Sunday, February 26, 2012

2 Sunday Best #30: TnT

When handling TNT one must take into consideration two factors, safety and toxicity.  Contact with the skin leads to irritation causing it to turn to a bright yellow-orange colour.  This is the least of your concerns though as TNT is poisonous in nature.  Prolonged exposure can result in anemia and abnormal liver functions.  Further side effects include spleen enlargement, adverse affects on male fertility and if ingested the discolouration of urine to the colour red.  Fear not though as this is not cause from blood but a break down in the substance that is TNT itself.  This weeks Sunday Best offer us some TNT of there own in the form of Tips 'n' Tricks when it comes to the handling of explosive materials. 

Natfka not only has been working at a munition plant but he has been running the god dam thing.  Every single post that rolls out of the Faeit 212 is a testament to his ability to deliver explosive material.  Not only does he distribute the latest and greatest rumours but he has one of the largest growing networks in the market.  For the nitroglycerin on the dynamite he has recently introduce an innovate and mind blowing terrain tutorial.  Not one to hold a secret close to his chest he lets the cat out of the bag and exposes the process that he went through to build these highly charged pieces of terrain.

Bix over at The Veil's Edge exposes a secret that lies buried deep beneath the Forges of Mars.  The Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator! "Isn't that lovely?  What the hell does it do though?"  In laymen terms it's the secret ingredient to creating your very own wet palette.  Bix has not only exposes this contraption for what it really is but shows us how to take advantage of it.  My only fear is that he is suffering from TNT poisoning as it appears he is urinating the colour red.  

Hidden deep in the mine of Tim Toolen a lone miner has been busy setting off a series of small experiments.  Each one emitting a shock wave from his blog containing enough force to wake a hibernating panda from its' slumber.  His most recent bang in the world of TNT may have gone unnoticed due it being denoted deep within a post.  The ensuing explosion covered his metal armour in a layer of soot and grime.  Emerging from the devastation unscathed Tim shares how you to can not only survive but how to weather your armour with an explosion.

Ignoring these Tips 'n' Tricks on how to safely handle this explosive material can lead one down a perilous road of name calling and illness.  When your skin is stained a bright yellow-orange colour and your loved ones are calling you a Canary its not because you can sing like big bird.  It's because your complextion is a disgusting colour, you pissing what appears to be blood and are suffering from TNT poisoning.  Hell you might as well be transmitting the avian flu virus cause nobody is going to like you not even a plague marine.


  1. Cheers for the shout mate, lol I'm peeing red? Bugger I've obviously been painting Blood Drinkers for far too long!

  2. Going to be putting together a wet palette for my next painting marathon. Cheers and thanks for sharing.