Saturday, March 31, 2012

1 Saturday Shoot Out #16: CONTEST - Sipping on Paint Water

"Rules of engagement are to exterminate all fluffy critters with the uttermost hatred and contempt.  This is to include the destruction of all their foul offspring.  By that I mean their creepy little pastel eggs.  Use whatever means necessary, just eradicate everyone of them, whether they have strips, zigzags or spots.  Trophies of the dead are authorized, ears, teeth and feet. You have your orders now let the killing begin."

If you want to get in on this bunny killing and egg smashing action then head straight on over to Sipping on Paint Water.  Here you will find that Chris is heading up a Easter give away.  To be more specific an Easter basket filled with chocolate bunnies, pastel eggs, jelly beans and a wide array of mini goodies.  How can you get your name entered into this contest?  That is simple, just become a follower of his blog.  Now if you want to increase your chances of winning you can email Chris a picture of a mini you have painted like an Easter egg or an Easter egg that you have painted like a mini.  Now the only reason I am telling you abominations of the warp about this is for my own good.  Would you expect anything less from Lord of Chaos?  Hardly.  You see you can get a third chance to win by giving Sipping on Paint Water a shout out on this contest.  If any of this sounds good to you then be sure to filling your glass with some Paint Water.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 Haiku Thursday #23: Sirens

seductive sirens
alluring prey with sprinkles
death from their icing

Sunday, March 25, 2012

3 Sunday Best #34: Champions of Nurgle

An eternal struggle rages within the depths of hell.  Foul daemons tearing each other apart.  Feeding endlessness on the entrails of the fallen.  Yet none of them ever seem to die.  They simple decay and corrupt the soil around their blotted bodies.  Flesh flies infest and swarm the carcasses of dead, laying their larva under their vile skin.  Rising up from the pile of skulls that litter the ground grotesque creatures of the night are reborn.  The cycle of their pain never ends and their screams haunt the corners of the of our dreams.  Breaking down the holy silence that binds their world to ours.  They spew forth a Lord in its' name.  A harbinger of the one they once worshiped.  Spewing forth propaganda in his name, they record their blasphemy on the pages of their blog.  Each one contributing to the contamination of this week's Sunday Best.  Each one a Champions of Nurgle in their own right.

Ku'Gath is a testament to the abomination that Nurgle has become.  Twisted and contorted it breaks the laws of nature as it withers about.  Whipping and thrashing about it focus its' eyes and efforts on the spawn of its' kin.  Withering underneath its' flesh wages a war in progress.  A plethora of limbs burst out from its' torso as it moans in pain.  Screaming out his name the Ku'Gath is ready to serve his father against the imperium of mankind.

Drowning in a pool of puss a former Mariner exhaust his last breath of life.  Replaced with the rot of the Father of Decay his body begins to bubble with excitement.  Boils begin to form under his flesh as his head is engorged with blood.  Pushing its way up from the depths of his bowels a new face begins to emerge.  Reaching up with its claws it pries open its' mouth, snapping its' jaw out of place.  His tongue sloshes about as his second head devours the insides of the former.  Like a lifeless executioners hood his previous scalp cast a dark shadow ominously over its' face.  Pulling back the cowl of death it reveals the horrors of its' new persona. 

Champion #3 - Nurgle Daemon Prince
Its' rusted armour shifts and bends as the flesh of its' body contorts and bends.  Feeding off the vile and puke that it floats upon.  The foul liquid begins to corrode and rust the metal.  Like a leech feeding on the plasma of its' victim it gorges itself.  Filling is gut with an unfathomable amount of fluid it begins to enlarge.  A withering mass of metal and flesh rising up from the war in progress.  Mutating into a behemoth Prince of Darkness it stretches its' wings out towards the sky.  Neither man nor machine this foul creature of the night is ready to claim its' first victim.

