Monday, March 19, 2012

5 Sunday Best #33: The League of Extraordinary Gentleman

An Extraodinary Gentleman once said, "The planet of the imagination is as old as we are. It has been humanity's constant companion with all of its fictional locations, like Mount Olympus and the gods, and since we first came down from the trees, basically. It seems very important, otherwise, we wouldn't have it."  It was his imagination, Alan Moore, along with his faithful companion Kevin O'Neil, who were able to ensnare pre-existing characters from victorian literature or ancestor of the same for an extraordinary league of heros.  Combine this with their fascination with the Victorian time era and sprinkling of steampunk technology and they have created a world of untold imagination.  Wilhelmina's First League is where my fascination with their imagination began.  It is the four Extraordinary Gentleman that Mina Harker, of Bram's Stokes Dracula, heads.  It is these four Bloggers that I, the great, great, great second cousin, twice removed of Mina Harker, who brings you The League Extraordinary Bloggers:

Gentleman #1 - Eye of Error: Mariners Blight
Captain Nemo, aka Lucky No.5, has journeyed through the impossible, been to the Mysterious Island and was the first man to travel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea".  Currently residing in the Eye of Error he has been studying the The Shadow over Innsmouth in an attempt to capture the elusive Cthulhu.  Knowing full well that this an extraordinary beast he has amass a crew of Blight Mariners to accompany him.  Each one of these Blight Mariners are fuelled by the gene seeds of Chaos and are a dangerous group to be associated with.  Twisted and contorted in their ways Captain Nemo well have his hands full on this dangerous love craft of an affair with both the Cthulhu and his Blight Mariners.

Gentleman #2 - A Gentleman's Ones: Cards and Tokens
Hawley Griffin, aka The Invisible Man, or more commonly known as Brain, has been tireless working behind his cloak of Invisibility.  His current project sees him and a small team of special operatives have working around the clock to located, capture and then distribute The Cards and Tokens of Guy James.  Long believed to be a myth Brian, Hawley Griffin, discovered that they were located in the Galaxy of Flames in the Demilitarized Killzone.   Home to murders, traitors and xenos scum their journey is Extraordinary to say the least.

Gentleman #3 - Goatboy's 40k: Monday Late
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde has recently diverged into a third personality known simply as Goatboy.  After years of fighting the evil demon known as Mr Hyde he has a found a way to exploit his evil urges with his latest potion of evil.  The consumption of this vile liquid not only transforms his physical form into that of a goat, horns and all, but allows him to create an endless army of golems. Each one he pours his dark black soul into, mutating their genes into competitive war hammers.  Smashing the retinas and egos of all that stand before.  A Champion amongst Champions.

Gentleman #4- From the Warp: Sculpting Moustaches, Mowhawks and Beards
Allan Quatermain's reputation as big game hunter and explorer is only rivalled by that of his own beard.  Never seen without it, it literally tells the tale of his adventures.  No epci beard would be complete with out a persona of it's own and rightful so it goes by the name RON.  Neither Allan Quatermain or his beard RON are one for sharing the secrets of their trade and openly shares how to grow an epic moustaches, mowhawk or bread of your own.  While you try and to grown your own greasy stash know full well that these two individuals are off exploring the nether world of the Warp.

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman are elite group of noble men who constantly push and stretch boundaries that contain us all.  They are not mere mortals but epic individuals set on conquering all that stands before.  Their pursuits may be personal at times but their overall goal is improving the lives of all those around them.  Each these Extraordinary Gentleman have inspired this HotPANDA on more than one occasion and I strive to one day stand next to these legends.  Even if it only lasted for a fraction of a second I could then die in peace knowing that I was once a gentleman and extraordinary.


  1. Thanks for the plug, the reference made me laugh to no end.

    Ron, FTW

  2. HotPanda, I love your descriptions!

    Thanks for the shoutout :)

  3. You four gentleman are source of inspiration and when I say that I don't me once in a while I mean every time you post something up. I'm blown away by your hobby efforts and what you have done for the hobby itself. I have stolen countless techniques, recipes and or list from all of you over the years. I found it only fitting to dedicated a Sunday Best to the four of you and knew without a doubt that theme would be Extraordinary. Cheers for checking out the post and for leaving a comment.

  4. The Hotest Panda. Thank you kindly. LuckyNo.5 has the heart of it. Your writing is superlative. Cracking stuff, wot, wot?

  5. @Brian - You your are superlative to say the least and your generosity surpasses all those around you. A Gentleman and a Scholar.