Saturday, March 17, 2012

5 Saturday Shout Out #14: Special Operations: Killzone

Blood stained paws from a century of murdering the innocent has honed my art in killing.  Each new contract I take up the anti in terms of cheating death while present new challenges for my mind to perplex over.  Behind this furry fiend of a husk is a team of unsung heros who watch my back when the payoff is right.  It is these henchman that allow me to engage the Gods of War time and time again with the success that I have had.  One cannot forget The Gentleman though for he is the one dishing out the contracts of death and sending my special operations into the KILLZONE.
Being a huge fan of Games Workshops combat patrol I naturally gravitated towards Special Operations: Killzone when it was released.  What pulls me into the kill zone is the opportunity it gives you at injecting an explosive theme into a small force of individuals.  Each and every model can be lavish with a personality of their own.  Their appearance alone speaks volumes in terms of the battles they have fought, the wounds they have survived and the lives they have taken.
Like any good special operations team having the supporting resources can mean the difference between life and death.  Not one for setting up his kill teams for failure The Gentleman is currently offering a unique opportunity to those that want to cheat death by tipping the scales of fate in your favour.  He is offering the dogs of war the chance to elevate their Killzone experience through custom upgrades (Token and Cards).  The beauty of this operation is where The Gentleman is diverting the profits of this endeavour to, the gaming tables for Adepticon.  This gives each and everyone us Pigs of War the opportunity to help shape the battlefields where the killing will take place.
I have wasted enough of your precious time with my foolish tales of war.  Before I bore you to death I highly encourage each and everyone of you to head on over to A Gentleman's Ones so you can get your filth encrusted hands these unique spoils of war.  I myself have punched in for a "Full Monty" and I begun assembling a crew of special operatives that are eager to enter the Killzone.


  1. Tremendous. I can't wait to see your team assemble. Cheers.

  2. I am waiting for a FW order to come in and several other purchases from various stores. I'm going to be going with two teams at this time. One question though can a Space Wolves Operative Team purchase Wulfen?

  3. A wulfen Spec Ops team is a dam good theme. I have four teams that I want to make unfortunately which means money and time. First off I think I will be going with my Renegade IG idea followed up by a Heretic Inquisitor with retiune and then an Ork team as I have some models for them kicking around.

    I don't get much time to game these days and have moved more towards modelling and painting over gaming. Super stoked on making some kill teams as it allows me to focus on a small force that I can lavish with conversion.