Each of these three Champions of Nurgle has emerged victorious from the planes of hell.  Each of them a work in progress that waits to be paint in a bath of blood, vile and gore.  Each beckoning forth an army of disease and pestilence.  Forever in his servitude they are imprisoned in world of suffering and pain.  Each a Champion of Nurgle.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

0 The Idols of Khorne: Part Two

The Idols of Khorne Part 2
Traitorous Blood
A Ravenous 1750pts Battle Report
Clenching his fist tight and then opening up his boney fingers, Lord Manitous repeated this action over and over in a ritualistic pattern.  Each time his elongated finger nails dug deeper and deeper into his blood stained skin.   The blood was not his alone though, but that of a coward amongst his pack.  Pack law demanded a swift brutal punishment to detracted those that longed for his position as the Alpha Dog.  He crushed the spineless bastard's skull with no remorse or thought at all.  The pukes crime was that of hesitation in the face of the enemy.  Once his body hit the ground the rest of the pack tore him to shreds as each them grab a hunk of flesh to feed upon.  The blood frenzy that ensued was chaos at its' finest and made Lord Manitous smile in delight.  Then in the blink of eye he scream out "ENOUGH you rabid dogs!!! The time for feeding is over, as this is merely something to wet your appetite.  A Herald of Khorne has come to me in a vision of gore.  It has revealed to me the location of an Idol of Khorne.  We make planet fall in 6 hours.  Prepare your minds and body for war..."

The Coryphaus approached Lord Manitous with caution and confidence all at once.  To show any sign of weakness would only gain him a death sentence, while zeal would result in the same punishment. "Blood Lord, the drops pods are full and the dogs are chomping at the bit for a pitched battle.  Preliminary reports indicate no signs of the Tyranids but we have picked up Imperial signatures."

"I know what is there and who in the Imperium is massing.  It matter's little though as the feral dogs of war don't give a dam who they fight just as long as blood is spilled.  I only care for the six Idols of Khorne as they are our primary mission.  The Herald of Khorne whispered to me three possible location where we might find one them.  They all lie within the perimeter of a remote Imperial airfield.  Don't disappoint me or I will see that you never get the chance to kill again. "
Like Lucifer falling from gods grace, The Ravenous' Drop Pods smeared the horizon is black film of horror.  Staining the atmosphere with the taint of Chaos itself they were able to black out the sun and cover the landscape in the Shadow of the Warp.  A fury of action and movement took place at the airfield.  Each motion was fluid and controlled.  Each one deliberate and precise.  Imperial Astartes.  A life of slaughter had honed his mind to the art of war.  He even knew what chapter they were before the cameras could identify their insignia...Black Templars.  Their presence meant only one thing, a holy incursion was taking place and an array of religious fanatics would soon be swarming this planet.  Two of his Thunderhawks strafed the airfield as to provide cover for the deployment of his Vindicator and Razorback to the southeast.  Wasting little time the two armour vehicles began targeting the fuel reservoirs.  A giant explosion provided the cover that the three Drop Pods needed.  Storming down the ramp of his Drop Pod Blood Lord Manitous screamed out in anger as all three of his drop pods had scattered significantly off target.  What drove him to his next action was not the fact that they had missed their target but rather that all three of his Drop Pods had landed next to each other in the wide open.  The chances of them all scattering to the same location was improbable and meant only one thing, a traitor was in their midst.  Unable to deal with what had just transpired Blood Lord Manitous   ruthlessly caved in the skull of the closest Blood Hunter.  Suppressing his angry, he quickly directed his honour guard of Blood Fangs to unleash their multi-meltas at Predator that was about to open up on them.  As the Predator turned to molten slag the Blood Hunter squad to his right flank where caught in a torrent of fire as twenty Black Templars rain death down on to them from an elevated landing pad.  Three of them managed to stumble out of the kill zone by hiding under the landing pad.  As they attempted to consolidate and regroup they were hit from behind by ten terminators.  Before they even turned around to face their enemy they were torn to shreds by Templar Lighting Claws.  His Blood Guard in Terminator armour formed a protective barrier between Lord Manitous and the Templar Terminators.
"Get that Dreadnought and those god dam Blood Hunters down on my position now CORYPHAUS!!!  I don't know who is behind this treachery but you will get the rest of my pack down on this battlefield NOW!!!"

"Sir your transmission was broken and unreadable, say again I repeat, say again."

