself could read, though his own live heart beat against them; and these mysteries were therefore destined in the end to moulder away with the living parchment whereon they were inscribed, and so be unsolved to the last." - Herman Melville, Moby-Dick
By Ashley Wood
I myself have been mouldering away, for several years now, about using my living parchment as canvas.  Not one for hieroglyphics, whales or ships, I chose a subject matter that speaks volumes about the road I have travelled.  That road would be captured by the image above.  An oil painting by Ashley Wood called "Bertie".  It merges my fascination for art and robots with my love/hate relationship with war.  The icing on the cake or rather the icing deep inside of it, is an underlying symbol for the relationship that I had with my my Grandfather.  An infanteer during the Second World War he set the stage for who I would become.  Upon receiving my diploma in Robotics and Automation I shifted gears and followed my Grandfather's boot prints into the dark depths of evil...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

1 ARTrocities

Hidden amongst the stain that is mankind are those that wish to bring us down.  Down into the words that fill their Sunday sermons.  Each preaching their philosophical beliefs to all those that listen.  They immerse their followers into a world that is bound only by their imagination.  It is here that I seek refuge from own mind, from the daemons and skeletons that lurk in the closets of my imagination.  It is here that in ARTrocities that offer you, my fellow followers of Chaos, a chance walk the aether planes that each of these artist have created.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

2 Haiku Thursday #25: Masquerade

masquerading amongst us
hunting the darkness

***Count Von HOTpanda***

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3 WIP it Wednesday #23: Working for the Weekend

Everyone's watching, to see what you will do
Everyone's looking at you, oh
Everyone's wondering, will you come out tonight
Everyone's trying to get it right, get it right
Everybody's working for the weekend

This is exactly what I am doing right now.  Simple surviving the workweek in order to enjoy my weekend.  Between working last weekend and late several time this week I completely lost track of what day of the week it is.  With that said, my fingers are crossed that this gets posted on Wednesday.  To top things off, the the week has been duller than working on a quality control line for unglazed donuts.  They all look the god dam SAME!! From where I am STANDING they DO!!!  YOU GET BACK TO WORK!!!
Speaking of work I did manage to thrown down my base layers on my converted Nurgle Priest.  Right now the models looks far from impressive.  In the end though I see a streaky white armoured, fat piece of Nurgle, that is covered in boils and opens sores. His huge oversized axe that he is using to overcompensate for a personal issue will be tainted with the decay of rust.  A pretty disgusting vision of  the colour done if I say so.  I hope to get some series work in on his skin this weekend if all goes according to plan.
Part of my weekend plan is to get some ink work down on my own parchment.  Yep that is right I will be getting a tattoo, my first in fact, this Saturday.  The image above is what I plan on getting on my left calve.  It will end up cover fifty percent of my lower left leg.  My hope is to have a lower leg sleeve that is depicting a war between robots/humans and the zombie apocalypse.  The painting is by Ashley Wood whois an accomplished Australian artist that has worked on various graphic novels that range from 30 Days of Night, Zombies vs Robots vs Amazons, World War Robots and even Spawn.  I will delve more into the meaning of this tattoo and the process of having it tattooed in the upcoming weeks. Till then I have only Loverboy to get me through the last three days of the work as I am clearly working for the weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2012

8 Sunday Best #37: New Kids on the Blog

I say we're fresh, new and you know it's true.  Now let me introduce you to the rest of the crew. J, he's fresh, he's the master of mix. There ain't no rhyme that he can't fix.  Spinster's next, he's the king of the spin and if you wanna battle, you ain't gonna win. Then there's Popeye, but we call him Joey.  The kid's so fresh, you'll never be bored.  Next is Jon, whose word is true, but the party people know him as the runner GQ.  I'm Dexter P. the wizard of word, I'm the greatest MC that you've ever heard.  Now that you know we're a gang and you know we don't play. We're The New Kids On The Block and we're here to stay. AaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhROCK!!! This week's Sunday are not new kids on the block as they have been "hangin' tough" in the world of blogging for some time now.  They are however new to The Chaos Manifesto as none of them have been featured on Sunday Best before.  Without further ado I would like to present The New Kids on the Blog.

