Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1 Tuesday vs The Man Cave

Reaching out into the blood thirsty abyss
Vapourous gases grasping on to my wrist
Burning lacerations of claws into skin
Fangs glistening with the blood of Adam's sin

Once across the vestibule of hell lies a realm that is plague with virtuous pagans.  Each clamouring for the attention of the unbaptized, each clawing at the humanity of our minds.  Every once in a while one of entities slips through the sands of time and is able to indulge its' hunger on mankind.  They take yearn for but one thing and are fuel by their need for it's material form...your soul.  Carving their way through flesh, blood and bones the search for it's resting place.  Each one unique to the previous and succeeding victim.  Each one a Kunchey, a Goli Gundu, a Lokhoti...a marble.

Fuelling their hatred for all that is mankind they will go to end to satisfy their hunger.  Petty and vulgar by will, they will stoop to no end.  Preying on the weak and innocent they disguise themselves in plain sight.  Deformities and abominations are but impossible to hide.  As such they use their guile and wits to distract the human imagination.  Lurking on the peripheral of your sight they mask their existence in the shadow's of sin.  Superbia, avaritia, luxeria, invidia, gula, ira and acedia.  Each just as deadly as the next but when pronounce as one syllable they form the word SALIGIA.  Protagonist and antagonist all wrapped up into one tiny vinyl toy.  Sorrow, joy, angry, happiness, hatred and lust all cannot be trusted.    Fixated in a vinyl like state they sulk and wait for their chance to feed, "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." 

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