Lord Manitous just cursed under his breath for appoint that vile wolf as his Coryphaus.  He knew from day one that he would stab him in the back at the first moment he got.  He should've drown him when he pup instead of nurturing him in the warmth of Chaos.  There was little doubt in Lord Manitous' mind that his Coryphaus had alter their landing coordinates in hope that he would be massacred by the Templars.  There was no time to deal with this worthless sack of skin as that would have to wait till after the battle was over.  Assessing the situation around him he noted that a Templar Dreadnought was preventing the crew of his Vindicator from employing its' deadly arsenal with repeated lascannon shots.  The only thing the Vindicator was able to do was provide a shield for his Razorback Blood Hunters.  They were feverishly unearthing the ground next to their armoured personal carrier.  "Blood Lord, Team Razorback has secured one of the Idols of Khorne."

"Team Razorback, get that Idol to your pickup location now.  Thunderbirds are inbound to pick you up.  The rest of you dogs will provide cover for them even it means sacrificing your own life." Like a bat out of hell his loyal and life long friend Tyr smashed down into the planet.  His servo and pistons powered his mechanical body down the Drop Pod's ramps.  Entombed in his Dreadnought countless life times ago he has always been the one only constant he could depend on.  A wealth of knowledge prisoned in a mechanical tomb, loyal to the end, his grandfather.  Wasting no time at all Tyr fired his multi-melta on the backside of the Templar Dreadnought setting his decrepit body and mind free from its' metal sarcophagus.  Despite crippling their predator and the dreadnought The Ravenous had barely scratch the surface of the Templar's numbers.  Perched up high above on the landing pad, twenty black Templars and a second Dreadnought started to rain death down on to his pack.  With the Icon of Khorne now secure he and it was time for him to extract off the battlefield.  If he was to willingly choose to not kill the enemy before him he knew that Khorne would demand a significant sacrifice on his behalf.  "Team Charlie, secure the landing pad while my squad and the Blood Guard neutralize the Templar Terminators"

"Blood Lord, your word is our command." Without any hesitation they threw themselves at the twenty Templars and their Dreadnought.  Like lambs to the slaughter each one them were cut down by a wall of fire.  Lord Manitous and the remainder of his wolves began to extract themselves from the battlefield. The Vindicator let loose one last salvo from its cannon despite being out of effective firing range.  It was simply providing the cover that Lord Manitous needed to make a clean exit.  They may have lost this battle and a large number of wolves but he gained an invaluable piece of knowledge in knowing who the traitor was. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

5 Sunday Best #33: The League of Extraordinary Gentleman

An Extraodinary Gentleman once said, "The planet of the imagination is as old as we are. It has been humanity's constant companion with all of its fictional locations, like Mount Olympus and the gods, and since we first came down from the trees, basically. It seems very important, otherwise, we wouldn't have it."  It was his imagination, Alan Moore, along with his faithful companion Kevin O'Neil, who were able to ensnare pre-existing characters from victorian literature or ancestor of the same for an extraordinary league of heros.  Combine this with their fascination with the Victorian time era and sprinkling of steampunk technology and they have created a world of untold imagination.  Wilhelmina's First League is where my fascination with their imagination began.  It is the four Extraordinary Gentleman that Mina Harker, of Bram's Stokes Dracula, heads.  It is these four Bloggers that I, the great, great, great second cousin, twice removed of Mina Harker, who brings you The League Extraordinary Bloggers:

Gentleman #1 - Eye of Error: Mariners Blight
Captain Nemo, aka Lucky No.5, has journeyed through the impossible, been to the Mysterious Island and was the first man to travel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea".  Currently residing in the Eye of Error he has been studying the The Shadow over Innsmouth in an attempt to capture the elusive Cthulhu.  Knowing full well that this an extraordinary beast he has amass a crew of Blight Mariners to accompany him.  Each one of these Blight Mariners are fuelled by the gene seeds of Chaos and are a dangerous group to be associated with.  Twisted and contorted in their ways Captain Nemo well have his hands full on this dangerous love craft of an affair with both the Cthulhu and his Blight Mariners.

Gentleman #2 - A Gentleman's Ones: Cards and Tokens
Hawley Griffin, aka The Invisible Man, or more commonly known as Brain, has been tireless working behind his cloak of Invisibility.  His current project sees him and a small team of special operatives have working around the clock to located, capture and then distribute The Cards and Tokens of Guy James.  Long believed to be a myth Brian, Hawley Griffin, discovered that they were located in the Galaxy of Flames in the Demilitarized Killzone.   Home to murders, traitors and xenos scum their journey is Extraordinary to say the least.