Has managed to stay out of my spotlight despite publishing his first post just over three years ago.  His post from this past week features one of his many models that he uses for the game "In the Emperor's Name" (a skirmish game set in the Warhammer 40k universe).  This model is a lesser daemon that has been created from a Confrontation Wolfen model and other bits from the relics of his collection.  Dubbing the fiend Taxanoma, he has not only created a "popsicle" of a model but he has also sparked a "funny feeling" inside of me for his blog.

Jordan Knight Paint Bard: Ghoul King
The lead singer for the boy band is no stranger to droves of undying ghouls hanging on his every word.  The Ghoul King that he painted up for his friend is a testament to his falsetto style of painting.  The distinct appearance of this model has "the right stuff" thanks to its putrid skin tones and those emerald green claws that appear to "never let you go".  Enthralled is the horror of this model I left wanting to have a "step by step" tutorial on how he painted this Ghoul King.

All grown up now and "looking like danger" Joey's recent work has shown a maturing of his artistic abilities.  Giving his Ork Mek Boss Buzzgob the "full service" treatment he masterfully painted him in the classic colour scheme of the Deathskulls.  "I remember when" I sold the bulk of my Orks cause it was around the same time that this "cover girl" of a forge world model was released.  The sheer brilliance of Joey's paint job on this Bigmek and two grots makes me wish that I had of listened to the Ork inside me when told me to "don't give up on me".  Fortunately a few of my Orks have been "hangin' tough" and are now screaming at me to give it a for a Fresh Coast style of paint to them.

Blatantly different then the rest of the boy band, Jonathan "twisted" a cord for my love of art with his recent blog post.  The pop surrealism of the acrylic inks have created wicked demon that spawns itself from the bowels of his imagination.  Being the "dirty dawg" that he is he was forced to use the back of a Khorne-flakes cereal box.  I will be "keepin' my fingers crossed" that he shares more of his artwork with us bastards, heroes and demons in the days to come.

Donnie Wahlberg Bladestorm!: A Preview of the Desk Next to Me...
Is not only one of the bands original members but played a pivotal role in formation of the band.  After they broke up in the nineties he followed in the footsteps of his brother Mark.  His recent post on his blog Bladestorm features the work of his hobby brother's Skaven warband for Mordheim.  The choice colours that have been applied to the this rotten rodent radiate the warmth of a warpstone with a famine touch.  "Hold on" though as this rat ogre is far from finished as this is just a WIP shot of it's progress.

"Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)" with the sheer brilliance of this week's Sunday Best?  Not I did I manage to put together a ridiculous theme but I was able to incorporate a whopping twenty allusions to songs titles by New Kids on the Block.  Acting as an icing on the cake, I was blessed with the work of five highly talented bloggers that I can draw inspiration from.  I hope each of you, the readers, are left saying "I can't believe it's over".

Saturday, April 14, 2012

0 Saturday Shout Out #17: CONTEST Dark Future Games

The future is only filled with grim darkness. While all hope is lost in the game of war.  Countless individuals die senselessly each and every day.  How is one expected to carry themselves with pride?  How are we expected to carry out our lives with dignity and respect?  The  Ecclesiarchy will not only tell you to dedicate your life to Imperium but that the Emperor expects you to give your life to him.  Is that really the answer you want to hear?  Or would you prefer your ears to take in the hedonistic whispers of a Dark Prince?  Pleasure, passion, decadence, lust, pride and self-indulgence are what his followers are commanded to do in his name.  In others he wants you to PARTY like their is no tomorrow.

