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0 The Idols of Khorne: Part Two

The Idols of Khorne Part 2
Traitorous Blood
A Ravenous 1750pts Battle Report
Clenching his fist tight and then opening up his boney fingers, Lord Manitous repeated this action over and over in a ritualistic pattern.  Each time his elongated finger nails dug deeper and deeper into his blood stained skin.   The blood was not his alone though, but that of a coward amongst his pack.  Pack law demanded a swift brutal punishment to detracted those that longed for his position as the Alpha Dog.  He crushed the spineless bastard's skull with no remorse or thought at all.  The pukes crime was that of hesitation in the face of the enemy.  Once his body hit the ground the rest of the pack tore him to shreds as each them grab a hunk of flesh to feed upon.  The blood frenzy that ensued was chaos at its' finest and made Lord Manitous smile in delight.  Then in the blink of eye he scream out "ENOUGH you rabid dogs!!! The time for feeding is over, as this is merely something to wet your appetite.  A Herald of Khorne has come to me in a vision of gore.  It has revealed to me the location of an Idol of Khorne.  We make planet fall in 6 hours.  Prepare your minds and body for war..."

The Coryphaus approached Lord Manitous with caution and confidence all at once.  To show any sign of weakness would only gain him a death sentence, while zeal would result in the same punishment. "Blood Lord, the drops pods are full and the dogs are chomping at the bit for a pitched battle.  Preliminary reports indicate no signs of the Tyranids but we have picked up Imperial signatures."

"I know what is there and who in the Imperium is massing.  It matter's little though as the feral dogs of war don't give a dam who they fight just as long as blood is spilled.  I only care for the six Idols of Khorne as they are our primary mission.  The Herald of Khorne whispered to me three possible location where we might find one them.  They all lie within the perimeter of a remote Imperial airfield.  Don't disappoint me or I will see that you never get the chance to kill again. "
Like Lucifer falling from gods grace, The Ravenous' Drop Pods smeared the horizon is black film of horror.  Staining the atmosphere with the taint of Chaos itself they were able to black out the sun and cover the landscape in the Shadow of the Warp.  A fury of action and movement took place at the airfield.  Each motion was fluid and controlled.  Each one deliberate and precise.  Imperial Astartes.  A life of slaughter had honed his mind to the art of war.  He even knew what chapter they were before the cameras could identify their insignia...Black Templars.  Their presence meant only one thing, a holy incursion was taking place and an array of religious fanatics would soon be swarming this planet.  Two of his Thunderhawks strafed the airfield as to provide cover for the deployment of his Vindicator and Razorback to the southeast.  Wasting little time the two armour vehicles began targeting the fuel reservoirs.  A giant explosion provided the cover that the three Drop Pods needed.  Storming down the ramp of his Drop Pod Blood Lord Manitous screamed out in anger as all three of his drop pods had scattered significantly off target.  What drove him to his next action was not the fact that they had missed their target but rather that all three of his Drop Pods had landed next to each other in the wide open.  The chances of them all scattering to the same location was improbable and meant only one thing, a traitor was in their midst.  Unable to deal with what had just transpired Blood Lord Manitous   ruthlessly caved in the skull of the closest Blood Hunter.  Suppressing his angry, he quickly directed his honour guard of Blood Fangs to unleash their multi-meltas at Predator that was about to open up on them.  As the Predator turned to molten slag the Blood Hunter squad to his right flank where caught in a torrent of fire as twenty Black Templars rain death down on to them from an elevated landing pad.  Three of them managed to stumble out of the kill zone by hiding under the landing pad.  As they attempted to consolidate and regroup they were hit from behind by ten terminators.  Before they even turned around to face their enemy they were torn to shreds by Templar Lighting Claws.  His Blood Guard in Terminator armour formed a protective barrier between Lord Manitous and the Templar Terminators.
"Get that Dreadnought and those god dam Blood Hunters down on my position now CORYPHAUS!!!  I don't know who is behind this treachery but you will get the rest of my pack down on this battlefield NOW!!!"

"Sir your transmission was broken and unreadable, say again I repeat, say again."

Lord Manitous just cursed under his breath for appoint that vile wolf as his Coryphaus.  He knew from day one that he would stab him in the back at the first moment he got.  He should've drown him when he pup instead of nurturing him in the warmth of Chaos.  There was little doubt in Lord Manitous' mind that his Coryphaus had alter their landing coordinates in hope that he would be massacred by the Templars.  There was no time to deal with this worthless sack of skin as that would have to wait till after the battle was over.  Assessing the situation around him he noted that a Templar Dreadnought was preventing the crew of his Vindicator from employing its' deadly arsenal with repeated lascannon shots.  The only thing the Vindicator was able to do was provide a shield for his Razorback Blood Hunters.  They were feverishly unearthing the ground next to their armoured personal carrier.  "Blood Lord, Team Razorback has secured one of the Idols of Khorne."

"Team Razorback, get that Idol to your pickup location now.  Thunderbirds are inbound to pick you up.  The rest of you dogs will provide cover for them even it means sacrificing your own life." Like a bat out of hell his loyal and life long friend Tyr smashed down into the planet.  His servo and pistons powered his mechanical body down the Drop Pod's ramps.  Entombed in his Dreadnought countless life times ago he has always been the one only constant he could depend on.  A wealth of knowledge prisoned in a mechanical tomb, loyal to the end, his grandfather.  Wasting no time at all Tyr fired his multi-melta on the backside of the Templar Dreadnought setting his decrepit body and mind free from its' metal sarcophagus.  Despite crippling their predator and the dreadnought The Ravenous had barely scratch the surface of the Templar's numbers.  Perched up high above on the landing pad, twenty black Templars and a second Dreadnought started to rain death down on to his pack.  With the Icon of Khorne now secure he and it was time for him to extract off the battlefield.  If he was to willingly choose to not kill the enemy before him he knew that Khorne would demand a significant sacrifice on his behalf.  "Team Charlie, secure the landing pad while my squad and the Blood Guard neutralize the Templar Terminators"

"Blood Lord, your word is our command." Without any hesitation they threw themselves at the twenty Templars and their Dreadnought.  Like lambs to the slaughter each one them were cut down by a wall of fire.  Lord Manitous and the remainder of his wolves began to extract themselves from the battlefield. The Vindicator let loose one last salvo from its cannon despite being out of effective firing range.  It was simply providing the cover that Lord Manitous needed to make a clean exit.  They may have lost this battle and a large number of wolves but he gained an invaluable piece of knowledge in knowing who the traitor was. 

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