Gentleman #3 - Goatboy's 40k: Monday Late
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde has recently diverged into a third personality known simply as Goatboy.  After years of fighting the evil demon known as Mr Hyde he has a found a way to exploit his evil urges with his latest potion of evil.  The consumption of this vile liquid not only transforms his physical form into that of a goat, horns and all, but allows him to create an endless army of golems. Each one he pours his dark black soul into, mutating their genes into competitive war hammers.  Smashing the retinas and egos of all that stand before.  A Champion amongst Champions.

Gentleman #4- From the Warp: Sculpting Moustaches, Mowhawks and Beards
Allan Quatermain's reputation as big game hunter and explorer is only rivalled by that of his own beard.  Never seen without it, it literally tells the tale of his adventures.  No epci beard would be complete with out a persona of it's own and rightful so it goes by the name RON.  Neither Allan Quatermain or his beard RON are one for sharing the secrets of their trade and openly shares how to grow an epic moustaches, mowhawk or bread of your own.  While you try and to grown your own greasy stash know full well that these two individuals are off exploring the nether world of the Warp.

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman are elite group of noble men who constantly push and stretch boundaries that contain us all.  They are not mere mortals but epic individuals set on conquering all that stands before.  Their pursuits may be personal at times but their overall goal is improving the lives of all those around them.  Each these Extraordinary Gentleman have inspired this HotPANDA on more than one occasion and I strive to one day stand next to these legends.  Even if it only lasted for a fraction of a second I could then die in peace knowing that I was once a gentleman and extraordinary.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

5 Saturday Shout Out #14: Special Operations: Killzone

Blood stained paws from a century of murdering the innocent has honed my art in killing.  Each new contract I take up the anti in terms of cheating death while present new challenges for my mind to perplex over.  Behind this furry fiend of a husk is a team of unsung heros who watch my back when the payoff is right.  It is these henchman that allow me to engage the Gods of War time and time again with the success that I have had.  One cannot forget The Gentleman though for he is the one dishing out the contracts of death and sending my special operations into the KILLZONE.
Being a huge fan of Games Workshops combat patrol I naturally gravitated towards Special Operations: Killzone when it was released.  What pulls me into the kill zone is the opportunity it gives you at injecting an explosive theme into a small force of individuals.  Each and every model can be lavish with a personality of their own.  Their appearance alone speaks volumes in terms of the battles they have fought, the wounds they have survived and the lives they have taken.
Like any good special operations team having the supporting resources can mean the difference between life and death.  Not one for setting up his kill teams for failure The Gentleman is currently offering a unique opportunity to those that want to cheat death by tipping the scales of fate in your favour.  He is offering the dogs of war the chance to elevate their Killzone experience through custom upgrades (Token and Cards).  The beauty of this operation is where The Gentleman is diverting the profits of this endeavour to, the gaming tables for Adepticon.  This gives each and everyone us Pigs of War the opportunity to help shape the battlefields where the killing will take place.
I have wasted enough of your precious time with my foolish tales of war.  Before I bore you to death I highly encourage each and everyone of you to head on over to A Gentleman's Ones so you can get your filth encrusted hands these unique spoils of war.  I myself have punched in for a "Full Monty" and I begun assembling a crew of special operatives that are eager to enter the Killzone.

Friday, March 16, 2012

0 Haiku Thursday #21: Corrupted

darkness has set in;
stained, corrupted, tormented,
lifeless in the warp

Thursday, March 15, 2012

1 Thursday vs The Man Cave

Drowning amongst the sins of their wraith
Undead fight each other on the path
Hatred and injustice is their goal
Feeding on the malice of the soul

Never able to get the hang of Thor's Day, they lie in foul putrid waters of Styx.  Choking down the traitors, murderers, and heretics as they drink The Long Dark Tea-time for the Soul.  Unable to comprehend "spending the evening with someone who has a whole day name after them." They moan at the discomfort generated from his dominating presence.  Many of them clawing and scratching their own eyes out.  Blood pouring down their faces and staining the black ooze of a river with their blood lines.  While others tried to take their own lives by slitting their wrist with their razor sharp claws.  Oblivious to their surrounding and the fact they have been imprisoned here since they left the realm of mortality behind.  Their desperate attempts to end their suffering only escalates the intensity of their aguish and agony.
Unable to comprehend their situation they are lost in water's Styx, tormented by the demons that lurk within themselves.  Desperate to end their misery a few of these tormented souls begin to burrow their grime encrusted nails into their skin.  Stripping away the flesh each of their fingers act as a rusty fishing hook.  Snagging internal organs, veins, ligaments, teeth and even fragments of bones from their mutilated husks they begin fashioning talisman of protection.  Binding their organs with their veins and ligaments, while using their teeth and bones to decorate idols.  A few tear away chunks of hair from their scalps while others opt for patches of their skin for icing on the donut.  It matters little though for their fate was decide on they day they lost their towel.  The day when they no longer were a person to be reckon with.  On Thor's Day, a Thursday...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 WIP it Wednesday #20: A New Beginning