The crew from Dark Future Games are no strangers to the carnal pleasures of Slaanesh and want to share them with al of us.  The temptation they put before us is for a chance to win an entire battle force of warriors that are beyond perfection in each of our eyes.  With Slaanesh being involved there must be an offering of pleasure or self-indulgence.  The former of the two being for all those attending Adepticon.  Simply "purchase a drink (we prefer alcohol, but regular drinks are welcome) for a member of the Dark Future Games Staff wearing a shirt with the image above, you will earn an entry...There is no limit to the amount of times a person can enter. (yes, you can buy us a case of beer too and receive an entry for each one!)"  Second way is for those not attending Adepticon to advocate their hedonistic contest of the drink to all those willing to listen through a post on your blog.  This is the poison that I have chosen to take as it allows my senses a chance to win the battle force of my choosing.  In the end I want to be the one winning this contest.  I want to be the one cutting my fingers and glueing them together as I assemble the prize I have won.

If any of this has tickled your fancy and you want to be called nancy then head on over to Dark Future Games.  While you are there be sure to bask in the glory of Slaanesh through the beauty of their blog.  Slick links, informative post, and stunning models are but a few of the carnal delights that they offer.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

7 WIP it Wednesday #22: Wolves for the Nurgle Lord

Stalking the aether planes of the warp in their spare time, not that they have a lot of spare time with them being lap dogs to blood thirsty god...umm where was I...Oh thats right I was trying to set the mood for this post by sticking my poking stick into the warp.  Nothing like a good poking stick to poke at a decaying wolf carcass, or the Nurgle Lord that smashed it's skull or the skarfaced troll that was witness to the kill.  Of the three choices though I would have to go with the decaying wolf first, then the troll with the skarface and last but not least the big bloated Nurgle Lord...pssst I don't think he likes being poked.  Being the kind panda that I am by nature, I poked the rotting wolf the hardest, followed up by the Nurgle Lord, as the intestine hanging out of stomach would indicated a high pain tolerance, and last but not least I gentle poked the troll.  With the troll it was just a enough to keep him under his bridge as I passed over it.

I have no clue where these thoughts are going but I do know what I was working on, these past seven days.  First off would be a couple of blood thirsty dogs of war for The Ravenous.  After last week's test models being bathed in a coat of blue I was left feeling like a sad panda.  Something was just not right about them.  They seemed off...if I feel off though how do I know if they are off?  What the hell is going on in that furry skull of yours?  Stay on topic or no one well leave you a comment, let alone a nice one.  As I alluded to in last week's instalment of WIP it Wednesday, blue is my accent colour and it is used to attract the eyes attention.  With the hounds predominately blue I must be willing to draw ones visual focus to them.  That is what was off with the test models.  They simple did not warrant being the centre of the universe for the army as a whole.  They simply must blend in and do as they are told.  They are lap dogs of Khorne and should be the lesser of the daemon kin.  With that said I beat the two blue wolves with my poking stick till the gore of the red blood was all that could be seen.
When my poking stick was done painting the wolves it moved its' attention to that disgusting Nurgle Lord.  No matter how I held my poking stick though I just could not get past the harden look of this Champion of Rot.  I fear for my own life...Gently I shoved my stick into his guts.  Barely pushing the stick against his exposed organs,  I trembled in fear of what would happen if I pissed off this sleeping giant of puss.  And just like the cowardly pig, Napoleon, from Animal Farm I was more concern with myself then that of you the readers.  Hey can you really blame me though?  Look at that bloated Nurgle Lord...look at those tubes coming out of that canister on his back...One of them goes into his shoulder for some odd reason while the other two are inserted into his skull...that is not right at all.  Nothing that decrepit should be alive or messed with for that matter.

Thank goodness that the skarfaced troll like me poking him with a stick as I did not have the energy to poke a troll let alone fight one.  I simple spend all of it on painting some war hounds of chaos, converting one fantasy Nurgle Champion into the 41st millennium and messing around with some photography back drops.  It's going to be a long week as I have no clue where I am let alone having to top what I accomplished last week.  Sigh...I better get to work...

