Friday, February 10, 2012

3 Tales of the Unexpected Vol 1

"Look Captain! Men of Flame coming out of the crater!"

An Invasion of Volcano Men burned their way through the competition, despite having to climb their way out of a deep dark hole this past weekend at Gottacon.  How they ended up in this hole was of their own doing but their raise to flame (fame) was unexpected to say the least.

Their tale started with HOTpanda taking his Renegade Space Wolves to Gotta 2012.  A 3 day convention that delivers Tournaments for collectible miniatures (40k being one of them), collectible trading cards, role playing games, board games, and video games as well demonstrations, contests, information sessions, a variety of vendors and whatever else the community wants.  What HOTpanda wanted was the sweet succulent taste that of victory.  Unfortunately he forgot that he had to take the donuts out of his mouth first.  This resulted in HOTpanda chocking on the heart stopping, arty clogging bitterness of defeat.  His record after day one was 0 wins, 1 draw and 2 LOSES.  That's right he was a big LOSER!!!  HOTpanda was no where near hot let alone a win.  He hung his head in shame as he packaged away his Renegade Space Wolves wondering what happened?  Why had victory escaped his grasp.  A night of reflecting and plenty of sleep brought the answers he was looking for.

Sunday he rose like a phoenix from the flames of defeat and a clear level head.  Arriving early he set out his army for the judges to critic his painting/modelling work.  The judge gave him praise and tipped his hat at the level of detail, the verdigris and the theme of the army.  This praise elevated his spirit to new hieghts while giving him the hope that he needed.  Like pack of hungry wolves he tore the flesh of his opponent army off its bones.  Tasting what it was like to be a winner fuel the HOTpanda to rape his next opponents Sisters of Battle.  Just like the Men of Flame coming out of a crater HOTpanda dug himself out of his hole of misery with a "two and O" record for Sunday.
So where did this furry carnivorous bear find himself on the tournament rankings???  Middle of the pack was where he thought he would be.  Which he was in terms of Generalship as he placed 26 out of 60.  Not to shabby but hold your jaws shut as they are going to hit the floor when you hear the next three scores.  Third for sportsmanship and third for painting/modelling!!!  That's right he finished on the podium for soft scores which propelled him to an unexpected Overall Ranking...Eighth place!!!  Left in stasis of shock and awe like the Man who married a woman from the 4th dimension HOTpanda had placed EIGHT out of SIXTY!!!  Not to shabby for a mammal who has not played Warhammer 40k in the last six months.  So bow down to the bear expected the unexpected and fear the wraith that he will bring down on Gottacon next year.


  1. I will be posting 5 story driven battle reports that tell the tale that was woven over the course of Gottacon during the month of February. Keep your eyes peeled and comments poised for attack as I will be delivering the unexpected.

  2. GLORY!!! Congratulations. Tremendous news.

  3. My painting score owes a great deal of skulls and blood to you Brian. The judge was impressive with the verdigris I use on The Ravenous.