Amped up and fueled by the ectoplasm running through their veins, they begin to foam at the mouth with madness.  Each one from emerging from the nether world of the warp.  Their flesh stripped off their bones, wet blood oozing from the foul stench of their hides.  They thirst for the flesh and blood of mankind.  Feasting on the vulnerable souls of the Imperium, damming them to life of servitude in the presence of The Blood God.  They are his dogs of war.

For the first time in over a month I picked up my paint brushes.  Bathing them in the life essence of citadel paints.  Eighteen of them in total.  Eighteen of them materializing before my eyes.  They are they first step in a journey that is long over due.  The Ravenous have been starved long enough.  Now is their time to feed.  Leading them into world of colour I included their Daemon Prince, The Wendigo.  A manifestation of Khorne himself I am compelled through fear to not let them anguish in the darkness of The Man Cave no longer.
This is but one of the many new beginnings I have made lately.  The first of them was the overhauling of The Chaos Manifesto itself.  For those that have been reading my Litanies of Hate will have notice that the changes have been dramatic to say the least.  A new template of white and black simplicity sets the mood for the blog now.  At the same time I stripped away my labels down to the bare essentials to make navigating for topics that much easier.  While I was at it I through up some pages to make your lives even easier.  If that wasn't enough I crowned the blog with a shiny new banner.  Not any banner though but rather a Goatboy original.  Needless to say I have sparked a fire under my hobby and have been busy at work making up for lost time.
While I was at it I establish a new budget with my lovely Siren of a Wife.  Before you start ridiculing me hear me out as I have made away like a vampire at a blood bank with this one.  Four hundred and fifty bones a month is what I will be personally pocketing each and every month.  That is a hefty amount of skulls for ones plastic addiction.  I plan on indulge my vice in a hedonistic feast of plastic over the next couple of months.  The only catch though is I have to paint all of The Ravenous first.  I figure that by the end of May I will be priming a new army for the Gods of Chaos.  Tzeentch and Slaanesh demand that their existence be acknowledge.  With only enough money to pay tribute to one of them I plan on making the most the of it.  Enough babbling on my part though as I am sure the lot of you reading these words are chocking them.   The months to come here on The Chaos Manifesto will be filled with ritualistic sacrifices in an attempt to bath in the after glow of the warp.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

5 Sunday Best #32: Andy Warhol

The influence and breadth that Andy Warhol achieved made him one of the most important artist our time.    He challenge not only himself but the boundaries that separated art from business, art from life and various medias that it could be made from.  The sheer beauty of his genius lied in his ability to turn everyday life into art while showing us how to live each day as art itself.  Not imposing limitations on himself he created a life style that revolved around the philosophy that everything and anything can be done.  This approach to life and his art sets him apart as man who was willing to try new techniques and test the boundaries of colour itself.  This week's Sunday Best each encapsulate those traits through their willingness to try new methods while pushing their paint palette towards a pop realism pigmentation.

Silk Screen #1 - Hive Zero: Emperors Children Sonic Dread WIP
Hive Zero struggles with passion for the hobby itself has lead him down a long vigorous path.  Along the way he has learned and experienced many things.  Much like Mr Warhol and his various applications of work, Hive Zero has learned that simplicity can be the path to success.  Not falling prey to the indulgences of Slaanesh he has chosen a path of simplicity instead.  Washing the plastic medium in bath of saturated colours his Dreadnought resonates the feel and look of an Andy Warhol silk screen.