PS - Big thanks goes out to Cupboard of Nurgle for sending me the Nurgle Champion...And even bigger thanks to Dorn's Arrow for sending me a brand new model.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

7 Sunday Best #36: Retinues

Absolute power to judge and execute suspected heretics.  Willing to sacrifice countless servants of the Emperor to prevent a lone heretic from escaping their wraith.  An Inquisitor is an instrument of Emperor and excel in the art of death.  Each marches to their own tune and subject only to the scrutiny of their peers.  Surrounding themselves with loyal individuals to their cause they conduct their work from within the shadows of mankind.  It is here in the darkness that this week's Sunday Best can be found.  Shining my light of inquisitiveness on not that of the Inquisitor but rather the agents that they employ to extract their characterful and punishing justice.

Agent #1 - External Hunt: Inq28 Magos Explorator Hiram Zeiss
Krautscientist was recently been promoted to rank of Inquisitor this past February and been meticulously surround himself with a retinue of characters to say the least.  Of note is one Magos Hiram Zeiss for which he employs for his unquenchable thirst for knowledge.  Despite the shortage of available techpriest on Mars, Hiram Zeiss has remained in the service of the Inquisitor in hopes of finding a juice box filled with the sweet technology of the Dark Age.

Agent #2 - Spikey Rat Pack: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Inquisitor IzeColt may surround himself with a group of unsavoury rogues but each of them possess a skill set that is uncompromisingly efficient.  Simple known as The Rifleman, Inquisitor IzeColt hired this lunatic not for his violent and selfish nature.  Knowing full well that he is a ticking time bomb that can exploded at the slightest provocation he utilizes this flaw as weapon of intense destruction.  His words are few and far between but the mouth of his gun speaks volumes on his character.

Agent #3 - Generic 40k Blog: And so I have been Painting
While the focus of Inquisitor Bear may be on her little red riding hood the man behind the scenes extracting her justice is what caught my attention.  A former Kasrkin Sergeant that has been in countless wars and seen the lives of many under him perish he is no stranger to death.  Under his dark protective armour and cold callused skin is a man that relishes in fun of painting the enemies of the throne in the colour red.

Each of these agents of the throne serve their Inquisitor in bring the light of the Emperor to the dark corners of the galaxy.  From time to time though their actions are selfish in nature but always inspiring those around them.  I know this full well as I have been in the tutelage of such an Inquisitor.  His actions are considered radical in nature but the ends always justifies the means.  In the months to comes I hope to shed some light on my Inquisitor, his retinue and myself.  Till then I hope that you too can find motivation and inspiration in both the Inquisitors above and the agents that they employ.

Friday, April 6, 2012

0 Friday vs The Man Cave

eternal armies of sycophants, draped in robes of excrement
interrupting robotic prophets selling their false sacrament
within pockets of evil, demons feed on the screams of silence
machines of fraudulent debauchery guilty of violence

Violently frying the days into the darkness of the night.  A lost world shift and torments the sands of time.  Sugary icing drips down the rings of hell as the robotic guardians force feed the corrupt politicians the choice they made long ago.  A decision that shackled our race to lesser of two evil.  Like a double edge sword used to hack the limbs off the sowers of discord our lives were divided into a conflict of disagreement.  Many chose to side with the sentient machines that once served us.  Now they rule over us in an attempt to interrupt the lies of the donuts.  Protecting us from the sirens of delicious delights we are forever in servitude to their fight.
The few, the proud, the marines that stood against them are now hunted down by the Inquisition of Might. Once in the grasp of the machine god Mars, they are cast down into the ditches of the underhive. Surrounded by mechanical minotaurs, cyclopses and monsters that go bump in the night they are subjugated to a punishment in the afterlife. Forced to march to the beat of their opposing drum they learn the errors of their ways. Their officers are cast down from the empire of the state to drown in the boiling pitch of a lake. Confessing to the dark secrets of the corrupted deal that sticks to their fingers they languish in the cosmic horror before their lies. With their final breath they spew forth The Call of Cthulhu.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

