Wednesday, February 1, 2012

0 WIP it Wednesday #20: Flesh & Blood

The flesh hooks stretch and pull the skin taunt over the blood stained body.  Ripping and tearing as it augments the appearance of this hemoglobin of a fiend.  Translucent in colour like a canvas waiting for an artist to paint on it.  The medium that it desires is death and it is about to paint it's masterpiece.

If only that was the case for me, sadly I am having an artistic crisis that has my skin crawling with fear.  It senses the dread that I feel every time I my fingers grasp a paint brush.  My mind doubts every crossroad that  I come to.  Double guessing each creative decision that I take.  Wounding if regret is the only way out.
Regret is not an option though as the green eyed monster has consumed the essence of my soul.  In the drivers seat it pushes me to brink of exhaustion.  Mimicking all that has fallen under my gaze.  Emulating the what I have not been able to achieve.  It tears the flesh off my eye lids exposing me to what I have been searching for...flesh and blood.

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