Silk Screen #2 - Digital Wastrel: Necron Immortal Test Scheme
Rob from Digital Wastrel is not afraid to profligate the waters of immortality.  His choice in pigments have been immersed his plastic medium in bath of warholic colours.  Having tried a plethora of colours on his test model he without a doubt tasted the beauty of each till found his Marilyn Monroe.  Having shot all but one colour through the head he left with a Dorothy Podber effect leaving him the one colour he has left.

Silk Screen #3 - The Marienburg Gazette: Warhammer Giant
Davey over at The Marienburg Gazette has been flirting with the whimsical world of inks with latest master piece.  His casual approach the process that he has applied to this giant commercial model has created a canvas like image.  Andy Warhol may not have been the source of his artistic inspiration but his innovation in his painting is what places him in this week's Sunday Best.

Each of these artist have used popular media to deliver their works of art while capturing the heart of Andy Warhol in their work.  Each their faces silk screened with a different colour but each them unique none the less.  The process of trying new mediums and colours is not an easy one but too often we succumb to the perils of a starving artist.  Unable to feed our inspiration with the works we produce we sometimes forget the simplicity that can be found in the saturation of everyday life.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

1 Saturday Shout Out #13: Faeit 212

Fleetwood Mac, eleventh album Rumours is critically acclaimed as one of the most compelling pop albums of all time.  Each song is composed of a words that strike a cord in the listener heart, stirring raw emotions of anger, recrimination and loss despite it's cheerful surface.  In the grim dark future where there is only war the world of Warhammer 40k signs in harmony with Stevie Nicks.  Reminiscing on the yesterday's gone the forces of the Imperium spread rumours of an age of renaissance.  Many citizen's fail to realize that they "don't know what it means to win".  "Having been down one time, been down times, never going back again" Faeit 212 delivers the second hands news that is needed to strip away the propaganda by "creating thunder when it's raining".

Washing away the lack of communication between Games Workshop and it's customer base Faeit 212 washes his readers in a steady stream of news and rumours.  Despite being "Besieged from every direction, and Our Existence...on the brink of Annihilation...Mankind has reached its boiling point, but Fear Not, Faeit is at hand, and it is I who shall uncover the secrets of our deliverance."  Ensuring that we "don't stop thinking about tomorrow"  he shares his network of spies and informants with the rest of us. At the same time he enables the rest of us to push our own agendas with his extensive blog roll.

Despite this large following of mixed personalities he has avoided the hedonistic pitfall that other conglomerates before him have fallen to.  It is this straight forward, no nonsense approach to the rumour mill that keeps his blog out of the mud.  If you have not yet joined the Faeit 212 Blog Exchange I highly encourage you to "Go on your way" before the end of days is upon us.  A rising star  in the darkness of the night he truly is a beacon of hope for the future of our hobby.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

4 Haiku Thursday #19: Nightmare

endless ranks of death
hideous and misshapen,
heart of a nightmare

***Count Von HOTpanda***

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3 Wednesday vs The Man Cave

In death they shall be denied
Tortured by the crucified
Flesh devoured from their spines
The Great Worm to gluttonize

Sightless and headless the bodies of the gluttonous Dorothy Leigh Sayers screamed "the surrender to sin which began with mutual indulgence leads by an imperceptible degradation to solitary self-indulgence." A warning to all those before her to abandon their hope.  Cerberusas slithers and wallows in the vile slush that oozes out from their bodies.  It indulges in the sensuality that they once fed their souls.  Denying them the existence that fuelled their debauchery and bloated corpses. Allowing the fresh bodies of the deceased to roam freely in his presence.  Tolerating the filth that stains their embodiment for it longs for the obscenity that is their flesh.

Like the skeletons that lurk in the closets of our past lives they cast a long desolate shadow over the achievements that glorified them.  Ungodly in appearance they feed off the vices that we used as a crutch to gain such lofty heights.  Lurking in the mountain of skulls that tower over the third plane of hell a lonely wizard stalks the midnight dreary.  Tapping his staff into the inferno he stokes the tormented fires of hell as his two messengers of death tap at your chamber door.  Clawing and scratching along the frozen tundra that reaches out of the flames of Hades demonic creatures long to caress your skull.  The prophet a thing of evil cast his thamaturgy over the land lifeless landscape while his raven like fiends shriek into the tempest of our dreams.  Filing our dreams with the sorrow of a haunted horror, the three of them sit and stair.  Never flittering as the loneliness is left unbroken.   "My soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor Shall be lifted - nevermore!"

