Sunday, March 11, 2012

5 Sunday Best #32: Andy Warhol

The influence and breadth that Andy Warhol achieved made him one of the most important artist our time.    He challenge not only himself but the boundaries that separated art from business, art from life and various medias that it could be made from.  The sheer beauty of his genius lied in his ability to turn everyday life into art while showing us how to live each day as art itself.  Not imposing limitations on himself he created a life style that revolved around the philosophy that everything and anything can be done.  This approach to life and his art sets him apart as man who was willing to try new techniques and test the boundaries of colour itself.  This week's Sunday Best each encapsulate those traits through their willingness to try new methods while pushing their paint palette towards a pop realism pigmentation.

Silk Screen #1 - Hive Zero: Emperors Children Sonic Dread WIP
Hive Zero struggles with passion for the hobby itself has lead him down a long vigorous path.  Along the way he has learned and experienced many things.  Much like Mr Warhol and his various applications of work, Hive Zero has learned that simplicity can be the path to success.  Not falling prey to the indulgences of Slaanesh he has chosen a path of simplicity instead.  Washing the plastic medium in bath of saturated colours his Dreadnought resonates the feel and look of an Andy Warhol silk screen.

Silk Screen #2 - Digital Wastrel: Necron Immortal Test Scheme
Rob from Digital Wastrel is not afraid to profligate the waters of immortality.  His choice in pigments have been immersed his plastic medium in bath of warholic colours.  Having tried a plethora of colours on his test model he without a doubt tasted the beauty of each till found his Marilyn Monroe.  Having shot all but one colour through the head he left with a Dorothy Podber effect leaving him the one colour he has left.

Silk Screen #3 - The Marienburg Gazette: Warhammer Giant
Davey over at The Marienburg Gazette has been flirting with the whimsical world of inks with latest master piece.  His casual approach the process that he has applied to this giant commercial model has created a canvas like image.  Andy Warhol may not have been the source of his artistic inspiration but his innovation in his painting is what places him in this week's Sunday Best.

Each of these artist have used popular media to deliver their works of art while capturing the heart of Andy Warhol in their work.  Each their faces silk screened with a different colour but each them unique none the less.  The process of trying new mediums and colours is not an easy one but too often we succumb to the perils of a starving artist.  Unable to feed our inspiration with the works we produce we sometimes forget the simplicity that can be found in the saturation of everyday life.


  1. Cheers for the link - much appreciated.

  2. Nice to see to see your Necrons getting some bloglove Rob

    1. The purple was just an excellent way to make his models pop. The saturation and the placement of it was perfect.

  3. @Davey - I was blown away by the skin ton on your giant. After I was done gawking at him I had a read through your Artist Inspiration series. The two artist that struck a cord with me were Francis Bacon and John Blanche. One artist that I think you world really leach some inspiration from would be that of Ashley Wood.