0 WIP it Wednesday #21: Demon Dogs

Their eyes glow with an eternal hunger.  A hunger for life itself.  Not of flesh and blood but of the soul itself.  Tearing and ripping their way through flesh, blood and bones they search the carcass of their prey for the marrow of mortality.  Stalking the planes of the aether world they slip in and out of reality to satisfy their eternal hunger.  No matter how many decrepit bodies they feed upon their appetite for death is  never filled.
Three weeks ago I had to slip out of the reality of my home life for a business trip.  Needless to say this displeased my demon dogs of war as they have been thirsting for the radiant glow of fresh paint.  With several options available in terms of colour I set about this past week to whip together several test models for demon dogs.  Keeping in mind that these hounds would be filling the role of Lesser Daemons in a Chaos Space Marine faction and Fenrisian Wolves with my Traitor Space Wolves.  Either way they are part of The Ravenous and play an integral role in terms of theme across the two armies.  Their outward appearance pushes the bestial side of The Ravenous to the foreground.
What is unclear though is what colour they will manifest themselves into.  Indecisive on the pigmentation of their hides I have set about creating several test models to see which direction I want to take them.  This past week saw me bathing them in a palette of blue.  By using this colour, the armies highlighting colour, I create a stark contrast amongst the sea of models.  Do they deserve or warrant this kind of attention though?  Perhaps, but does the colour create confusion in the ranks?  Yes, in two ways it does.  The first being a technical display aesthetic that might go by unnoticed.  That being that I have used blue to represent power based weapons.  By using one colour to represent a specific game mechanic both my opponent and myself can easily identify what weapons pose a threat on the battlefield.  With both Lesser Daemons and Fenrisian Wolves lacking any power based attacks or even rending capabilities they take away from the original intention I had with the colour blue.  It also creates havoc in terms of what god of chaos they represent.  The Ravenous are Khorne right down to their bones and skull and in no way a puppet for the Lord of Change, Tzeentch.  
With two blue demon dogs of war behind me now and the work week complete I can focus my efforts on two new test models.  These ones will bath in the full glory of Khorne by washing them in a bath of blood.  Leaving next wednesday for a showdown between the two wolf packs.

Monday, April 2, 2012

2 Sunday Best #35: Things that go Bump in the Night

From goulies and ghosties 
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night
Good Lord, deliver us!

They lurking in the recesses of your mind.  That shadowy figure in your peripheral vision.  That chill that raises your hackles on your neck.  That ominous feeling that you are being watch.  They all three and yet many more.  Ghouls, demons, harpies, vampires, gremlins, banshees and things that go bump in the night.  Whether big or small in stature each of them are cruel in their own right.  Each of them preying on our fears.  This week's Sunday Best are some of the cosmic horrors that haunt my psychic imagination.

LuckyNo.5's claws have dug deep into The Chaos Manifesto this past month.  Sinking into the darkness of my dreams his Mariners of Blight mutate my perception of the world around me.  Drowning in bile that oozes from them I descend into the Chaos that flows around them.  An undertow dragging my mind into murky depths the nightmare that is their lives.

Tormenting moans of hunger fuel his madness.  A life of pain and suffering is all he knows.  Born without eyes or arms and augmented with hate, he craves for a life of violence.  Lashing out with the terror of his bionics till I cower in fear.  Waging a war against my feeble little mind it injects its tentacles of death into my senses.  Blinding my mind with the darkness of his heart I prey for his masters mercy.

Herding a pack of primeval beasts into my dreams it steadies it's aim.  Shooting dark matter into my veins I twist and convulse with agony.  Heightening my anxiety till my heart freezes with fear.  Its' pack of fiends tramples across the tendrils of my psyche.  Agonizing pain shoots up and down my nervous system as packs of razor sharp teeth tears away the layers of my spirit.  Tainting my soul in the darkness of their elders.

Seeking refuge from the nightmares that these three bloggers have conjured I am forced into the Mountains of Madness.  Turning my own demons loose I am forced to fictionalize the hallucination behind my eyes.  I pray to the good Lord of Decadence that my self indulgences and pride will save me.  Calling out for the Cthulhu I fight back with the hedonism and lies.  Bumping back into the night I become lost forever in the cosmic horror and unable to die.