Sunday, March 4, 2012

7 Sunday Best #31: Old Skool meets New School

Close yours eyes for a moment an envision a time when snot nosed nobles rode high on their horse's back, while their vertically challenged general picked the lint out of his belly button.  Needless to say most students could care less about the Napoleonic Wars let alone the French.  If given the opportunity to inject this old decrepit war with some new life then maybe more of our people would show an interest in the past.  What would spark a revolution in this drab boring subject though.  One word...JEDIS!!!  Who wouldn't want to see the Seventh Coalition severing the heads of French Sith with their lightsabers.  Imagine it right now, Dark Vader playing the part of Napoleon while Obi-wan stood in for the Duke of Wellington.  Without a doubt I would have received straight A's in History if this was case.  Today's Sunday Best captures my imagination by placing the old next with the new.

Jedi #1 - Da Long Wayz Dezert Group: IG Mutant Auxiliaries
Flicking his lightsaber switch first is DA MASTA CHEEF as he leads a large mob of conscripts head first into the Sith.  These conscripts are not your garden mill variety Russians but rather mutant auxiliaries.  Each one sporting a Doctor Monroe like appearance in that they are half goat half human in appearance.  To further push the melding of the old and the new DA MASTA CHEEF achieved these models by combining the old of Warhammer with the new of Warhammer 40k with these kit bashed Galactic Republic minions.

Jedi #2 - Warpstone Flux: Power Claw Daemon Prince
Off to the right flank of the Republic Heros is the sinister JabberJabber with his cybergenic Daemon Prince.  Wielding not only a lightsaber but an oversized powerclaw this Russian Czar of Light is clearly trying to over compensate for his small and inadequate reproduction organs.  Regardless of his diminutive manhood this Sith is a force to be reckon with.  A steroid injected Sith cyborg is exactly what the Republic Coalition is looking for in its' Jedi.

Jedi #3 - Rust and the City: 3 More Plague Marines
Cameron may be the last of the three Jedi to swing his lightsaber but with the amount of rust that he and his men are covered in it clear where his abilities lie.  Speed being his achilles heel is easily overcome in their ability to shrug off the deadliest of blows.  Their old and decayed armour acting as double edged lightsaber you could say.  The green glow of his lightsaber ability to cut and mold green stuff is an a testament to the years of training that this Jedi has under gone.

Sith #1 - 122nd Cadian: Old Stuff Day
Digging deep into the past the Dark Jedi have unearthed a blood thirsty army of angels.  The AntiPope's red lightsaber leads their March 2nd uprising with his highly agile force of vampire-esk Space Marines.  They may have made their mark long ago on the battle field of blogging but they he is about to create his masterpiece.  His medium will be the blood of the Seventh Coalition and his reward will be the return of the old ways.

Sith #2 - A Gentleman's Ones: Old Stuff Day
Ungodly creatures of the night these Marines of Chaos are the farthest thing from a gentleman.  Ruthless in nature their Dark Jedi mind tricks are from a time when their lead armour poisoned the hands of the old and young a like.  Striking out with their evil and twisted brethren on March 2nd, now known as Old Stuff Day, they fight for the ideals of their Sith Overload known as the Gentleman.  A legend amongst the Old Republic his ability with a lightsaber is akin to master artist with a brush.  Their little doubt in the Napoleonic Army that if Bonaparte were to fall in battle that he would snot only succeed him but surpass him.

Sith #3 - The Madhouse: Old Stuff Day 2.0
PsychosisPC is without a doubt a madman as he has used his dark power to tear a hole in the fabric of reality itself.  Reaching up from the twisted and warped plane of the aether he has conjured forth an ancient abomination unlike any other.  Tipping the scales in favour of the Dark Sith, Old Stuff Day will surely mark the beginning of the end for the Seventh Coalition.  Altering the past, present and future all all into March 2nd PyschosisPC has render himself firmly into the history books.

Comparable to the grease stain of a chocolate dipped donut the 2nd day of March will repeat itself in an endless loop of blogging.  This year it may have glowed with an ambient glow of a lightsaber battle but the years to come will contort the arid past with the animated inventions of science fiction.  Regardless of the outcome this March 2nd, Old Stuff Day, will be remembered as the day when the Old School battle the New School for the control of the Blog-o-sphere.