Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 WIP it Wednesday #20: A New Beginning

Amped up and fueled by the ectoplasm running through their veins, they begin to foam at the mouth with madness.  Each one from emerging from the nether world of the warp.  Their flesh stripped off their bones, wet blood oozing from the foul stench of their hides.  They thirst for the flesh and blood of mankind.  Feasting on the vulnerable souls of the Imperium, damming them to life of servitude in the presence of The Blood God.  They are his dogs of war.

For the first time in over a month I picked up my paint brushes.  Bathing them in the life essence of citadel paints.  Eighteen of them in total.  Eighteen of them materializing before my eyes.  They are they first step in a journey that is long over due.  The Ravenous have been starved long enough.  Now is their time to feed.  Leading them into world of colour I included their Daemon Prince, The Wendigo.  A manifestation of Khorne himself I am compelled through fear to not let them anguish in the darkness of The Man Cave no longer.
This is but one of the many new beginnings I have made lately.  The first of them was the overhauling of The Chaos Manifesto itself.  For those that have been reading my Litanies of Hate will have notice that the changes have been dramatic to say the least.  A new template of white and black simplicity sets the mood for the blog now.  At the same time I stripped away my labels down to the bare essentials to make navigating for topics that much easier.  While I was at it I through up some pages to make your lives even easier.  If that wasn't enough I crowned the blog with a shiny new banner.  Not any banner though but rather a Goatboy original.  Needless to say I have sparked a fire under my hobby and have been busy at work making up for lost time.
While I was at it I establish a new budget with my lovely Siren of a Wife.  Before you start ridiculing me hear me out as I have made away like a vampire at a blood bank with this one.  Four hundred and fifty bones a month is what I will be personally pocketing each and every month.  That is a hefty amount of skulls for ones plastic addiction.  I plan on indulge my vice in a hedonistic feast of plastic over the next couple of months.  The only catch though is I have to paint all of The Ravenous first.  I figure that by the end of May I will be priming a new army for the Gods of Chaos.  Tzeentch and Slaanesh demand that their existence be acknowledge.  With only enough money to pay tribute to one of them I plan on making the most the of it.  Enough babbling on my part though as I am sure the lot of you reading these words are chocking them.   The months to come here on The Chaos Manifesto will be filled with ritualistic sacrifices in an attempt to bath in the after glow of the warp.


  1. I have to make up three test models for them as I am undecided on their skin colour. With this models being both Lesser Daemons and fenrisian wolves I want them to be able to fit in with my Traitor Space Wolves army that is already painted. With their colours being red and verdigris with hints of blue I'm thinking of the following skin tones for the puppies:

    1/ Red for your traditional Khorne colouring;
    2/ Green for a more demonic look that would blend in with the verdigris; and
    3/ Blue as I use this for an accent colour

    Option 1 is obviously the more traditional route, where two and three are bold departure that might attract the fluff naysayers. My fear with the green is a Christmas tree look to the army. With blue being associated with Tzeentch I am stepping away from the Blood God. Tough choices but I figure some test models will go a long way.