Sunday, March 4, 2012

7 Sunday Best #31: Old Skool meets New School

Close yours eyes for a moment an envision a time when snot nosed nobles rode high on their horse's back, while their vertically challenged general picked the lint out of his belly button.  Needless to say most students could care less about the Napoleonic Wars let alone the French.  If given the opportunity to inject this old decrepit war with some new life then maybe more of our people would show an interest in the past.  What would spark a revolution in this drab boring subject though.  One word...JEDIS!!!  Who wouldn't want to see the Seventh Coalition severing the heads of French Sith with their lightsabers.  Imagine it right now, Dark Vader playing the part of Napoleon while Obi-wan stood in for the Duke of Wellington.  Without a doubt I would have received straight A's in History if this was case.  Today's Sunday Best captures my imagination by placing the old next with the new.

Jedi #1 - Da Long Wayz Dezert Group: IG Mutant Auxiliaries
Flicking his lightsaber switch first is DA MASTA CHEEF as he leads a large mob of conscripts head first into the Sith.  These conscripts are not your garden mill variety Russians but rather mutant auxiliaries.  Each one sporting a Doctor Monroe like appearance in that they are half goat half human in appearance.  To further push the melding of the old and the new DA MASTA CHEEF achieved these models by combining the old of Warhammer with the new of Warhammer 40k with these kit bashed Galactic Republic minions.

Jedi #2 - Warpstone Flux: Power Claw Daemon Prince
Off to the right flank of the Republic Heros is the sinister JabberJabber with his cybergenic Daemon Prince.  Wielding not only a lightsaber but an oversized powerclaw this Russian Czar of Light is clearly trying to over compensate for his small and inadequate reproduction organs.  Regardless of his diminutive manhood this Sith is a force to be reckon with.  A steroid injected Sith cyborg is exactly what the Republic Coalition is looking for in its' Jedi.

Jedi #3 - Rust and the City: 3 More Plague Marines
Cameron may be the last of the three Jedi to swing his lightsaber but with the amount of rust that he and his men are covered in it clear where his abilities lie.  Speed being his achilles heel is easily overcome in their ability to shrug off the deadliest of blows.  Their old and decayed armour acting as double edged lightsaber you could say.  The green glow of his lightsaber ability to cut and mold green stuff is an a testament to the years of training that this Jedi has under gone.

Sith #1 - 122nd Cadian: Old Stuff Day
Digging deep into the past the Dark Jedi have unearthed a blood thirsty army of angels.  The AntiPope's red lightsaber leads their March 2nd uprising with his highly agile force of vampire-esk Space Marines.  They may have made their mark long ago on the battle field of blogging but they he is about to create his masterpiece.  His medium will be the blood of the Seventh Coalition and his reward will be the return of the old ways.

Sith #2 - A Gentleman's Ones: Old Stuff Day
Ungodly creatures of the night these Marines of Chaos are the farthest thing from a gentleman.  Ruthless in nature their Dark Jedi mind tricks are from a time when their lead armour poisoned the hands of the old and young a like.  Striking out with their evil and twisted brethren on March 2nd, now known as Old Stuff Day, they fight for the ideals of their Sith Overload known as the Gentleman.  A legend amongst the Old Republic his ability with a lightsaber is akin to master artist with a brush.  Their little doubt in the Napoleonic Army that if Bonaparte were to fall in battle that he would snot only succeed him but surpass him.

Sith #3 - The Madhouse: Old Stuff Day 2.0
PsychosisPC is without a doubt a madman as he has used his dark power to tear a hole in the fabric of reality itself.  Reaching up from the twisted and warped plane of the aether he has conjured forth an ancient abomination unlike any other.  Tipping the scales in favour of the Dark Sith, Old Stuff Day will surely mark the beginning of the end for the Seventh Coalition.  Altering the past, present and future all all into March 2nd PyschosisPC has render himself firmly into the history books.

Comparable to the grease stain of a chocolate dipped donut the 2nd day of March will repeat itself in an endless loop of blogging.  This year it may have glowed with an ambient glow of a lightsaber battle but the years to come will contort the arid past with the animated inventions of science fiction.  Regardless of the outcome this March 2nd, Old Stuff Day, will be remembered as the day when the Old School battle the New School for the control of the Blog-o-sphere.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Check back soon as I should have more death guard converted.

  2. Can I just say? I love these. There are articles and blogs I read that would never have seen the caress of my IP address if not for you. I added you to my list meant to for a while but technology scares me ; P.

    Also I live for Haiku Thursday.

  3. @minitrol - Glad you enjoy both Sunday Best and Haiku Thursday. I absolutely appreciate you sharing your thoughts on my blog. Thanks for putting a smile on this blogger's furry old face.

    @The AntiPope - Missed your post on your Blood Angles originally thanks for bringing them to my attention.

    @Cameron - Your models make me want to strip the paint off my Nurgle CSM army and start fresh with them. Each and every model is a work of art.

  4. Thanks for the plug HOTpanda :)
    Much appreciated!

  5. Always thrilled to find myself here on the Manifesto! and in such fine company as well.

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Cheers mate.

  6. @ JabberJabber - Really dig the cyborg daemon Prince. The lighting like effects you painted on the claw look awesome.

    @Brian - You never cease to amaze me. I look forward to reading each and every one of your post. A treat each and every time.