Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 Sunday Best #29: The Colour Done

When I was wee little panda with soft fluffy fur like that of baby kitten's behind I often wonder where the colour puke came from.  The kaleidoscope of colour in the spectrum of a technicolor scream perplexed my mind.  If I could answer only one of the many Unsolved Mysteries that Robert Stack could not solve from 1987 till 2002 it would be a close race between the alternate theory that the Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov survived the 1918 regicide that killed her entire family or the paranormal conundrum of what does the colour Done look like?  This week's Sunday Best explores several pop culture theorist and their motivationally compelling arguments on what the colour Done looks like.

Theorist #1 - Legion 9 Studios: Sanguinary Guard Complete
Donz0 puts forth a convincing argument that the colour Done is angelic in colour with an after glow that radiates a golden hue.  His Sanguinary Guard support this theory by uplifting his choice in colours.  The smooth metallic golds, incandescent blue and the glittering red gems are truly a site to behold.  Without a doubt these death mask wearing angels of mercy are a strong contender to become a Crayola Crayon.

Theorist #2 - Dark Future Games: Hive Fleet Behemoth Hive Guard and Gants!
Old School Terminator may not be a young hip neophyte but his wisdom in the art of Done is unparalleled by any other blogger.  His ability to project the Shadow of the Warp in such an illuminating fashion poses a sever threat to other Done Theorist.  Feathering the idea that an array blue hues and deep bright reds are the secret to bio massing the colour Done Old School Terminator communicates a strong synaptic link to the minds of his supporters.

Theorist #3 - Excommunicate Traitoris: Skyclaw Squad Painted!
Building off the success of Prince Adam of Eternia Karitas claws at the sky itself to render his models in the power of Greyskull.   With flowing locks of yellow hair, ginger red mohawks to browned lamb chops he combines a wide array of painting techniques in his thesis.  The most compelling of these techniques is his ability to paint golds in a Non-Metallic Metal fashion.  The after-burn of their Jump Packs leaps out with an intensity that few others could weather.  His proclamation for the colour Done has even his chief adversary Skeletor shaking in fear.

Theorist #4 - Goatboy40k: Wednesday Late Post
With a constant work load of commissioned work it is amazing at Goatboy's ability to push forth his own ideas on the colour Done.  Helping to eat his way throw the pile of grey lifeless models that surround him on a weekly basis is an army of goats, thugs, Orks and pirates.  With their help he is able to create models that saturate the colour spectrum with a complimentary vibrant yet dark colour scheme.  This Satyr tramples his fellow colour theorist with an array of models that have a distinct signature look to them that non of them can replicate.

Its hard to digest all the information being put forth by these various experts in the field of the colour Done but if you take the time to explore their work one quickly becomes enthralled in their side of the debate. In the end they all have one underlining similarity...they each have a collection of models to be proud of.  So if you are looking for inspiration on how you could paint your next unit of models look to these artist before you start puking out a random array of colours.


  1. Colour "done".
    I like that. nicked :)

    Slso, Skeletor. More points :)

    Thanks again for the shout out, much appreciated, expecially to find myself in such august company.

  2. I wish I could lay claim to the term the colour done but that credit goes to the podcast Jaded Gamers. The He-man references made me smile when I read them in your post and just had to use that in my post. Cheers and thanks for sharing.