Thursday, March 15, 2012

1 Thursday vs The Man Cave

Drowning amongst the sins of their wraith
Undead fight each other on the path
Hatred and injustice is their goal
Feeding on the malice of the soul

Never able to get the hang of Thor's Day, they lie in foul putrid waters of Styx.  Choking down the traitors, murderers, and heretics as they drink The Long Dark Tea-time for the Soul.  Unable to comprehend "spending the evening with someone who has a whole day name after them." They moan at the discomfort generated from his dominating presence.  Many of them clawing and scratching their own eyes out.  Blood pouring down their faces and staining the black ooze of a river with their blood lines.  While others tried to take their own lives by slitting their wrist with their razor sharp claws.  Oblivious to their surrounding and the fact they have been imprisoned here since they left the realm of mortality behind.  Their desperate attempts to end their suffering only escalates the intensity of their aguish and agony.
Unable to comprehend their situation they are lost in water's Styx, tormented by the demons that lurk within themselves.  Desperate to end their misery a few of these tormented souls begin to burrow their grime encrusted nails into their skin.  Stripping away the flesh each of their fingers act as a rusty fishing hook.  Snagging internal organs, veins, ligaments, teeth and even fragments of bones from their mutilated husks they begin fashioning talisman of protection.  Binding their organs with their veins and ligaments, while using their teeth and bones to decorate idols.  A few tear away chunks of hair from their scalps while others opt for patches of their skin for icing on the donut.  It matters little though for their fate was decide on they day they lost their towel.  The day when they no longer were a person to be reckon with.  On Thor's Day, a Thursday...

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  1. Haiku Thursday will be posted tomorrow and then will resume its normal regular scheduled program. It has just bowed down to Thor on his day of the week.